Games of June Wrap-up

June is already gone and with it many games that were promising but never quite lived up to what we had hoped.  The month wasn’t a complete wash, though.

Infamous 2 – It was good enough to play through twice, once good and once evil, and enjoy it.  We would recommend it.

Duke Nukem Forever – We simply skipped this title due to the horrific impressions it made very, very early on.  What a sad thing to say on a game that was so long in the making.

Alice: Madness Returns – Here’s an interesting conumdrum for you.  Alice: Madness Returns came with a free copy of the original Alice.  Playing through the original first, it was quite good.  In fact, the original was good enough that it turned out to be slightly better than Madness Returns.  Still, a good game and one we would recommend.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Simply amazing.  The 3D is stunning, the graphical improvements are quite apparent, and the gameplay additions to the 3DS are all welcomed.  Now all we need is Wind Waker on 3DS and we can die happy.  Get it.  It makes the 3DS a no-brainer buy-now.

Dungeon Siege 3 – We covered this a bit already, but it was a huge let down.  We tried both the Xbox 360 and PC demos and both were bad enough for us to skip this title that we were really looking forward to playing.  All hope is not lost, though.  We have decided to watch digital retailers closely for a sale hoping that for some miraculous reason Steam might sell it during their summer sale for cheaper.  If not, we might even give in and get the 360 version to play couch-coop.  That’s how badly we want it to be good.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D – Temporarily a skipping this title.  We listed it as a maybe and it turns out there just wasn’t enough reason.


  • I’m enjoying Dungeon Siege 3 quite a bit for couch co-op, but I guess the competition is pretty bad.

  • Actually DS3 is pretty good, although little short – 10-15 hoursq but still great fun, especially coop 😛

  • Which platform did you get DS3 on? We’ve heard that playing it coop actually makes it worse. Any other details you can give would be greatly appreciated.