Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Wii U Reveal

Nintendo just revealed a slew of Wii U details during their Pre-E3 broadcast.   If you missed it, the 30 minute broadcast is already available on Youtube.

Below, after the jump, are the highlights and our thoughts on some of the amazing details that have us already excited to own a Wii U.

Wii U GamePad is a Fully Functional TV Remote and Web Browser with L3 and R3 Buttons. The Wii U controller is now official known as the Wii U GamePad and has a lot of useful utility. We really, really hope that multiple GamePads can be used with a Wii U, but these details make it sound even more like one GamePad at a time.  Hopefully Tuesday’s conference brings good news.

  • Send content directly to your TV from the Wii U Gamepad.  GamePad can access the internet separately from the TV, or show on both.
  • Controller has been redesigned to have joysticks instead of circlepads, now has L3 and R3 buttons, a port to receive data onto the device, and ergonomic layout.

Wii U Pro Controller.  This was awesome news to us since we both  love a more traditional controller. This reminds us a lot of the Xbox 360 controller.

Miiverse and Nintendo Network will bring players together.  That’s Nintendo speak for creating some sort online platform. We hope there are no friend codes… please, no friend codes.

  • Post screenshots you took from games.
  • Post game content for others toa dd to their own games.  This was glossed over very quickly, but it sounds a STEAM Workshop / Mod tool or sorts for games that allow custom content.
  • Leave Messages for others in games like we saw in Demons Souls.  Die at a certain part of a Mario level and you can leave a message for others — that sort of thing.
  • Interact with others on the Nintendo Network, connect instantly via video chat using the GamePad as a webcam.
  • Check status updates, Connect with other players playing the same games.
  • Access the Nintendo Network in some way from PC, iPhone, 3DS, or any web-enabled device.  (Coming after Wii U Launch)

Wii U’s “first screen” is the “Mii wara wara” or “noise and commotion from a crowd” screen.  You Mii’s, your friend’s Mii’s and Mii’s from players around the world playing the same games you are will appear on this first screen.  Mii’s congregate around tiles representing games.  The most popular games available will be shown as well, and you may not even own them.   Mii’s on this screen show messages from the players.  It’s a moshpit of Mii’s.

That was a lot for Nintendo to reveal in just thirty minutes.  We really want to see more of the Nintendo Network and Miiverse functionality, and how they plan to improve the multiplayer experience for the games.  It’s obvious they want people talking and facilitate that, but doodling and leaving messages is a far cry from the core gamer’s needs.    The controller’s functionality has us blown away.  Being able to play your game on the screen of the GamePad instead of on the TV, browse the internet independently, control your TV, and interact with the Nintendo Network is awesome.

  • First, this guy isn’t a great seller.

    Also, how many developers will use these features?

    I bet some great horror stories come from this device though.

    Might have a reason to get it in 2 years though as sometimes craigslist prices can be quiet convincing. 🙂

  • I dunno Nintendo has sooooo much catching up to do compared to the ps3 and xbox 360 that they literally have to do everything right this time or they will just fall farther behind than they already are. It’s hard to see that happening from what I’ve seen so far and what that little pre reveal confirmed. Sure they will sell their 1st party titles like hot cakes, but what about the 3rd party stuff. I know they already have some decent titles from 3rd party companies lined up. But will the Wii U have enough to tempt someone to buy the system and buy the game released on all 3 consoles for the Wii U over the competition? That’s the real question. Time will tell I suppose. Unfortunately Nintendo will have a maximum of maybe a year or a year and a half to catch up before the next xbox comes out.

  • Some good ideas there but the Wii is just so far from me as a gamer I won’t be buying one.
    I also think that Pad is simply way too big to hold and control games with so glad there’s an XBox360-clone controller for the times I am subjected to one of these (my Brother will probably buy one – he even had his Wii setup at his Wedding Reception!)

  • You guys forget that even if the Wii U doesn’t fully fulfil our core gamer needs, it easily makes up for this with sales to more “casual” gaming market and as a family console.Dare isay the market for this segment overshadows core gamers.

  • That’s what scares us about casual games… if they overshadow the core gamer demographic, we’ll never see good games again.

    However, we’re Nintendo fans and love the first party Nintendo titles. This was awesome news for us. That, and Lego City: Undercover took Best of Show in our opinion.