Adventure Log: Coughing in DayZ, Diverse games week

Keen – DayZ: Tales of the Coughing Bandit

Sniped once again in DayZ
Maybe I shouldn’t have coughed so loud.

DayZ is where I spent most of my time this week.  I’ve written about most of my stories already, and even shown a video of a horrific death.  One I haven’t told yet is the story of my sickness.  Apparently they patched the ability to catch a cold if you’re out in the rain for too long.  I didn’t realize this, stayed out in a storm, and became ill.  My character proceeded to cough and lose blood continually for several hours while I scrambled around town trying to find one of the rarer items in the game: antibiotics.

While roaming I killed several players.  I wonder if they knew me as the coughing bandit.  I could tell they heard my coughing because they’d use voice coms talking to each other: “What was that coughing sound?” *bang bang* and I loot them up.

I finally found some antibiotics, cured my plague, and had one of the greatest arsenals I’ve ever had in DayZ: MP5 SD, Uzi, M16A2, alice pack, tons of food, meds, and ammo.  No more than 30 seconds after I administered my cure I was sniped dead in one shot.  Such is the way of DayZ.


Graev – Still rocking the sales, playing all sorts of games

I got a bunch of games during a Best Buy sale this week.  I bought $135 worth of games for only $35.  I picked up X-Men Destiny, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, and Final Fantasy 13-2.  I completed X-Men Destiny and 100% it within a few days on the Xbox 360.  It could have been a lot better, definitely not worth the full price, but worth the $9.99 I spent.

I’m now working my way through Assassin’s Creed Revelations to be caught up on the story and gameplay in time for Assassin’s Creed 3.  Revelations is pretty good; standard AC feel and not all that different from the past two.  The story is still convoluted–I find myself playing only for the gameplay.  I wish it was all period based and didn’t have this scifi tie-in.

I also bought Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, but I think I told you about that last week.  The music from all of the Final Fantasy games is so good.  Right now I’m working on all the songs on expert, then there’s a master level after that plus a lot of stuff to unlock.  You can put a lot of time into this game.  I still definitely recommend it for fans of rhythm games and Final Fantasy music.

  • @Cthreepo: Graev’s computer really struggles running it for some reason. He runs GW2 perfectly, but Secret World runs horribly like a slide-show and takes (no joke) 5 minutes to when loading a new area. He’s not sure he’ll continue. I’m not sure how long I’ll continue without him. Nothing changed in our enjoyment, though.