Keen and Graev’s Smite Beta Key Giveaway

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UPDATE: Winners have been sent their keys.  Congratulations to everyone!

Have you been watching the streams, reading the impressions, and wishing you could join in on the fun of Hi-Rez Studios’ new MOBA game?  We have Smite beta keys to give away, and we’re going to hand them all out to 20 lucky readers of our blog.

Here’s how you can enter for a chance to win:

1) Leave a comment telling us why you want to play Smite.

2) Make sure the email you use when commenting is valid.  That is how we will send you a key if you win.

The top 10 best reasons for wanting to play Smite, as determined by us, will receive beta keys.  Make them funny or unique in some way to stand out.

10 ADDITIONAL keys will be given out at random.

Comments will be locked Wednesday 7/11/2012 at 5:00pm PDT and winners will be notified via email. Good luck!

You can read our impressions of Smite here.

  • I’ve been an avid League of Legends player for quite some time (beta), and enjoy the MOBA experience. I think the third-person viewpoint and the plethora of “skillshot” mechanics will put SMITE in a whole new level of fun. But there is no way to know for certain without playing!

    Plus my close friend is already playing and I hate not being there to hold up my side of the bromance.

  • Been watching live streams of this lately, looks really good. Thanks for the opportunity to win this. Great looking blog as well.

    Cheers – @ATFNick

    P.S. Thanks to Beta Beast for sending me here

  • Been playing LoL for quite some time (before season 1). I really like the MOBA-style of games. I also live near the Atlanta area where their offices are, but I can never make it up there, as my wife is 39 weeks pregnant; however, if I had a BETA key, I could play it at my own leisure. Been following Keen and Graev since right before Warhammer Online came out, per reference from Vryn.

  • I have been playing many moba for awhile. That why when I heard about smite, I knew I had to try it. As I consider myself as a hardcore player, it would be great to start earlier then most players. Also thanks for giving us a chance to get free beta keys.

  • I have never played LoL before. I have watched a few videos and know the basic rule set but that’s about it.

    Read your preview looks like something I would like, and might be easy to pick up and play. Give me something new to try 🙂

    Honesty is key.


  • You guys seem to enjoy SMITE. At first I was like hmm I already play League of legends.
    But I got kind of curious. The gods seem interesting enough.
    That and Hi Rez has been handling the F2P of tribes quite fair.

    Lets see something funny or unique about SMITE.

    Looking at that pic of you playing SMITE on your blog, I can’t help it, but wonder why you would want to play as a mix of Krillin from Dragonball Z, a chubby baby and Doctor evil from the Austin powers movies. Pls tell me he got a taunt that goes like: “Wooosh” One Million Dollars!!!

    Ok the next is offtopic and not funny.
    But it is disturbing and charming at the same time.

    They are gonna make new Furbies!!! Dammit I want one.

    That either made you show a grin, a tear or it might have even gotten you angry.

  • can you give me a beta key plzz i am really desperate to get one

    i looked all of the internet for some but all giveaways are done or it is stupid survey. i did everything even clicked the ad 10 times. but still no succes :(. if you give me a key i will give you the other 2 that you get from the ingame service. you know what i mean right?

  • I’m playing this kind of game since DOTA 5.42, and this one really caught my attention
    I will be really glad to receive one of this keys.


  • 3rd person 3d mobo featuring mythological gods… what’s not to like! oh and btw, i’ve been beta testing games since WoW: TBC.

  • I played quite a bit of Tribes: Ascend and it looks like Hi-Rez managed to suceed implementing some of League of Legends ideas in different genre. Now i’m really curious to see what they are going to achieve with Smite.

    Also i’m going to put into Smite lots of hours and play it on competitive level if it turns out to be good.

  • i’ll 12 years old and league of legends for years and want to try a new 3d person kinda of of it thank your for just reading this

  • Hey I was intrigued by your smite review and really want to try it out – I played LoL for 2 years and it is a great game but with rotten community.

    I also been long term your blog reader:)

  • I am consumed with the need to unleash the fury of a thousand Internet trolls as a force of wrath, destruction, and juvenile griefing. Years of EVE ganking have prepared me for this glorious avocation. In addition, my lack of reflexes will help me provide fodder for any average player who needs to feel elite by crushing my rampaging deity.

