That time of year again

About time something other than that Guild Wars post was at the top. It’s worth noting in a fresh entry that ArenaNet released some information on world pvp that was not available when I originally posted about my concern of instanced PvP taking over and World PvP taking a back seat.  The information certainly makes the World PvP sound fun.  There’s still the same worry, though, that such a cool idea won’t mean anything if they get their wires crossed wrong and can’t find a healthy balance between the two.  Enough of GW2 for now, though.

The summer is over and tomorrow is my last day at home before I head back up to school, so it’s been a busy weekend getting things packed up and errands run.  I apologize for it being slow around here.  I tend to apologize around this time every year.  In 3.5 months I’ll apologize again when finals hit and in 7 months I’ll apologize for getting ready to head back home for the next summer.   Such is the life of a student.

Squeezing in some game time here and there, mostly in Heroes of Newerth and Minecraft.  We started our own server that you can join if you get white-listed (requires posting on the forums and us knowing who you are).  It’s free-build survival.  We’re just making cool stuff, cities, buildings, and random things that look neat.  We’ll venture into the Nether soon.  Check out the video made by a member of the community.  We want to get a lot more people on to have fun.

Alright, that’s all for now.  Hopefully something neat jumps out at me to write about tomorrow.  Did I miss anything big from Gamescom?  Fill me in.

  • Call me weird I jsut dont get the fascination with Minecraft lol. I jsut dont see any fun in a game like that, id rather stick to MMO persistant worlds where I play a single character.

  • Deus Ex 3. Not from the Con but a “AAA” game appearing through my letterbox any day now.
    2 was poor but I took a punt on 3 based on impressive trailers and early info and pre-ordered it at a knockdown price. Looks like it was worth the risk indeed.

    I’m actually going to play this one the moment it arrives because I’ve got a couple of friends who SPOIL every new book, film, game, TV series as it appears by talking relentlessly about them at our weekly tabletop gaming sessions.

    Then I’ll go back to my pile of 27 unfinished/unplayed/still wrapped games :0

  • Heroes of Newerth aye? SO how to do you like it now? So many things have changed since launch. Probably would be a good blog spot comparing it with LoL and upcoming Dota2.. Im sure it would fire people up to say the least 🙂

  • I like HoN more than LoL. The production quality is higher, it’s faster pace, I like denying, and the look of the game more.

    HoN going free to play, though, saddens me. I should have paid $20 back in beta to own it. Oh well, DOTA2 comes out soon and HoN will take the hardest hit.

  • Just an update, I’m leaving early in the morning. Nothing got posted today. Just the usual crap in the news. I might post from the road, but if not I’ll be 100% settled very soon for another school year (which means inordinate amounts of time in front of a computer).

    @Mira: A few semesters more. At most, 1.5 years.

    Just a random thought before I go, I’m possibly going to look into seeing who is hiring for satellite employees as CSR’s or something. My hours will be super flexible. Yes, that was a personal plug.

  • Though I am bound by an NDA I can state the following:

    1) There is a Game Testing Program for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
    2) I am in the Game Testing Program for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    I am so fucking happy too. Thank you BioWare.

  • @Battlefield Gamer

    I’ve been playing it since it released. It’s pretty amazing. They did a great job with it.