Live on the ocean? Curse you ArcheAge!

I wish I could play ArcheAge right now and see for myself that this game is as amazing as it sounds.   Just about every word I’ve written on ArcheAge is skepticism and belief that it all sounds too good to be true.  I still feel the same dang way.  Just look at what they’re saying now.

  • Travel across a vast ocean because it may be more profitable than the expensive teleports.
  • Be employed as a fisherman: supplier, preparer, deliverer.
  • Construct player residences on the freaking ocean!
  • Battle on the Ocean.

The more I read, the more I need the illusion to be destroyed so that I can stop thinking this game will be the end-all-be-all of sandboxes.  Tell me some cash shop will ruin it or the game is vaporware so that I can move on.  But dang if their ideas aren’t magical keys that unlock the doors of intense imaginings of what this game could be to me and like-minded people who love to live and adventure in a world.

Has there been any more information on a North American release, beta, or anything?

Give me beta.  I test for you.  That is all.


  • Unfortunately still a long wait till it comes here to even judge.

    “Suk Woo Choi: ArcheAge will launch at the end of this year in Korea, and the goal is to launch it in North America towards the end of 2013, or the beginning of 2014. Once we have a publisher set and the game’s launched in Korea, things will be clearer for the US.

    MMORPG: When the game is published here, will the team’s focus mostly be on localization of the language, or do you feel pressured to “westernize” it as well? The divide between the two regions’ gaming cultures is pretty deep.

    Suk Woo Choi: While we definitely won’t be afraid to change the mechanics of the game in the west if the players demand it, I definitely think we’ll end up having to listen to the wishes of the publisher in North America (though we don’t know just who that is yet). A big part of the undertaking is definitely the localization, and if we have to change up some mechanics like combat or something of this nature, or even leveling pace, we will. But we want to find the balance, and not lose the soul of what makes ArcheAge so unique. ”

    full interview here

  • Lewis & Simon from Yogscast did a series of videos of Archeage a couple months ago. It certainly looks interesting, but also quite odd in many ways from a western POV at least.

  • I suspect it’ll fall somewhere between what you imagine and Darkfall…probably closer to the Darkfall end of the scale though…

  • I like the way it sounds, but it sounds to ambitious to pull off.
    At least the way we envision it in our minds.

    I did like the feeling of being on a ship in Ultima online.

  • This game is the sand box that I have been waiting for. Building you own house and castle. Defending your area is the type of PvP I enjoy. You truly have something invested, so the fight means something.

    I am not real Keen on the characters look but the landscape is very well done. I can live with it as long as the fighting animation is fluid. I will be playing this game for some time as long as it stays a sand box game.

  • Vaporware IMO. The latest news is late 2013 early 2014 release for US servers so until its close I call vaporware.

    Then again I couldnt care less, call me Xenophobic if you must but AA just doesnt impress me in the slightest. Maybe I am a different type of gamer but traveling oceans, or becoming a fisherman just doesnt appeal to me in the least. I guess I am a jaded Asherons Call junkie when I think of sandbox as being massive world with tons of exploration and combat opportunities. I understand some like building and crafting but the only non-combat activity I enjoy is player housing and exploration. Good luck in everyones endeavors in AA but I will skip it for 3 reasons:

    1. Its Asian and I loathe the way Asian cultures sexualize their games and the combat is more street fighter’esque
    2. Its crafting centric

  • I still remember being excited about all the things they claimed would be in Mortal Online. Boy that dream came crashing down pretty quickly. I don’t think any game outside of EQ3 or DAoC 2 will warrant me soaking up all information years before launch.

  • @Keen/Zederok: it’s quite clearly not vapourware, because there are numerous videos documenting its closed beta phases and they look pretty nifty. Is it going to make it to Europe? Probably, but not for a while. But it’s hardly vapourware.

    I’m still extremely optimistic about AA. I just hope they a) pull it off and b) remember Europe (seems like the devs made no mention of Europe and just went with West = NA.)

  • As Dril says, it can’t really be called vaporware since it’s clearly there and running in a series of closed betas. If it never reaches a stage where people outside of South Korea can play it, though, it might as well be vaporware from our point of view.

    It’s an interesting one to keep an eye on, but without even a publishing deal much less a release date in “the West” it’s hardly worth focusing on for now.

  • the oddness of this game is incredible it is because i have western eyes …. it does have boats my western eyes like boats..

  • Release dates after 12/21/12 are irrelevant anyway 😛

    So many (potentially) amazing games we shall never see!

  • I like what I see so far. Looks like what I wanted Darkfall to be, aka a pretty sandbox and not a ugly one lol. I watched some of the beta vids and saw a guild build a giant castle that looked awesome! That reminded me of the old mmo Shadowbane which holds fond memories with me.

    Building our castle up and fending off attackers….until they took our base while we slept and then the server got hacked lol. It was still fun to run around the world and find other players developments and explore. I still remember finding our first building of an enemy, well it was more like a shack lol, but we still sat and broke our weapons on it trying to destroy it not knowing how to kill buildings lol!

    I like alot of the ideas of AA though, it’s just ashamed it’s so far away. Lots of hurdles to jump through until we see a western release but until then I’ll keep my eyes open on this one.

  • Sorry to drop the bomb right here.But until we get the next major break in server infrastructure all these PvP build Houses,Castles and huge player battles will be a)Laggy b)Restricted to very few players c)Bringing down the servers.

    This game is like a candidate running for president.He promises everything and we will see what it will deliver in the end.Lets try it when it releases in SK and see if its that good ;p