E3 2011: Ubisoft Conference Commentary

Ubisoft’s conference is finally over. We didn’t think it could get much worse than Microsoft but it did. We’re both in agreement on this one: They opened very, VERY, strong with Rayman Origins. It’s a platforming game that reminds us of Donkey Kong with what looks to be extremely fun coop play and stylized humor-laden fun. They sold us immediately on this title. It went downhill quickly.

For five minutes of monotonous jungle fighting, bad dialog, and cutscenes we were dragged along until finally they revealed Far Cry 3. From the way they presented this title alone we’re tempted to skip it. Nothing about that presentation made us want to go near the game or get excited. How they went from making Rayman a must buy to ruining Far Cry for us is a mystery.

Ghost Recon is going to flop. It looks dated, the gameplay looks boring, and they didn’t present it well at all. Compared to MW3 and BF3 this one won’t stand. We both thought that there’s a chance it might provide some coop play on the Army of 2 level, but at this point it looks too generic even with the futuristic toys. We’re passing on this title.

The rest of the conference was absolute garbage, with jokes like “Want to come over and play with my Wii” and shovelware, until Assassin’s Creed Revelations. It looks nice visually and carries with it the exact same Assassin’s Creed style. That’s good or bad depending on what you want, but for us it’s a step too far on the “more of the same” for our liking.

Original: At the last second we decided we’ll be liveblogging the Ubisoft conference. As we did with the EA conference, check back a few minutes after the conference ends for our written impressions.

You can access the live blog by clicking:

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  • I love the Far Cry series thats to bad.I like open world style shooters and wish there were more. I’m actually sick and tired of CoD and Halo and was hoping for this game to bring something different.