Foam Core Gaming Episode 2

Lego Batman 2 released Tuesday, and Gus is anxious to play the game he was born to play. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when a spurned Norm lashes out the only way he knows how.

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Episode 1


  • Hahahah! Love it fellas!

    Hope you all are collecting behind the scenes or blooper clips!

  • Hmm last episode was better..
    Could see the humor from last one.
    Somehow the emotionless face of the doll playing kinect failing to control a game was spot on.

    This one meh.
    Also slightly dissapointed there was no gamefootage.
    Damn that Norm!!

    Ooh and I spotted a final fantasy 7 game.. woooo.
    Btw thats one big game collection.

    Hmm only those tru special gems remain in my small collection.
    Mostly final fantasy games 🙂

    On a sidenote: Today I notice offered silent storm gold edition. Wooo you can not buy that in store or digital anywhere else. If you like jagged alliance 2 you will like this. (things can go boom big time.. big explotion = half of a building gone hehe)

  • 2 things I forgot to mention the good parts.
    Gus in his full batman outfit after getting his shirt back. fun. To bad the shot on the preview movie spoiled it.

    Also the note inside the game box “I got your game” was fun.