Just killing time

Sorry for the complete lack of anything interesting the past two days, guys. Feels like, once again, there’s a slump in the world of ‘interesting’. I actually laughed out loud reading a headline on Massively about going outside. I’m in a sharing mood this evening, though, so I’ll give you guys an update on what we’ve been up to lately via the iPad while I watch tv.

I beat Mass Effect and moved right on to ME2 where I just broke the thirty hour mark. It’s crazy how long this game is lasting. Im normally unable to continue playing single player games for long, but something about the story and relationships I’ve made with the characters keeps me going. Admittedly I have always been a backseat player in Bioware games. I watch Graev play them, but for the first time I am playing them my myself and I’ve gained a much better appreciation for the game I hope SWTOR will be from a storyline prospective.

Right now might totally suck, but the near future is going to be so dang good. Battlefield 3, Dota 2, SWTOR, gw2, Prime, Skyrim — and those are just the Pc titles! I just need to figure out how to pass the time until they start coming out at the end end of October.

Graev has been playing a ton of Kingdom Hearts. He has been streaming a ton, so if you’re interested in watching the entire KH series played out you should definitely follow our channel or check the stream at the top of our sidebar to see when we’re live. As a console gamer, Graev’s summer drought has been a bit worse than mine but he always manages to get through it with a huge backlog or revival of old series.

I’ll end it here. Don’t forget that tomorrow the Prime weekly stream will be live around noon pst (I think?) and they’ll hopefully have brought some actual pvp combat footage.

  • playing mass effect for the first time as well
    also some d2 getting back in the groove for d3

    and playing dawn of war 2 retribution to get my 40k fix until awesome marine i mean space marine comes out next month…which will undoubtedly hold me over until, d3, swtoro, skyrim, heart of the swarm (early 2012 hopefully!), gw2 comes out…in no particular order.

    not big into FPS although ill get bf3 at some point just because it looks amazing, i have low attention span for modern war type shooters (or just fps in general). 20min and im done, onto the next one.
    space marine > bf3 imo but im biased being a HUGE warhammer fan. the multiplayer just looks a lot more fast paced, think UT/Quake, and more suited to my play style.

    that prime game you keep raving about looks cool esp because of the 3 factions, something a lot of us mmo pvp players from DAoC have been longing for in an MMO since well…DAoC.
    However the game loooks REALLY budget, i mean, imo it looks like utter crap – up against titans like SWTORO, GW2..i just cant see it being a contender and hope it doesnt come out for a while, just because it will need some kind of player base to support 3 factions of players per server. I feel like that alone is asking a lot when 2 huge MMO releases are slated for this year, 3 if you’re one to think an action rpg like D3 is one as well(some people do,noobs).

    I’ve had a huge boner for skyrim since they announced it even exsisted, cant wait.

    DOTA2…didnt think that was going to make 2011?

  • @JT DoTA is planned for Q3/Q4 this year: I get the impression lots of the core game is the same as DoTA 1 but Valve’s team will be upping the ante in terms of production values.
    Everyone will be trying to rush their games out for Xmas then patching them in January and beyond….

    I only just discovered the whole DoTA / MOBA genre and am now a LoL player looking on with interest for the DoTA 2 launch.

    Finally started making headway in my Giant Pile of 20 Unplayed games so I can be ready to absorb some of the Smaller Pile of Games I’ve Pre-Ordered.

  • Ya I’m planning on getting Skyrim, BF3 and SWTOR for pc this fall.. I don’t think gw2 will be out till early next year.

    I’m also really excited for Dark Soul to come out on console.. The sequel to Demon’s Soul.. Hopefully I don’t break my controller this time ;p

  • @Keen Did you try the Trenched demo yet? I think this maybe one of the greatest xbox Live arcade games I’ve played. I’m addicted to the single player, and that is VERY rare for me. It’s not the story or progression that keeping me hooked, it’s the desire to keep trying to beat my best score. I only care about the “Base Health” and even after playing the same map 4 hours in a row with a base health in the 90%+, I will still play it again trying to keep my base at 100%. All the Mech…errrr Trench customization options keeps me trying it over and over again.

  • I’m excited for SWTOR and Skyrim the most, but this holiday season is gonna be a great one. Not so much for the wallet, but… yeah.

    Right now sucks though! I actually started playing WAR again due to sheer boredom.

  • @HowdyDoody: Played the demo. It is definitely a good game. Our only problem is that we enjoy playing together and there is no “couch coop” (according to what we read) for Trenched.

  • Oh that’s right. It would still be a great game to discuss and work on strategy together if you all got hooked on Base Life stats like I did, but I’m probably just messed up. ahahah.

    I still haven’t played multiplayer yet. I need to try it.

    Just wish there was some PvP.

  • I’ve been playing Bastion, From Dust, and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet on XBLA.. You tried those out keen?