Guild Wars 2 Giveaway

Update: Congratulations Rawblin on winning our GW2 Giveaway!

We’re giving away a digital copy of Guild Wars 2 compliments of our awesome community!

In less than 8 days the early start will begin.  We’re excited for GW2, and our community is anxious to get in-game and, hopefully, have a game that we can play together for a long time.  We strongly believe that good communities/guilds make or break a game.  That’s why we’ve come up with a giveaway to help spread the world about the Keen and Graev Gaming Community and get people involved with a community that has been going strong for over  five years.

Here’s how you can enter our giveaway:

  1. Register an account on our forums and post a reply to our giveaway thread on our GW2 board.
  2. Reply to this blog post with your forum name so that we can verify you’ve completed step 1.
  3. Feel like being extra awesome?  Already own a copy of GW2? Retweet our giveaway!

That’s it!  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday August 24, 2012.

We hope that you’ll stick around and get to know the awesome people we game with every day.  Good luck and see you all in GW2!

  • Great giveaway contest K&G.
    I will not be participating, as I own GW2 already.
    25th is nearing “sooooooon”

    Might take a look in your forum.
    Did not even know you had a forum. Heh…

    Recently bought awesomenauts for pc.
    Fresh take on the dota genre. 2D platformer style that looks like a Saturday morning cartoon.

  • Sign me up! Neither my roomate or myself have purchased yet but both will be playing with K&G.

  • Hi, I’m new and I also like free stuff. And your blog and stuff. I follow along in Google Reader. Ok bai!

  • Just posted! Been a long timer lurker, but now I have a really really good reason to post 🙂 Good luck everybody

  • my turn to get an account gw2 … because I can’t buy it until i pay my credit card
    *cry 🙁

  • Gramis here. I want to thank you for the chance to win this awesome game. You guys are the best.

  • Registered and replied 🙂 This is really nice that y’all are giving away a copy. Long live Keen and Graev!

  • Registered and replied as well! Y’all have one of the best gaming forums I’ve seen! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Thanks for the giveaway, hope I can win this one. I really want to play with my friends who have already preordered! My username on the forum is Kujen

  • hey, posting as Vundal. been following you all for a long ass time. thanks for doing the giveaway

  • registered as retaredhorse1 OMG im waiting a long time i didnt win any keys in beta weekends so please i really d like to play this game

  • Posted as Allyourbasss. Can’t wait for the 28th. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. See you on the other side gentleman.

  • Made my post in the forums as Rawblin. I didn’t retweet though. I have never tweeted. (Twit? Twooten? The Big Yellow One is the Sun!)

  • “Shandren” is aboard for the contest, hoping to win!

    While I am finally writing a post anyways, thanks a lot for a nice blog.

  • Posted in the forum thread as mOrs, too. Thanks again for doing that giveaway. You’ll make someone pretty happy. 🙂

  • Rivz is my forum name….and wanting free stuff is my game..well GW2 will be my game as well…you know what i mean.

  • Just posted, thanks for the open invite for this giveaway. Good luck everyone! forum name is mykhrochyp
    (pronounced microchip)

  • Looking to score GW2, needing a reason to leave WoW and start with a new game. Perfect opportunity here.

  • Hi! i wonder if i can still get beta key for GW2? just want to familiarize with the game thru the stress test that’s still occuring before the launch. if anyone knows or can donate a key it’ll be much appreciated and thankful. thanks!

  • Registered as Jerwin on forums and awaiting approval.
    Awesome blog and looking forward to Guild Wars 2!

  • It’s not really cheap, so I hope I could get at least one game that I’m looking forward to … Anyway good luck to everyone 🙂