Happy Wars

Happy Wars for Xbox Live Arcade
Attack the enemy team’s base, build and destroy defenses, cast spells, and brawl in this all-out-melee.

A really fun game called Happy Wars released recently on Xbox Live Arcade .  Happy Wars is a crazy third-person melee with up to 30 people divided into two teams.  The goal is to reach the other team’s base, break down the door (siege style), and destroy the objective.

There are three classes: Warrior, Cleric, and Mage.  The Cleric is perhaps the only class that doesn’t play exactly how you might expect because they can also build things, whereas the Mage and Warrior are purely offensive.  There are a few ability choices, and they’re utilized in a very beat’em up fashion.  Happy Wars feels a lot like Fat Princess — if that reference means anything to you then you’ll know.

Happy Wars is freemium.  The game itself is free, but you can buy upgrades and cosmetic outfits from their cash shop.  Pay-to-win is probably inevitable.  You can also use in-game currency earned by playing the game.

Matchmaking is currently borked.  Sometimes it takes a while to get a match, despite there being a ton of people playing, and other times one of us will be thrown out of the match when it starts syncing teams. Hopefully that issue, the only real problem we have with the game, will be fixed soon.

Happy Wars is very simple, cute, and worth checking out for free if you have Xbox Live Gold membership.

  • I downloaded this game last night. No real burning desire to play it. But I’ll probably give it a shot.