This is why I can’t leave Graev alone…

  • How does it play on a console?
    I could see it being annoying not having a mouse to do inventory stuff and a keyboard to select things…

  • @The Merovingian: I’ve watched Graev play for hours. It plays really well, actually. Inventory management works well for anyone comfortable with a 360 controller. The thing I don’t like is you can only join friend’s servers.

    @Sikk: Graev has started quite a few “accidental” fires. Back when Minecraft on PC first came out he “accidentally” started a firestorm that took over our whole server.

  • That is pretty damn funny. I’m loving the 360 version. Get to build with my two boys all together. I love listening to my two sons use teamwork to get stuff done.

    Unfortunately they are afraid of the zombies, so we play on peaceful! heheheh.

    thanks for that link Sikk. That is crazy good also!

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