Playing UO Forever

As we await the next major MMORPG launch, the Keen and Graev Community has decided to find a game that we can use to rekindle that sense of interdependence.  We want to rely on each other, help each other, and carve out a corner for ourselves in some magical virtual world.  We chose UO Forever.  You can visit their site to learn more about it, but basically it’s UO with some custom changes set in the Renaissance era.

UO Forever launches in about a week.  Right now you can jump in and play the beta, but the server will be wiped and start fresh.  That’s why we’re playing: A fresh start in a brand new fun, immersing world.  One of our big goals for this new world is to find a prime location to start our city.  That’s where things get really, really cool.  You can buy houses, towers, etc., and place them anywhere in the world or you could simply build your own.  Yes, build.

It’s the simple things that really make games like this special.  I know what I’ll be doing in a week.

If you want to join us, relive those experiences from years long past, or create new amazing memories of your own then I encourage you to head over to our forums and join us.


  • If I am going back to old school sandbox I’ll go back to Asheron’s Call at least it has 3d gfx 🙂

  • @Zederok – As a former AC1 player (1999-2001 and then several re-subs) I can say that I think UOForever will be a bit more satisfying. Even though it doesn’t have 3d gfx, it has some of the most engaging game play.

    Although I really do love both games, and would play AC1 if they released a more classic server circa 1999, they aren’t. Today’s AC1 is nothing like the AC1 we played and has moved much more toward the WOW MMO genre. Although 75%-80% is still AC, all the new content is much more WOWish, which I do not want.

    Since AC1 and DAoC aren’t releasing an origin server anytime soon, I’m going to play an MMO I enjoy as close to it’s origins as possible. I’ve already been playing UOSecond Age for months and now I will be playing UOForever do to the new shard releasing and my chance at some good housing.

  • You do know there are a bunch of UO emu’s right? UOSecond Age has been running now for I think 4+ years. Other than the name I don’t see why this wont keep running.

    Personally I would have preferred if the group went back to UO but ill take this emu over games like GW2, WoW and SWtOR ant day.

  • If it flops we’ll transition to either UO Second Age, the official UO, or something else. So far they’ve been up for a year and nothing has happened.

  • Right on. I might have to give it a try as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve played UO, but it was a blast back in the day. =)

  • You cant go back to the glory days. the graphics alone will kill your zeal to play. Just the thought of grinding out your sword hits on a dummy or some shit to raise a skill gives me the shivers. pass but good luck to those of you who go forward with it.

  • @Romble: I love the graphics. I wish the running animations of the old UO client were better, though.

    @Xenevore: If you want a group looking to establish themselves in a nice corner of the world definitely check us out.

    @Arbytron: Let’s hope not! I need the social sandbox feeling back in my life.

    @Idunaz: As I mentioned to a few others, if you’re looking for a home definitely consider joining up with us.

  • @Damage Inc: I understand where you’re coming from but IMO the changes have been for the better. I have remained a subscriber for 14+ years now and I still log in from time to time. Almost all of my former monarchy leadership is still around but they only play on the weekends. Most of the content released is to keep the game going so its almost all devoted to level 275 play.

  • The UOForever skill gains are a bit silly. Got a guy to 100str/dex and GM combat skills in one day. That and and the increased gold drop rates means by the end of day one, I was almost maxed out for combat (non-magic, but still). I get making it a little easier, but one-day easy?

  • @SynCaine: I was speaking with the server owner (Shane) last night and he said skill gains are still being tweaked. Keep in mind that some are also much slower. Try to raise blacksmithing and it barely moves. Mining skill gains are also being slowed 5x from what they are now.

    Which combat skills did you GM?

    Update: IRC is saying the skill gains will be slowed at launch for melee.

    Update 2: Saw you fighting that Mummy. 😉