Would Reckoning make a good MMORPG?

Would Reckoning make a good MMO?  That’s a question I’ve been going over in my head since playing the demo (several times) these past few days.  We know that 38 Studios is creating a MMORPG (codenamed Copernicus) set in the same world as Reckoning.  How well would the RPG adapt to MMO status?

The world of Amalur impressed me right away.  The setting is vibrant and enchanting.  On the official site are world maps; something about them appeals to my sense of exploration.  Perhaps I like the map because it looks like my old cloth EverQuest map.  I love traditional high-fantasy stuff like Amalur.   Inside this great world are cultures, factions,  and fleshed out races with rich histories.  There is so much substance to the world itself that it’s almost impossible to fit it all into a game.  The richness of information does not feel thrown together or without purpose, unlike many games which feel foundation-less.

Reckoning’s character progression is what I am probably most intrigued by.  I really like this idea of Destinies and molding my character to play the way I want him to play.  If I want to be a Fighter-Mage I can, or even a Jack of All Trades.  The simplicity of Might, Finesse, and Sorcery (like talent trees) within this framework allows for further ability choice.  I hope that Copernicus has the same character progression.  It’s not quite a class system, nor is it a completely free skill system without structure.

Furthest away from any traditional MMO is the combat in Reckoning.  I really like the combat.  It has a certain ‘heft’ to it; a particular ‘oomph’ to the action-feel.  The animations act as a global cooldown, thus limiting ones ability to spam.  Spells, melee, and other actions all seem to flow well.  I was playing a rogue-mage in the demo and I would throw out some lightning and then dash in with my daggers. Charging up attacks makes for some crazy attacks.

The combat functions perfectly without a hotbar (which is why I’ve grown fond of using the Xbox 360 controller), and hotbars are something I would love to see phase out — or at least that standing in place pressing 1, 2, 3.

I wonder if the same engine will be used.  “If only MMOs could look and play like this.”  I say that all the time.  I’m afraid that the world would look less enchanting and the combat would be less dynamic in a MMO, but I don’t think it has to be that way from a DESIGN perspective.  It might be a TECHNOLOGY issue.

Copernicus, if like Reckoning, could be approached as a hybrid MMO: part themepark, part sandbox.  Many themepark elements are there, like questing.  Many sandbox elements are in the game as well, like the non-linearity of exploring the world and going where you want.  Copernicus could easily take the ‘form a party and set off adventuring to find stuff to kill’ approach instead of the themepark method of questing to level and only really grouping at end-game.

To answer my original question, I think Reckoning would make a phenomenal MMORPG.  Reckoning has the world, the lore, traditional action-rpg combat system that I would love to experience in a MMO, and a very unique class system that would function perfectly in a MMO setting.  I hope that someone in charge over at 38 Studios is capable of seeing the vision as clearly as I see it in my mind.  Copernicus can be amazing.


  • I would love to see them use a more twitch based action system like the demo and upcoming game. I think the closest we have gotten to that in the MMO genre thus far has been DCUO. While overall that game is lacking, the combat is fun and while they display a hot bar I never use my keyboard for combat, just my ps3 controller on my pc.

    The fact that they released this demo and just a day or so later put up the new web page with all that information about the world I suspect they will not be afraid to do something new with an MMO in terms of mechanics… and I for one look forward to it.

  • I would love to see them add in this style of action combat but I seriously doubt it can be done on a scale the size of an MMO but who knows. Even if they dont then as long as the classless destiny system and the fully explorable open world is in then I will be hooked for years.

  • we’ll have to wait and see how Tera plays when it releases… it has a very similar action oriented combat system AND an open world where you can have large scale battles… if Tera is able to fit 50-ish players on screen battling it out at once, then reckoning’s combat should be totally doable in an MMO.

  • I suffered from being too hyped in regards to Reckoning. While the Demo shows that the game will be a good game, for some reason it just didn’t pull me in the way I had hoped. KoA:R after GW2 was the game I was hoping to be Game of the Year and I still hope so but even using a Xbox 360 controller with the game I just wasn’t overly impressed with the controls. That being said I still love the group behind the game, hard to find better writers and artist than 38 has backing them. I do believe that the 10k year Lore setup is a great idea. I am hoping that Tera will hold me over until the 38 Studios can come out with their MMO.

  • Yeah I am a bit worried about TERA based on it failing already overseas. That being said I have been hooked lately on Vindictus and Dragon Nest, two games which are similar game play wise from what I can tell to TERA. All in all though I feel that Guild Wars 2 is the best hope for a good MMO.

  • Yea ive seen enough Terra Videos to not be impressed one bit with it. First its an Asian Styled MMO through and through which is a nogo for me right there, but the combat just looks off and the character animations look out of place.

    Cautiously keeping hope alive for TSW and of Course theres GW2 (which I believe will be the next WoW – if they can get over the buy to pay stigma that permeates the community) I still think Titan and Copernicus could be huge as well, and last but not least even though SWTOR has its issues the game has tons of potential as long as they dont hemorage to many players waiting for some of the fixes to come about.