Games of August wrap-up and September Preview

The drought is over and the game releases are just about to pick up some speed.  At the end of August we had one of the best releases all summer: Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

They don’t make many games like this anymore.  Chances are this is the best Deux Ex game we’re going to get from this day and age based on how games are developed now.  Play the originals and you’ll notice the differences.  If you’ve played the other Deux games you’ll find a reason to enjoy Human Revolution.  There are several different ways that you can go about playing levels: guns blazing and sneaking, for example.   My first play-through I went non-lethal as best I could but now I’m playing through a second time going rambo and much as I can on top of being a ‘jerk’ at every opportunity.  This shooter laced with RPG elements is one I highly recommend.  -Graev

Coming up in September:

Dead Island

Our copies on steam are preloaded and ready to go. The reviews around the web have actually been pretty good with scores coming in from 8-8.5. It looks to be L4D meets Dead Rising with a little bit of GTA thrown in the mix. I’m hoping that the RPG elements with level-ups and skill trees make the play-through(s) something we haven’t experienced before. We’ll stream multiplayer live tonight when it unlocks!

  • Resistance 3 – We’re not in any rush to play this quickly so we may wait on it and play it later in the year couch-coop.
  • StarFox 3D – Likely to be one of the best 3Ds releases for a while.
  • Gears of War 3 – Obviously going to be must-buy.
  • X-Men Destiny – This one looks interesting.  Sadly, it looks to be singleplayer.
  • That is pretty much the same method I approached DX:HR with. My first play thru is non-lethal and hacking every single pc or lock regardless if I have the code or not and my second play thru will be straight kill it if it moves. I have to say I am in Montreal at the moment and I still have 14 unspent praxis kits, kind of surprised me when I opened the screen and saw that.

    I am loving every minute of it, I open every desk and read every pocket secretary. I am hoping I have my first two runs done by the time the first DLC pack comes out.

  • I was a huge fan of the original Deus Ex game when it first came out. I am also a huge fan of this one – its a seriously awesome game. I did it the other way around – killed everything on my first go around and am now replaying it in non lethal mode and not setting off any alarms this time. The fact that the 3 comments are from people already replaying this game says a lot about it.

  • First impressions of Dead Island after playing 20 min: It’s pretty awesome.

    I’ll stream all day tomorrow and write up my thoughts.

  • Deus Ex is a very good game. But for the love of god I dont get why they added the boss fights. They are so lame.

  • It’s pretty much agreed by everyone who’s played DX:HR, the boss fights feel so tacked on that they really don’t belong in the game at all.

  • Agreed about the stupid boss fights.

    My first play through, I did a stealth run using only non-lethal weapons. Also, invested my skills in the stealth and hacking related ones. This made some of the boss fights crazy hard for me.

  • I played through the first time mainly stealthy but still managed to trigger the odd alarm and kill the odd guard so planning on another run through without any mistakes.
    I consider it possibly the best game ever at this point though as with everything it’s not flawless.

    Some of the Boss fights need work and might get more out of them on Hard Mode.

    Next on my own agenda is Space Marine which hopefully arrives on Friday.

  • Yeah Dead Island looks almost like Left for Dead 3. My friend ordered it and I played it at his house, pretty good. As for the September preview, Gears of War 3 is definitely amazing. One of the biggest video game debates will be BF3 vs MW3 vs Gears of War 3.

  • I’m now trying to do DeusEX without any augmentation nor weapons (except for those stupid bosses…).

    Apparently some side quests are impossible (needing hacking level 2) but the main one is doable. And it’s very very painful, but fun…

  • I agree the boss fights are lame. There’s an easy way to do any boss fight which is to grab the Typhoon upgrade. 2-4 shots of that makes short work of any of the bosses so you can get around them relatively quickly and get back into the game proper.