Age of Empires Online Stream and Giveaway

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Winners have been contacted for our, Twitter, and Blog giveaways. Our thanks go out to everyone who joined us for a great evening. We hope you’ll join us for more fun in the future.

  • Hi, here is a comment on this blog entry. 🙂 I have not actually played Age of Empires Online but I’m certainly interested in checking it out if you reckon it’s a good’un.

  • Hey, nice stream. I have played this game a while, before the patch but didn’t like the f2p system, now i’m going to give it a try again, it seems way better.

  • Yeha nice stream but bit laggy all the time. can u guys fix a lag or is it just my connection?

  • Giveaway on twitch was fun.
    Oh and… go celts!

    Do not have twitter or want twitter.

    (hope you got an egypt or persian code left)

  • I love your stream. I’ve played every aoe game since age of empires II. I really look forward to many hours with this new version!

  • Hi, nice stream today…I play aoe3 and the whole aoe series, I’ll give it a try for aoe online. Thanks

  • Hey, thanks for a great stream. Thanks to you i think im going to play this game again, it seems to be much better than the version that was released last year.

  • Thanks for the stream. It was fun. Looking forward to more of your streams.

  • So, I was looking on Steam, since I remember they were doing a massive sale on civilisations (which I was foolish not to buy); are they no longer on Steam? I can’t find them anywhere, and if they’re not on Steam, that means no sales, and no sales means I won’t be able to play as any of the premium civs.

  • @Dril: You can play and earn a premium civ now that they aren’t just “pay with real money only”.

    You’re right about Steam, though. Seems all of the microtransactions have been removed. I wonder if they’re going to put them back up with changes. I’ll look into it and let you know.

  • @Jeppe: Yes it does. STEAM will install it for your. As long as the Windows Live Log in assistant service is set to automatic you’ll never notice anything different. Just log in when AoE boots up. Consider it like logging into a MMO or into a Blizzard game.

  • Differences I noticed:

    Villagers are slower.

    Attack move command might or might not work. Seems like a bug to me.
    Happened to me before patch as well, but less frequently.

  • Attack move not working happened to me a ton before the patch. When you press ‘A’ it says “right click to attack move” but in every other RTS game I left click.

    I’ve noticed the AI is much tougher to beat.