  • Hey, i want to play smite for weeks, but my beta key i got from friend doesn’t work, every time i want to activate my key it gives a error… Anyways i want to play smite with my friend. I played LoL and HoN but they dont seem so interesting as SMITE :/

  • Hi, i really want to play smite. it looks really cool and more interesting than LoL and HoN.

  • I want to play smite because I want to know how it feels playing MOBA game in 3rd person. I’ve heard it’s great fun but I have to try it myself.


  • I’d like to try it because I found other MOBA’s way too spam clicky (last hitting), and an FPS kind of format would fit me better. I’ve watched a few people stream it/play it and it seems intriguing.

  • Hello and thank You for doing this giveaway.
    I would like the chance to play Smite CBT because of my previous experience in the moba genre. DoTA and LoL have been an important part of my gaming for a long time now and it is my humble opinion I can help make this game, that might bring a whole new perspective to moba, better for the full release.

  • I’ve tried LoL and HoN, and while the gameplay seems interesting I just can’t stand playing in that birdsview perspective. Smite seems to me like a MOBA I can finally enjoy and thus I’d love to try it out during beta. Plus I’m a beta player who actually submits constructive feedback as opposed to whining about a beta not being flawless 😛

  • I want something “different” to tide me over until a bunch of remakes appear in August!

  • I’d like to try Smite because of the 3rd person camera. I like playing melee and with that it can get and feel really personal. I started playing LoL few days ago and quite enjoy it however Smite has really caught my attention. Also, the Voice Game System from Tribes is really great tool, that’s why Smite is my most awaited game this year. Peace!

  • I want to play Smite, because… um… well… uh… because I can’t even think normally once I saw it. I’ve been casually playing LoL of over 2 years now and I really want a change of perspective. Playing in isometric came feels detached and playing from third person perspective almost feels like you’re kicking that d-bag’s ass yourself.

  • I really want to get into SMITE beta because I heard they were giving out a free Jesus deity to all beta testers once the game realeases. I can’t wait to throw wafers at my enemies while whipping them with my cat-o-nine-rosaries. I hear he has a super overpowered AoE flash flood spell and can ressurect upon death every five minutes. He also has a wine buff for allies and his ultimate calls down a giant crufix, impaling and rooting a single enemy for a RL week. I want the technicolour dream coat skin!

  • I’d really like into the beta. I enjoy MOBA style games having played LoL for quite a while. I’d love to try this change in perspective. Videos of the game make it appear very fun.

  • i really want to get that key, i have been watching the trailers for mounths and i want to play so badly PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me a key and make me really happy (ITS MY BIRTHDAY THIS MOUNTH PLEASE MAKE IT THE BEST FOR ME)



  • I play lol intensely, but i was totally blown away when I saw that first game play for smite. It just seems so good, and would be such a cool perspective on the moba experience. I also have these 2 good friends that already have keys, they say its great, and I really want to join them (they dont stop playing so I cant use their accounts lol). please have mercy and give me a key!

  • I would love a smite key because I’m LogicaLInsanity, and I have to play Hel, because she is Logically Insane…


  • I’ve always enjoyed mobas from lol to tfts dota. 3rd person perspective is something I’d like to see more of and so want to support. It certainly helps that its a deity brawl which is something I had designed as a wc3 map but just never got support for in that community.

  • Cause smite is so refreshing! It’s like taking a trip to another country, but mostly getting rid of LoL(Yeah i know, me too :/ )!

  • I feel I should get a key because by your reccomendation I played Allods Online and Final Fantasy XIV. 🙂

  • I am an admitted Moba addict I spend all of my free time on Hon Dota2 or Lol. I had over 100 hours logged in dota for wc3. I have had the idea for a third person moba since then but it is such a huge production I could never partake in it. I would love a beta key been posting on forums ferdayz now.

  • I don’t need a key, but wanted to pass along this game is CRAZY good.

    I love the MOBA concept, but HATED the “click, click, click” game model.

