Weekend shenanigans

We’ve had quite the weekend of streaming and gaming!  Graev has been rocking the marathon of Paper Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 for like 10 hours and I’ve been sliding in some noobish SC2, BC2, LoL (oh so bad), WoW, and I think I even got some of my horrific Uncharted 3 skills honed.  We’ve decided to add a permanent little ornament to the left side of the blog as a small embedded player for our Justin.tv channel.  When we’re live, it’ll indicate we’re live and you can click on it or press the ‘Full screen’ button and you’ll instantly have a player any time we’re streaming rather than having us put this obnoxiously large player on the site (Unless you like that…. let us know, dear readers!)  Btw, if anyone can figure out how to simply get us a widget that indicates we’re live streaming without the player, I would forever love you long time.

I have big plans for this streaming stuff.  When a MMO hits beta it will be better and easier than ever to share and have my own footage to reference when doing my usual writeups.  When new games come out we’ll be able to give you all an amazingly quick look at how they play since Graev has committed to contributing to the blog by streaming EVERYTHING he plays (I have that signed in blood. Okay, BBQ sauce.)  It should work out well for us.  We’re taking requests right now btw since there’s nothing new to stream.  It is, after all, the Summer Drought Marathon.

In other and more important news, I hope all of your July 4th’s’es are going well.  We had our annual ‘stuff our faces with homemade BBQ and ice cream’ (<3 Mom) and have been just immersing ourselves in all sorts of ridiculous games.   It’s nice that our gaming room is on the second floor with windows facing the local fire work show.  We’ll be kicking back to watch some explosions in about an hour or so followed by the Boston Pops tv spectacular thingamajig that is 100% more fun to watch on TV than it is to see in person… been there and regretted that one!

Oh, one last thing before I go.  Somehow everyone, one way or another through company gifts or contests or lust ended up with an ipad and we’ve taken our electronic addiction to a brand new high.   Today we played Monopoly via multiplayer wifi on the ipad.  How ridiculous is that?  My mind was blown at how far we have come.  It used to be me sitting with the ‘bank’ making sure I miscounted the funds in my favor and now it’s all electronic down to the dice rolls and piece movements.  It won’t be long before kids have pads instead of textbooks and we’re all playing those wacky visor games from Star Trek.

Anyway, that’s an update on where we’re at.  Have a great long weekend finale and make sure you’re back here tomorrow.  I don’t know why.

  • A little off topic…but I tried the demo of Trenched today. Love it. I’ll be purchasing it this week sometime.

  • I’m pretty bad, Snafzg. I see your tweets and it sounds like you actually win. I could be bad for your record. 😉

  • We can just play normals, heh. Ranked is super serious though. I wouldn’t want you dragging me down there! Bahaha. 😛

    But yeah, the only way to get better is to play more games. So much of LoL is learning the capabilities of the 80+ champs. The only way to do that is play them or play against them. You basically have 320 abilities to learn (or at least get the gist of) and another 80 passives (if you’re hardcore).

    That’s part of what I love about this game. Every 2-3 weeks a new champion comes out and you have to adapt your playstyle and find ways to counter.

  • I was pretty decent at DOTA and sorta good at HoN when it first came out. There are times when I can go 10-0 in LoL and times I go 0-5-10. I’m super inconsistent. You can add me if you want. I managed to snag my name in alpha so it’s easy enough: Keen

  • I’m a huge LoL fan. I’ve been playing it consistently over the last few months.

    I have near 600 games under my belt, and I still have plenty to learn.

    Like Snafzg said, the game is constantly changing and you’re required to rethink your strategy every game.

    The only real downside to this game, is that if you’re like me and solo/duo que all the time, you rely a great deal on your team mates. That can work for and against you more than I would like, but it keeps the game interesting – that’s for sure.

    In game name: McNeaulty > for those who are interested in some games. I’ll friend you and Snafzg if you’re both cool with it!

  • I tried Trenched too..the inability to change how your camera looks bother me. It need to be reverse. only played Demo.

    Just canceled RIFT and stopping Allods. So I’m definitely in a draught. Any MMO Recommendation?

  • @Untos: You lost me…camera in reverse? I was surprised how well the controls worked out.

    Now I did reverse the Up and Down look…is that what you mean. If so you can do that. I can’t play a game unless Up is down and down is up..ala flight stick.

    This game felt exactly like mechwarrior on original xbox. Just like riding a bike.

    May start playing it tonight….if I wasn’t having so much damn fun in WoW right now. (Geeze I can’t believe I said that out loud).

  • @Howdy Doody:

    Yes, the Reverse Up and Down Look. I couldn’t find that settings anywhere. Otherwise i can see it being fun.

    I’m actually looking Guild Wars 1 or some Side Scroller MMO to hold me over.

  • Have you thought about placing the player in the top, to the right side of the logo? There is a somewhat large area up there with just a dark blue background.

    Just a suggestion/idea.

  • That area is in the “expand” area. Basically it scales the website to the resolution someone is using. There is more empty blue space if you have a wider resolution, and almost none of you have a smaller one.