WildStar … what are you?

WildStar.  That’s about all I know: The name. Oh, and it’s a MMO of some kind.  There’s also this neat trailer.  Heck, this pretty trailer is the only reason I’m even posting about it.  It’s like Firefly meets the new Cartoon Network vibe of cute, appealing to all ages, highly stylized, yet aimed at adults too stuff with a dash of Dreamworks.  Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a wall of text about Wildstar, dropping lines about the combat not being boring auto attack.  Other places paint a picture of a very small-scale little group of players game like a single-player meets MMO where “you play the game you want to play” and [Insert Peter Molyneux’s voice here] “be the hero you were born to be” .  Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

The official site is a lot of “coming soon”.  Maybe one of you can fill me in on any details you picked up from Gamescom.    Until then, I’m just going to watch the trailer.


  • Thanks for sharing the video. I like the graphics very much. It reminds me of Heavy Metal.

  • If it wasn’t for the NCSoft I would have thought it was a new Dragon’s Lair game.

    Looks interesting enough to watch future vids.

  • Game looks too cute for my taste and I´m not sure what it is exactly. Some sort of squad based action rpg similiar to Diablo or what ?

  • All your guesses are as good as mine. I have no idea what it is based on what little information is out there.

  • Hmmm… the more I watch the more this looks nothing like a MMO. I once again find myself wondering what this game is trying to be.

  • It looks amazing, but trailers aren’t the same as a game. If it weren’t for NCSoft I’d consider it note worthy.