SWTOR Oddities Part 1

In our adventures around the galaxy we have come across a few… interesting things.  Below are a few of them.

Anyone else notice that, in the entire galaxy, no water passes your knees?  Imagine the disease from that much standing water.  Did the developers not want to code swimming?  What’s the deal with that?

We’re both bothered by the male sitting animation.  Not very Jedi, at least.

Graev: “Whatcha doin?”
Keen: “Nothin’.  Just thinkin’ bout Jedi stuff.”

Getting stuck sucks.  It’s always frustrating to be cruising along on your speeder and suddenly being stuck on a pixel of geometry — sometimes out in the open!  Other times you’re on some ledge and slide off to be stuck behind rocks or trees.  Oh well, just use /stuck, right?  Sure, if you want to suffer DEATH PENALTIES!  Okay, so it’s not that big of a deal.  You lose some armor durability.  SWTOR actually has a fairly decent /stuck which bumps you away from where you’re stuck.  It’s just weird to punish players for something out of their control.

  • Well, to be fair, the /stuck command has teleported me clear across the planet before to the nearest med center. I’ve used it as a cheap way to fast travel, and the durability knock is the only way to keep people from abusing what can be seen as a free teleport. I’ve never had it just bump me; I’ve always been treated as though I died and rezzed.

  • Haha, that sitting caption is spot-on. Worse still is that it’s the same for my Sith Juggernaut, which again, just does not work for a burly man like himself.

  • I went to Ord Mantel to get the datacrons there on my Jedi. Had to go over to an insland for one and didn’t go the usual way, but I saw the water was really shallow. Started running through it and got a message saying “You’ve entered a fatigue zone, turn back” and my health started rapidly going down. I ended up dying in the shallow water.

    On that same spot is a quest for where you’re supposed to be rescue some Doctor. Everyone in the quest says how you’ll need boats to evacute the Doctor because the water is too much to swim across. Yet to get to the island for the quest you have to run through the very shallow water.

    It’s all very odd.

  • Haha, I agree on the sitting thing. Its useless but I think it looks odd with the legs crossed like that and imho just doesnt sit very comfortable.

    The water thing I hadnt actually noticed, just the one quest on Ord Mantell that talked about boats 🙂 But while it is odd, I don’t mind it too much, this way travel is easier sometimes. (almost) no mobs in the water means a nice clear path without aggro 😉 – Seen alot of different approaches to water, and imho EQ1’s method still is the best option tho.

    The stuck thing, well I can see it needing a penalty to avoid abuse. This way you dont get penalized too much for using it occasionally. (actually I’m not even paying attention to the penaly) Most of the times it just bumps me and I can continue on my journey. A very few times I got teleported.
    Also, why not name it /unstick or something, its not like i WANT to get /stuck like i would want to /wave /sit or /logout.
    My biggest annoyance is that I’ve used /stuck in this game more times then in all my years of EQ1, WoW or other games.

    But, It must be a pretty good game that we can discuss these little annoyances instead of CTD’s, not able to log in or any other actual gamebreaking stuff 🙂

  • I think something different happens depending on where you are stuck possibly? A commentor above says he was teleported. My toon was killed and given only the option of being ported to a med center. My husband just went on his merry way with no porting at all. Odd indeed.

  • I had some real strange ones. Including a lot of the Jedi Masters shrinking. I would be in a dialog discussion with them and they would look like ants to me. I saw a lot of funny glitches in my time in the game.

  • If you’ve only caught a glimpse of how much wall-jumping and terrain exploitation had been done with unstuck in WoW, you wouldn’t question the ridiculously small penalty. =)

    I only had to use it once, also while hunting a datacron.

  • I had the same issue with Jedi Masters shrinking in my Jedi Knight cutscene. I thought perhaps they had mastered the force in some new way. 😉

  • It comes with (the very mild) death penalties because they don’t want players using it as a form of no-cooldown quick travel or for exploits, I imagine. Pretty standard. Recall for over a year in WoW that getting stuck was far more annoying and sometimes would result in you falling through the world. Falling through the world was far more annoying in that game than TOR as you were in constant motion and thus couldn’t invoke a Hearth or anything; a ticket was the only solution. In TOR at least it kills you. 😉

  • I recently hit level 30 & noticed that on some of the bigger planets the mobs love to die & then just stand there. They often simply stand around with their weapon missing in most cases.

  • Unfortunately for the people that get stuck in legitimate ways, the /stuck or /unstuck commands in games always need to have a drawback in order to prevent people from abusing it. At the least though, the command should send a report to the developers to let them know where people are getting stuck so they can fix it.

  • I bet they do keep statistics on /stuck usage for that very reason. Easy to do and useful, as you imagine. They statistics on a lot of stuff. 🙂

  • Regarding water: yeah I recall in the preamble to the game they said there is no swimming skill and you won’t ever need to swim so guess they had to ensure a Galaxy of shallows 🙂

  • Thats funny you mention the sit animation. I was just laughing at that yesterday. It reminds me of a very funny comedian name Steve Byrne who talks about ways a man shouldn’t lay down and the first one he talks about is real close to swtor’s animation. He says only Burt Reynolds and magicians can get away with sitting like that.

    Check it out on youtube it’s really funny:

  • the water is really weird. its too bad and i hope sometime in the future we see the team fix water and actually make some water deep and allow us to swim. (i doubt it however) id settle for an underwater fp.