Games of June

June is upon us and that means the beginning of the Summer lineup is here!  This is our second month running this feature where we look forward at the games coming out that we want to play and give you our thoughts, express our hopes and desires, and in general set the stage for joy or disappointment.

There are a few games this month that we are looking forward to playing but overall it looks like it could be a mediocre month.  Several titles on our list are pending pending the initial reviews before/right after release being decent and not absolutely horrible.

June 7
Infamous 2 (PS3) – Infamous was a great game on the PS3 and this looks to follow in its footsteps.   Definitely picking it up.

June 14
Duke Nukem Forever (Multi-platform) – The development cycle alone is enough to intrigue us.  We like Gearbox but given how volatile this one feels, we’re going to wait on reviews.

Alice: Madness Returns (Multi-platform)- The original game was really popular.  It’s something that might be good but not enough for us to just pick up without waiting for reviews and player reaction.  Even then, we’re not 100%.  Remakes of really popular games tend to be less than stellar as they change what was once a unique form of play into something more mainstream for acceptance.

June 19
Zelda: Orcarina of Time 3D (3DS) – No brainer.  We’re buying this one the day it comes out and we’ll probably beat it within a few days.  It’s a remake, but it’s a classic and with the DS touch screen and other goodies worked in, we’re already excited.

June 21
Dungeon Siege 3 (Multi-platform) -We skipped Dungeon Siege 2 but liked the original.  There’s been a void of this type of game (the Diablo style RPG) lately.  We have the demo installed and will post our initial thoughts on the game in an entry coming shortly after this one.  There’s a lot to say and coming from fans of this genre and property, you’ll probably find it informative.

June 28
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D (3DS) – This one is a maybe.  We’re not huge RE Mercenaries fans but it looks fun enough for us to want to try it.  We’ll wait on player reaction.


That’s our list.  Anything on yours that we may have missed and should check out?

  • Alice: Madness Returns will RULE all…well maybe not rule all but I think it will be a very different type of game.

  • Ahhhh…the Duke Nukem memories bring tears of happiness to my eyes. I really hope the new one doesn’t suck. That is if it is ever released.

  • I’m intrigued by Duke Nukem. Might bite the bullet and buy it. Call me nostalgic… or stupid! 🙂

  • Duke Nukem Forever Realease is a lie, it canot happend, it wont happen, it shall not happen …

    Or there’s gonna be end of world ! … again.