Guild Spam

Always just a few shy of a raid.

Our blog has a forum community and within that forum community we have hundreds of players spread across various games.  We often create guilds or clans in various games like Battlefield or Call of Duty and MMO’s like Darkfall, Rift, and WoW.  Many times as the games fail our community presence in those games shuts down and we move on together to the next game.  That’s the great thing about a community over a guild that forms for just one game because you can make friends and play with them in every game.  One of our more successful community guilds is in World of Warcraft.  We formed this group back in the Wrath days and it has hung on ever since, even through two hiatus’ from the game to go and explore other titles.

The irony here is not lost on me.  Let me say that upfront.  Okay, now for the irony.

We’re in a position where we want to complete content in WoW.  Raid content.  We have easily 15 members who are 85 and active and want to raid.  The problem we’re having is that our community spans the globe and timing could not be worse for us.  Half the people can be on early and the other half can be on late, leaving us never with enough.  Sadly, WoW is just like every game that copies WoW in that the end-game is all raids and to raid you need a group of people that is sometimes larger than you can muster.  I long for the day when we have a sandbox game where we don’t have to worry about guild numbers to do content, but for now this is what we have and we want to make the most of it.

We want to build a group that starts fresh and completes all of the 10-man normal mode raid content in WoW.  Some of us have done a lot or all of it already, but we want to play through it again together.  To accomplish this goal, we need a larger pool of people from which to draw from at raid time.

Guild: Happy Fun Guyz
Server: Emerald Dream
How to Join: Read our Charter then make a post on our forums or contact someone online.

We have plenty of space for all classes but the few we have most need of are: Rogue, Druid, Shaman, and Death Knight.

If you’re on the Emerald Dream server or want to transfer over and play with a casual guild with goals to complete the content simply for them (not for the gear grind), then give us a look. We really take pride in being like a group of casual friends. This oft leads to our detriment, like needing to recruit in blog posts, but we wouldn’t sacrifice the feel of our guild for anything.

  • Being from the EU its hard for me to commit to raid times on the US servers. As a member of this community tho id like to add that everyone here is great! Id highly recommend this guild/community to anyone lookin to get involved!

  • I skimmed the charter twice and didn’t see any set or targeted raid times?

    It’s probably a good idea to set the times in advance and get people that fall into those times rather than just mass recruit with no specific time mentioned and hope for the best.

    Just a suggestion.

  • Actually that’s an old thread. Reason I haven’t posted times is because we’re still in the process of setting them. That’s something we’re trying to figure out given our inability to find a time that works for all of our current members.

    So far we have Tuesday @ 7:30pm CST (Server time) as a day that a lot of people can make it. Ideally we want 2 days a week.

    It’s really about an opportunity for people to get in on the ground level of some content exploration. 1) This is a great way to pass the time until games like SWTOR and GW2. 2) We’ll be playing both games and having a community to move into them with, having already played with them, is nice. 3) It’s nice being able to see content with a group that isn’t uptight or hardcore.

  • Makes me almost want to return to my 85 warlock, almost. When GW2 comes out though I’ll be watching the forums intensely

  • Very tempting since I’m anxious to play with you guys again but my highest character is only 60. I too am keeping a KEEN eye on forum activity and what mmo you guys will play next. My gut tells me it’s SWTOR but maybe GW2, although I think that game is going to let a ton of folks down.

  • I have an 80 warlock that I raided with in wrath. I haven’t touched cataclysm. I’d be interested in 2 nights a week raiding. How long would the grind from 80 to 85 take? I’m a notoriously fast leveler.

  • Granted, I haven’t played WoW in over a year now and things have changed quite a bit, but I find it so odd that you actually need Death Knights. I figured everyone had one of those to use. (or at least they did)

  • @Mav: A couple of days to a week if you’re fast. Guild bonus exp is like 10 or 15% on top of an already easy curve. Add another week to get raid ready at 85 if you’re vigilant.

    @DecafJoe: DK’s are currently and will remain after the next patch the best DPS class. We have a few in the guild as alts but no one plays one for raids.

  • Would the guild sponsor some heroic runs at 85 for gearing purposes? I’m not too keen (heh) on fighting with pugs.

  • We run heroic dungeons quite often as a guild. We have several members that just hit 85 and need gear as well as the need for guild exp. We’re currently level 16 so we need 3 guild members or more per group to get us exp.

  • Sounds good. I’ll pick up cata and transfer over. Is there a poc for invite and information?

  • Our forums are a great place to introduce yourself. If you’ve already read our charter (stickied in the forum) then you can message anyone online and they’ll point you in the right direction.

    I’ll probably be on my Shaman (Dirtynickels) or Druid (Moofuggra).

  • Good luck, but I personally was dissapointed in the cata raid content, and after having done every boss once, I promptly quit the game.

    Bosses like to throw lots of things at you, too much in fact, most of it of the type where you either see it or die nigh instantaneously because you noticed it too late or did not have the twitch reflexes to react before it blasted you to atoms.

    I’ll just sum it up as “more stuff” does not necessarily mean “more fun”. And by “more stuff” I do not mean “more complex” despite the NUMEROUS abilities the bosses have at their disposal.

  • Did you happen to fill the Shaman position? I have been looking to start healing again.

  • Keen, I don’t get you – not so long ago you were venting your frustrations here about WoW raiding model being bad because of overcomplicated mechanics (and I support that) and now you’re looking for more members so you can continue raiding. So you like that model or not?

  • I clearly stated in the post that I see the irony.

    There’s just nothing else to do. I enjoy seeing content with friends. The actual act of raiding to get gear to raid to get gear, I do not like.