Happy Halloween 2012 from Keen and Graev

Happy Halloween 2012 Keen and Graev

We want to wish you all a happy and safe Halloween!

We have a Halloween tradition here on the blog.  Every Halloween we reflect on what MMO we were playing at the time.

In 2007, when we first started the tradition, we were playing EQ2 on Antonia Bayle,  2008 was spent in Warhammer Online,  2009 was oddly enough spent in Aion, 2010 was spent in World of Warcraft, and 2011 we were waiting on SWTOR.  This year will be the year of Guild Wars 2.  The Halloween event(s) are pretty good, but the costumes are the best part.

Deciding which MMORPG has the best Halloween event is always hard.  In terms of overall atmosphere, perhaps WoW does the best job of creating a sense that the world is celebrating a holiday.  Share with us what MMO you’re playing this Halloween, and/or what your favorite Halloween event has been over the years!

  • While I no longer play WOW anymore, I will always remember getting the headless horseman’s mount on my druid back in 2010. 🙂

  • I’m doing the GW2 events, which are a good first effort. I kind of wish I was doing EQ2’s, which are better by some margin, but they’ve had eight years to tune theirs and I have done them since they began so I guess I can stand to miss a year.

  • I haven’t seen the EQ2 Halloween event for some time, but it was great back in 2007. Most MMO’s these days don’t spend a lot of time on holiday events, which is sad. I really, really like in-game holiday events.

    @Rinvan: Now that mounts are shared across all characters, you have the headless horseman mount on all your characters! 😀

  • I am in GW2 messing around in the Mad King’s Realm waiting to play some Mad King Says. I do not know about “first effort” as another commenter called it. I would have to say that this event has done quite well first effort or not. The actual content simply beats most every MMO out there at the moment. I will admit that if you are not in one of the specific holiday areas of town/world that the atmosphere pales in comparison to games that decorate the entire world at large.

    Yet Halloween dynamic events, a dungeon fight, and did I forget to mention that the catapults and trebs in WvW fire jack-o-laterns and the rams have them as heads?

  • @Jericho

    Don’t forget the clock tower jumping puzzle. Anger rising……

    Great event overall and I still haven’t seen all the new permanent content they added.