    Great polish and great balance already.

  • I used to play Warcraft at my childhood a lot, always loved the gameplay, especially the mode DOTA. I really could play DOTA all day along, just because the fun of it. I even named my dog’s name after one of the hero’s faction (Draenei). I continued with HoN and LoL, but it wasn’t the same, it just didn’t feel like what I’ve liked. SO I moved on to MOBAs, I tried lots of MOBAs but never really enjoyed. On the last Friday I tried the game at my cousin’s home, who had luckily got a key for himself; the game was amazing. I never enjoyed from a MOBA like that, it was really awesome. I enoyed the gods, the skills, the atmosphere, everything. It just felt like MOBA should have really been. And that’s the reason why I have to, no, MUST to, put my hands on!

  • I have played almost only moba games,I’ve tried them all:Dota 1 and 2,LoL,HoN,RoI,LOCO and if that can be considered a moba,Super Monday Night Combat.I am really interested in Smite because of it’s gods and mythhology.Since I was a child I’ve read a lot of books about the greek and egyptian culture,that would be another point of trying smite,since I know the gods by their full story.I know I probably won’t geta Beta Key but I’ve posted in so many forums today,and this is the only place that I truly believe I have a chance.Even if I don’t get the key thanks for the oportunity c:

  • NO jumping? Ugly interface? I must play it! I mean, after all, I did play SWTOR until last month.. I am a glutton for punishment I tell ya.

  • First!

    I have to have a beta invite so I can constantly complain about the deities in this game. Not that Hindu deities are in but that Christian ones are out. WTF if Jesus isn’t a playable character then this game will be total fail!

    Seriously, there will be a huge lack of religious posts on their beta forums if I don’t get invited. . .and no one wants that.

    Because I used the correct form of ‘their’ there.

    Because I’m old and grouchy and it won’t be DAoC so it will suck.

    So I can trade it for a Dishonored beta which they aren’t doing.

    Because the chance that I entered my email wrong is at least 80% and if I won that would piss everyone off.

    Because I blame you for basically forcing me to play SWtOR so you owe me.

    What does Dota stand for?

  • Used to love playing savage and savage 2. Been waiting for a new 3rd person Moba-type game to come out. I have been watching tons of beta videos and i cant wait to get in there and “SMITE” some b*tches. Hopefully see u all in there.

  • The zombie apocalypse is coming soon, and I will be forced to kill my friends and family. Smite would make for some nice bonding sessions with my 14-year old godson before the end is here.

    Long time reader, first time poster – thanks for a worthy bookmark!

  • I’ve never played LoL or any other kind of game ever. this will be my first attempt in video games thingie. Also, I’m from Brasil and look like Blanka in a leather jacket.

    It’s all true. The Doctor said so.


  • I think The Other Thomas should receive one because he has a strong character and great name.

  • I’ve been madly in love of these type of games and smite looks like a new 3d type of dota

  • You don’t understand: you need to give me a key. If you don’t give me a key I can, and will, erase you from time.

  • I’d really enjoy testing and giving this game a shot. Becoming an early community member for games is always a thrill so I would appreciate the opportunity to join in during the beta =)

  • i have played League of legends and heroes of newerth. So i wish to try this game i love this type of games and i realy want to try this game out and it looks so awesome!

  • Would love a smite beta key.

    Have been playing mobas for quite a while now (even got good so im told) have also been a beta tester for alot of games over the years and have always reported bugs (thats what beta’s are for ya see not just so people can play the game its to fix them) And have been an avid follower of the other 2 hi-rez games (Global agenda and tribes ascend) also atm im jobless so sinking my time into this amazingly polished game would be a life saver

    Good luck to all who enter


    also would like to give my invite codes away myself when i get a key

  • sorry for double posting but just noticed i was too late on the time frame ah that sucks still gratz whoever got the keys

  • I have been on the MOBA scene for about two years now. I play League of Legends and Dota 2 very frequently and when I first heard and saw Smite, I literally squealed from excitement! It brings something fresh to the table not just with it’s character roster, but everything in general. Yes it brings some things from other MOBA games to make it easy to get a handle of, but it offers so much more than just a typical MOBA game such as HoN of LoL. I CAN’T WAIT!

