[Breaking News] Dominus Closing Down

I’m really shocked by the news that just hit Twitter.  Confirmed on the official forums:

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye, or at least goodbye for now. We simply cannot deliver the game you deserve with the resources we have. We never quit trying, even when hope faded, because you – our community – kept us inspired.

There is a market for a game like this one. Thank you for proving it. I hope to see you again.

This forum is being switched to read-only, effective immediately. I have permission to keep the Facebook page open long enough for goodbyes, and I will hang out there (as a volunteer, not an employee) for a few days.

I am so sorry, y’all. I’ve been intentionally quiet, but I was hoping to get loud again. I will miss you all, and I know we’ll meet again.

I am extremely sad to read this news today.  On the heels of such an awesome experience with Guild Wars 2’s three faction PvP… losing an upcoming game that was going to create an even more sandbox and all-encompassing “RvR” experience than what we’ve had in years is extremely disappointing.

They had a broadcast just 10 days ago showing some screenshots and promising info about the game.  Dominus as a whole looked very promising.  A lot of people bonded together to create a close-knit community to support Pitch Black Games.  As Sanya said, there is a market for a game like Dominus.  This was a solid idea they had, and one I fully support.  The reason I’m posting this is because of how much I care about promoting gameplay like PBG was trying to develop.

I hope that Pitch Black Games will consider a Kickstarter or continue to search for funding in order to make Dominus a reality.

Maybe the only good news in all of this is that I have a Prime: Battle for Dominus t-shirt that I thought would be a collector’s item after they changed the name of the game to simply ‘Dominus’.  Now it will be framed and displayed on my wall as a relic.

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  • I hope so. It’s a shame watching good ideas fall down when there are so many people waiting to help pick them up.

  • That is a shame. This project was needed in a market that keeps trying to re-create WoW, only with micro-transactions. It is unfortunate when a proof of concept proposal fails prior to being implemented…

  • To bad. Three way PvP, crafting that means something and Sci-Fi to boot. This is what SWTOR should have been and wasn’t.

  • hmmh i see this coming because i dont think their small company can pull this off.. i suspect this is just another effort to grab funding from investors by hyping WoW’s massive profit, and they failed to get the funding they want so this now over.

    its just vaporware project, the gameplay video demo they show is horrible.

  • @LumpyGamer

    Are you trolling?

    PBG’s Dominus was decidedly not-WoW in it’s concept and design. If anything they were attempting to grab the market share of disenfranchised DAoC and SWG players who don’t have any modern equivalent in MMOs.

  • @mesar
    please , having a different opinion is not trolling. btw i should put a ‘IMHO’ on my previous post since its my opinion and not fact, though i see alot of this happening in tech where some startup looking for funding do this kind of stuff.

  • @lumpygamer:

    If PB hyped WoW’s massive profits to investors, I suppose the investor’s got what was coming to them for not spending any time to research the game, which is patently not like WoW in most aspects.

    Of course we have no reason to insinuate that PB actually did that, so I would add the words “wildly speculative” on your post in addition to “IMHO”…

  • A shame. I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be my kind of game, but I definitely saw a place for it. I’m not sure Kickstarter would work, though. Online games seem to cost more than most others, so I’m not sure it would be feasible to get the amount of money they need to deliver a good game exclusively via Kickstarter. If they try, more power to them – but I’m wary.

  • Dominus was always supposed to be a niche game. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to grab funding only to spend years working on a game and not have it get out. A lot of people on that team poured their lives into the company and the game. My condolences to all of them. I’ll still have the shirt, and the memories, but this is a particularly heavy blow to me timing-wise. I can’t think of much I’m looking forward to in the immediate future, especially in the MMO space.

    If kickstarter promises to be a disappointment, I don’t know what I’ll do.