Foam Core Gaming Episode 1

Norm and Gus have aired their very first episode of Foam Core Gaming!  In this episode, Gus plays Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, a Kinect game releasing for the Xbox 360 June 19.  If you’ve ever tried to play a game on the Kinect, you may recognize a little but of yourself in Gus.

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  • Great job guys!

    So overall how was it? As clunky as the video showed? Or is it just not recommended for puppets?! hehehhe.

    Do you even have to use Kinect?

  • You have to use Kinect in conjunction with a controller. We tried the demo and it was just as clunky as when Gus was playing. Some Kinect games just don’t respond well. Kinect Star Wars responds A LOT better than Steel Battalion.

  • Noooooo. I’ll have to give the demo a shot. I was really looking forward to this game!

  • This fail of a kinect and other motion gimmicks got me thinking.

    It makes me wonder why they do not develop something that is a better way to control actual games for the “hardcore” crowd.

    In all these years of gaming they can not think of anything better then a mouse + keyboard or a comfy controller with triggers and analog sticks??

    Something tells me we would indeed have a spectacular new improvement to control games by now if they had put the funds it cost to make the the kinect, wii motion thingy and the sony dildo into something better and useful.

    Seriously wtf…

  • If a controller can do it, why use a Kinect? That’s the philosophy I believe in strongly, and probably why we don’t see better methods of input coming along.

    Do we need a better mousetrap?

    I’m very anxious to get my hands on the Wii U GamePad. It blends touch technology, with visual augmentation, and keeps the tried and true controller in the hands of the player.

  • I tell ya both my boys love some of the Kinect games. Target Market I guess.

    But I am surprised to see SB require it. I’ve read that for some folks it works pretty good. But I personally don’t want to “Have” to stand up and down to play a game.

    I’ll try the demo this weekend.

  • I think that the Kinect is definitely more for the younger crowd. I like it because it gets up off the couch. Not something that I want to use everytime I game but good for when you have a crowd playing together.

  • “Do we need a better mousetrap?”

    If we said that during the atari days we would still have an ackward controller with a stick and 1 button 🙂

    Its probably because “they” think to many gamers are afraid of change.
    example: Since gears of war we got cover systems and regenerating health EVERYWHERE.

  • @Zyler: You have to consider the games on the market as well. Do we need a better controller for the games we have? The controller we have does what we need — it’s only when we feel like it doesn’t that we should replace it.

    You’re right, though. If all the money for Kinect, Move, and Wiimotes went into a better actual controller, we may have something much better in our hands today.

  • I think another issue is Kinect is still a bit rough. If it got rid of that annoying split second lag, I think I may enjoy it better.

    Who knows maybe another version or two later it could be something good. I’m not saying replace the controller, but to be used with it, (like SB does) but better may be pretty good.

    The original SB had the greatest controller ever. Did we need it, No? But it was fun as hell to play with it, and since everyone HAD to use it, it was a level playing field in PvP.

    Man I miss that controller.

  • Although I havent tried the gyroscopic mice that are currently out, am I the only one frustrated by the need for a flat surface to operate a mouse on? Laser sensors are pretty good – they operate on most any surface now. But the bulkiness and need for a mostly flat surface is contributing to rsi problems in gamers and professionals (CAD operators/mechanical designers come to mind). So i would think the world in general would benefit from even a mouse-only kinect type controller.