Happy Halloween 2011 from Keen and Graev

It’s Halloween already.  It’s not as much fun when the day surprises you, but that’s what happens when you’re more busy with school or work and less with the holidays.  I (Keen) was in a Finance class trying to fall asleep when someone walked by in a princess costume.  I looked around and realized about 5% of the theater (about 200 seats) was in costume.

Halloween is a traditional time for the Blog.  Although not anywhere near the date when we started our blog (February 2007), this day has become a tradition of “where are we now?”  In 2007, when we first started the tradition, we were playing EQ2 on Antonia Bayle,  2008 was spent in Warhammer Online,  2009 was oddly enough spent in Aion, and 2010 was spent in World of Warcraft.  This year we are not playing any MMO’s.  I feel like the tradition has died!  How fitting for Halloween.

We are both waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which doesn’t launch until December 20, so here’s a pumpkin that looks like the Deathstar.

Let 2011 be known as the year we were waiting for a MMO to play.

As for the day itself, I (Keen again) went as a Hobbit (Sam) to a few parties this weekend.  I won best costume and people loved it.  Good times.

  • So Keen,.. Are you waiting on SWTOR cause its the only thing on the horizon for MMORPG or waiting on it cause your looking forward to it and generally excited for this game. Asking as I know you had some beta time.

  • @Malik: I’m 6’2″. 😛

    @Romble: SWTOR -is- the only MMO coming out soon, and I am a sucker for all things new, so that is a big reason as to why I am going to play. Beyond that, wait until the NDA is down and I’ll tell you more.

    @intruder: “It’s like what the Joker said in Dark Knight. Finding out who Batman is would make everything so boring.” – Horrorshow from the forums.

  • Looks like I have 6 months easily to study for more certifications myself.

    Prime is currently stating “When will Prime Battle For Dominus launch? We will be making an official announcement in the near future, but we estimate Q2, 2012.”

    GW2 does not even have a release date currently stated.

    I just hope my long wait to finally jump back into an mmo will not be disappointed in the end.

  • been so bored lately.. cant wait for SWTOR to come out! pretty pumped about it.. havent really played a real MMO that wasnt free2play in forever.

  • I was very excited about SWTOR, but now I’m starting to second guess my own hype.

    Seems like my hope that BioWare would bring something new to MMOs is going to end in major disappointment. Dressing up MMOs with cut scenes and voice overs, which WoW has now done with its last 2 exps, is NOTHING new.

    At this point, the only thing that might get me excited again would be the announcement of space flight. And I know this is likely coming in some exp X years from now…

    Hope I’m wrong.

  • It’s so funny…I have 3 mmog blogs bookmarked. Yours, Tobold’s, and KiaSA.

    And none of you are playing a mmorpg atm!

    I sure hope SW:ToR wets everyone’s appetite! I’ll throw in another plug for Rift. At level 50 in a solid, active guild the raiding and pvp progression works surprisingly well. Not a good game to play by yourself, but the end game multiplayer is a lot of fun…and I hated the game at release!

    Anyways, loving the single player stuff Keen and can’t wait until your Skyrim coverage. As for me and ToR, not until April…I’m sure it will be f2p by then 😉