Summer Drought Marathon: Paper Mario

Update: Thanks for joining us everyone! We’ll be back tomorrow with some Uncharted 3 Beta and more live gaming fun.

The Summer Drought Marathon has been going well! We’ve completed Aragorn’s Quest from start to finish, logged a few hours in Mario 64, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, and now we’re playing through Paper Mario 64.

Join us in the chat, hop on ventrilo, or simply sit back and enjoy.

  • Wow, invalid embed code 1337 on the blog post (yeah, that made me chuckle), “The page you are trying to view did not load” on any of the “previously on” links on the page. That’s a lot of errors in a single session. I checked out some other pages on there just to make sure wasn’t broken but no, its just you.

  • Hmm not sure what’s up with, Rob. Their gaming division works perfectly. It may have to do with the fact that the videos are gaming related and is moving their gaming streams over.

    You can see the exact same streams there and they’re working just fine.

  • Looks like they’re all fixed now. I google’d the issue and it’s something that happens randomly to channels.