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Torchlight 2 is a fantastic game, and worth every penny of the bargain price ($20).  I could end the review there, but let me qualify that one sentence review with some comparison and pro/con treatment.


Character Customization

Each of the four character classes can be specialized a variety of ways.  Unlike Diablo 3 where every character develops identically, and customization is a matter of simply choosing what ability is handed to you, Torchlight 2 lets the player allocate the points into both stats and talents.

Randomized Levels and Good Loot

I don’t know how random the areas are in Torchlight 2, but I know that I’ve already seen several different layouts throughout zones and feel that the replayability benefits tremendously when areas do not look identical every time.

Torchlight 2 is a loot pinata.  Opening a chest or killing a monster can unleash an explosion of loot.  I don’t know why, but I have an impulse to find loot in TL2 that I didn’t feel in Diablo 3

No Nonsense

Diablo 3 has the auction house, extreme multiplayer integration, and just so much tacked on crap that gets in the way.  Torchlight 2 is a very distilled form of what works.  Personally, I appreciate this approach of keeping what works and cutting out the unnecessary.


I can’t decide if it’s a pro or a con that points spent are permanent, and that you must commit to how you build your a character.  If you want to respec, though, you can simply download a mod.  That’s because Torchlight 2 is entirely mooddable.  I’m excited to see what else the players come up with to augment the game.




I have no idea what is going on in the story.  I get the general sense that some bad guy is moving through the game and I’m chasing after him top stop him from doing bad things.  In other words, the story is lackluster and I am compelled to move forward only by the joy I take in slaying bad guys.  Contrast that to Diablo 3 where I was only intrigued by the story.


Given the choice, I would buy Torchlight 2 over Diablo 3.  Pick it up!

  • these games for me are always about loot. The excitement over that next drop. With the AH and the horrible drop rates (horrible for someone that’s put in enough time that the only good drops are set/legendary) Diablo 3’s loot system is poor. In TL2 there are multiple sets to collect even at low levels and they drop frequently enough so you can actually use them. In D3 I feel like it’s an endless grind until I get lucky on a roll, TL2 has me wanting to do one more fight just to see what drops. . .a subtle difference but a HUGE difference.

    I guess it all comes down to the drop rate, if you have a low level set and there’s zero chance of you getting the set complete WHILE your low level then your drop rates are too low IMO.

  • I bought TL2 last week and for $20 I finally got the D3 experience I had been looking for since wasting $60 on Blizz’s conference room driven failure of a game.

    I smiled aloud the fist time I had to allocate attribute points. TL2 really got it all right.

  • Personally I played D3 and enjoyed it, especially when playing with friends. Have to say I enjoy T2 more though – lot more smiles per hour. As for respec, I feel being able to respec the last three points is enough for me, but if anyone wants to mod it, no problem from me. I really appreciate how they made each class more distinct from T1, and got rid of the idea of the same basic passives having to be available to everyone.

  • For me it was about the build diversity possible in this vs Diablo 3. I argued that there was diversity in Diablo 3 builds (and there is, ONCE you hit 60) however it was very little in comparison to a game with true diversity like this.

    I love the fact that I can have a dual wand wielding outrunner that just pumps everything into focus and focuses on skills that aren’t based off weapon damage… and it works, really really well.

    Or that I can have a dual sword wielding embermage that left clicks for attacks using brands, elemental damage on weapon, and it works well, that’s awesome.

  • I downloaded the demo last night but got into the X-COM demo (which is fantastic by the way). Will give it a shot soon.

    Anyone tried the Microsoft controller with it? If so I’d love to hear your opinion.

    Thanks all.

  • Yeah. Diablo 3 has higher production values, clearly, but is missing any magic. Torchlight 2 however, delivers. It’s just pure fun. It doesn’t ration your loot or fight you for an enjoyable experience, it just knows when and what to give. More fun than Diablo 3 at a third of the price. Goodbye, Blizzard. We don’t need you anymore.

  • Differences between TL1 and TL2? Does some of this review reflect the original Torchlight at all?

  • It might be because I haven’t played a really good ARPG lately but I am having tons of fun with TL2. It’s been beating GW2 in my “which game to play?” decision for a few days now.

  • One of the little differences that made a big difference to me between T2 and D3 is that when you get that cool weapon, in T2 you actually wield it to hit stuff. D3 weaps were just stat holders as you only really attacked with special abilities.

    By the way – whats up with T2 and D3 not having WASD movement??

  • Downloaded the demo and played some ranged class thru the demo. While it’s better than d3, I was bored by the end of the trial. Don’t think I’ll be buying it.