Darkfall Unholy Wars

Well, I’m going to give Darkfall another try.  I can’t say it’s because Darkfall suddenly deserves being played again or because I missed the game.  I’m simply curious about the changes.  The basic premise of Darkfall was a good one.  Darkfall is definitely unique, and it has always felt closer to a virtual world than most games over the years.  Fun fact: I’m still quoted for saying that right on the official website.  I still stand by the quote.

The problems with Darkfall have always been the poor execution of ideas, slow development time, and awful communication from the dev team.  Unholy Wars marks the first change big enough to bring me back.  The game is being wiped clean, skill system redone, UI changed, and in many ways it’s a rebirth for Darkfall.  There’s a definite change to the game’s direction.  I get the feeling Aventurine wants more mass-appeal.  It’s still Darkfall, so it will never appeal to the masses, but the focus on third-person combat as well, as a streamlined skill system with classes, are obvious steps in that direction.

I’m itching for some medieval combat, a sandbox game, and some anxiety-driven PvP with consequences. Hopefully Aventurine can get it right now time.  At least it can’t get any worse, right?

Below is a new video Aventurine released to show some gameplay.

If any of you are planning to play, maybe we’ll cross paths. Who knows, maybe we’ll even be in the same alliance… or maybe I’ll be scavenging arrows off you.

  • I will be trying it out too but I can already tell some things have not changed. Communication from the DEVS is still piss poor…plus it is still an amateur operation. They are asking the people who quit DFO to return but making it very difficult to do so.

    I used to play on the Euro server as the game came out and quit before they offered free transfers to the NA server. I want to go back now but – oh dear – there is no free transfer now. If you submit a ticket with a question they want all kinds of info from you…like…”send us a copy of your bank statement showing that you bought DFO 3 years ago”…it really is pretty ridiculous.

  • I never played the original even though I was somewhat intrigued by it, but I am going to give this version a try.

  • I gave up on Darkfall pretty quick when it first launched, just too unpolished for me, and as much as I’m interested in checking out the new version, I’m just having too much fun in GW2.

    I’ll definitely be checking out what you have to say and if it’s good, maybe you’ll convince me to give it a shot.

  • I’ve allso wanted to check it out again, but now I dont have to since your doing it for me 🙂 Ty!

    I got bored of Darkfall pretty quick. It was just too unpolished, and there was too many exploiters. I didnt play from the beginning, but maybe a month or two in. And there was just a giant gap between skill points. They fixed alot of the exploits, but in my eyes the damage was allready done

  • @Argorius

    I know exactly how you feel.

    I had a strange itch to go back and play Darkfall about a year ago. I originally had two accounts, and I read about the new NA server so started the process to get my main character moved over, sub’d the account, and played. Fine.

    I then decided that I wanted to bring my other character over, but wanted to know what I could bring with him (I think you brought what was on you, or maybe just the skills). Either way, I started up the account for that character to take a gander, and then tried to transfer him over. Bad idea.

    To transfer a character that I had literally just re-subscribed the account for, I would have to pay for an additional month, plus the transfer fee, just because I had already activated the account.

    They absolutely refused to work with me, seeing as I had already enabled the account. So I stopped playing again 🙂


    I won’t even bother trying it again if they didn’t do NOW what they originally said they were going to with the skillpoints system. If you can still max literally everything out and no skills degrade (rapidly) when you grind another one up, it will still be a crapfest.

    I still scratch my head as to why they said skill degradation would be in and then never even tried to implement it…

  • I may try this game solely on the fact that it’s an MMO that doesn’t have billboard sized names over everyone’s heads.

    I really did enjoy the first one for quite some time. They actually lost me when I had to re-buy the game to play on US servers. So we’ll see.

    Thanks for the update.

  • @rawblin theirs no skills anymore. You get player points for pve, pvp, etc and you spend those to get abilities. Theirs also 16 classes now.

  • @Bartillo

    Hmmm, may have to research it further then to see if its actually worth checking out.

    Thanks for the heads up!