  • Hello,

    I want to play Smite because I AM TIRED OF CLICKING… Dota .. Dota 2, League of Legends .. Diablo 3… click click CLICK..

    I just wanna kill stuff and rule be strategy, reflex and skill… and no click to move ><

    and I love you? :X …


  • i want to play “SMITE” because its related to LoL (League of Legends) and i dont feel like clicking i rather use wasd as my controls to move and so much more 3D than other games ive ever seen and i want to to try all the gods especially the ones that are OP (OverPowered). Can i have 1 beta key to play “SMITE” Pleases?

  • Hi K&G, I want to play Smite because..
    it can show me the world,
    take me wonder by wonder,
    over, sideways and under,
    on a magic carpet ride?

  • I’d love to play smite to kick ass with Zeus. His skills are so godlike and that cloud he has under him looks so cool. I love his chain lightning skills and how he can choose when to detonate it. I hope this game has much success cause it looks appealing and fun.

  • Quite honestly, because I am completely bored out of my gourd. With Blizzard dragging their feet with WoW, EME failing completely to manage Tera, and my impressions of TSW bordering on the “I would rather stab myself in the eye than play more of this game”, I really need an outlet.

  • I REALLY want a beta key for smite for 3 reasons:

    1: i love greek and nordic mythology so the idea of playing as either hades or odin is just awsome!!

    2:i have great experience with Moba games. Dota, Dota 2, Hon, LoL u name it (also the lesser popular bad ones)

    3: im a experienced Beta tester i have tested:

    Final fantasy online
    Dota 2
    Tribes Online (also made by highrez)
    starwars Online

    sÃ¥ plllzzzz give me a beta key! ill test the living hell out the game 😀

  • i play league of legends alot and i find that a 3rd person view would be enteresting to play considering this is a uniqe game and u would enjoy playing it and that is why i would like a beta key please and thanks

  • I am a great fan of MOBA games, played LoL, DotA, HoN, but SMITE has a different way to play, that 3rd person view seems so exciting to play, plus new games/styles are also welcome to play so that’s why i really want that key!

  • I’m not the biggest fan of MOBA games to be honest but that’s mainly due to the controls. I prefer a traditional wasd or esdf movement instead of a point and click one, and a 3rd or 1st person perspective. Games like Super Monday Night Combat interest me alot but I prefer a fantasy or medieval setting. So naturally SMITE is getting my attention. Anyways would love a chance to try this game out. Been playing Mount and Blade Warband none stop lately and wouldn’t mind a change of pace until GW2 hits.

  • I want to play SMITE because it brings something completely new to the MOBA game type.

  • @Keen

    If you want to know why so many people replied all of a sudden.
    It is because, it seems you are the only place to get a SMITE beta key at the moment.
    (Yes I searched online for alternatives, just in case I might get unlucky)

    At the time your contest ended there where around 28/30 entries.

    I tried the F2P Airmech game yesterday. Its an RTS game and it seems the to be the first RTS game that got it right. Its fun and not P2W.
    Also it got a small install.

  • Btw shameless referal link for the Airmech game.

    Just find their official site enter the code when you create an account and you get in. (yeah I get some goodies too)

    @Keen if this is not ok just let me know. Noticed I could do this in the game “after” I already gave a positive comment.

  • …actually I am kidding. I don’t want a beta code atm, the bath salts will suffice.

  • i think this is going to be a great game for all pc gamers people who are avid moba players or the people who like the pvp feel to it as in WoW players or games of that sort all in all i cant wait for this hybrid of a game

  • I like video games. this is a video game. I would like to play this video game because it will be fun! I would also like to play this video game because i like to play online with bros! Video games are forever. Oh did i mention i like video games?

  • please i would like a key. I love playing legue of legends and dota 2. My friend told me about the game and i want to play

  • 1)Loved LoL, hated Dota2
    2)Love free stuff
    3)see parts 1 and 2.

    Thanks for giving someone a chance to try a fantastic new game with innovative strategy and game play. Course I could just be buttering you guys up, but I think your site rocks.