Black Ops 2 Pre-Review Tidbits

Black ops 2 Adventure Time Emblem
Graev spent forever on his Adventure Time emblem.

We’re both busy playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2.  Graev is playing on the Xbox 360 and I’m still the stalwart PC.   Graev already beat the singleplayer on the hardest difficulty (Veteran).  I’m only a few missions in on Hardened.  Other than the convoluted story with a huge flare for the dramatic, the content and gameplay are a lot of fun.

Multiplayer is the meat of Black ops 2.   Supposedly people are all up in arms about some change that is causing them to play worse than they did in MW2/3.  Whatever that change was, it has helped me to get better.  I was just remarking to Graev this morning how I am smoking people left and right.  I don’t even know what it is, but my aim and reflexes are on.  Graev jokes that my connection is probably hosting the game for everyone else and I’m getting host’s advantage.

Neither of us have tried Zombie modes yet.  I’ll get around to it once I’ve earned a few more ranks in multiplayer.

That’s all on Black Ops 2 for now.  Our official review will be done in a day or two.  We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about the game.

  • Blops 2 PC is all dedicated-server based, so any ownage that occurs is purely your own doing – I’d make sure Graev knows that 😛

  • I know they’ve said that there are dedicated servers for the matchmaking, but I got into a game that was completely reminiscent of the games with a bad host. Almost like the host had a lag switch.

    I really wish they’d just put in dedicated servers players could run and a server browser.

  • @Keen – Yeah, but I’m actually perfectly happy with the way it’s set up currently, especially because it’s obvious a good amount of love went into the PC version (well-translated UI and menus, FoV slider, graphical options). But who knows, maybe it’ll come one day. I’ll still keep CoD4 around for custom games and such.

  • Maybe the change that is making everyone play bad is that there is no hacking yet.

    Seriously, I couldn’t play Black Ops after the first month because people were cruising around headshotting everyone from across the map. Got old quick.

  • Even if I said I where not gonna get black ops 2. Well… I did on the pc.
    After watching some vid reviews on the multiplayer part it sounded interesting enough.

    Multiplayer is better and more fun for me then MW3 (which I did not like).
    What I do not like if that the FOV can only be moved up to 80. I prefer 90 in my games.

    And does anyone else have connection issues? My nat is open. yet quite often I get the no connection and it disconnects me at the start of a game. Even after switching a map with the same people I played with. Somehow it never happens during a game.