[E3] Sony’s Media Briefing gave us a few reasons to turn our PS3 on again!

Sony brought a lot of games to their media briefing, which in and of itself outshines Microsoft.  A few of the games caught our eye, and we took some notes.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale introduced the cross-play feature that allows the PSVita and PS3 to play together.  It appeared to work well, and we would love to see Sony expand the cross-play to ALL platforms including the PC.   An obvious Smash Bros. inspired fighter, but there are key differences like killing vs. knocking off the edge.  We’re not yet convinced it will be worth purchasing.

Beyond was just weird.  From the creators of Heavy Rain, Beyond looks like another immersive drama-driven game.  The clip chosen was really slow and dragged, and we weren’t sold.  They’ll need to show us a lot more gamplay like we saw in the last 10 seconds.

Assassin’s Creed 3 and AC3: Liberation looked awesome.  Jack Tretton gave us more information on Assassin’s Creed 3 than Ubisoft did, and the gameplay shown during Sony’s conference was so cool!  The player gets to control a massive ship sailing on the ocean and engage in battle with cannons and maneuvers.  We both loved it so much it made us wish more games would come out that featured nothing but this type of ship combat.  Imagine if MMO’s looked that awesome and played like that.

The Last of Us showed strong as a very dynamic and immersive survival game.  We didn’t see any zombies, but we did see a lot of great companion AI and gameplay that looked like the game was adapting naturally to the player’s input.

A new piece of hardware was announced: Wonderbook.  Bring to life stories, and reader stuffs.  If Harry Potter is your thing, the first book will be a Book of Spells that compliments the Pottermore website.  The live demo was wagglelicious with failed wand waiving and silly incantations that made us cringe, but in the end Graev still wants one.

The Vita wasn’t emphasized like we thought.  Instead, the biggest Vita announcement (on top of Cross-play) was utilizing it as a controller for some PS3 games.   It felt tacked on to the presentation in an attempt to match Nintendo’s Wii U functionality.  Developers aren’t going to embrace a several-hundred-dollar controller.  The idea is flawed.

Decent showing overall from Sony with a few new exclusives that have us actually interested in turning on our PS3 again.

  • Was there nothing about Dust 514? I saw a new trailer was released for e3 with quite a bit of in-game (beta) footage – and “free to play” plastered everywhere, without mention of EVE.

  • I’m watching Nintendo’s presser right now and I have to say that Sony has easily won E3. Even with the Wundabook debacle.

    Assassin’s Creed 3 and Liberation look AMAZING. I wasn’t sold on AC3 before seeing that little demo. The game looks efffin’ gorgeous! I also wanna get that new white vita with Liberation. I can’t wait for October 30th.

    The Last of Us. Speechless is just about the only way I can some it up, other than like this: WANT WANT WANT WANTTTTTT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

    Beyond. Yeah, it looked freaky. After what David Cage said about it being more action orientated than Heavy Rain… I really became more interested. I’ll keep my eye on it. Highly original and can’t wait to learn more.

    God of War. It looked tiresome to me.

    Vita wasn’t a centerpiece. I was truly hoping that without the announcement of a new console that Vita would take center stage. I love my Vita, and it has a ton of untapped potential. I was hoping to see a huge list of AAA games coming for it, and more cross play announcements. AC3 and COD were great announcements, but come on Sony!


    All in all, I enjoyed the presser. I just hope that with them not making Vita the centerpiece that it doesn’t mean they are giving up on it. It’s a great little machine that I refer to as PS2.5. Hopefully AC3/COD are system sellers, because I definitely wanna see much more integration of cross play and AAA’s.