GW2 Questing: Great for Groups

I really enjoy the questing/leveling in GW2 so far for one reason: group friendly.  I took a video w/ commentary to show you the basics.

If you overlook the overflow issues, GW2 accommodates groups very well.  Having to worry about being on all the same quests, or even being the same level, as your friends is a problem of the past.  In GW2 you group up and find areas of the map to go and do together.  You can also roam and find events going on.

The questing itself in the lower levels can be lackluster.  Watering crops, feeding cows, roaring at bushes to scare out animals, and defending against waves of bandits aren’t exactly innovative activities, but the way in which it works is awesome.  I’m hoping that as the game progresses these quests become more involved or at least more than farmhand chores.

Watch the video for a better idea of how it works.

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