Perfect Worlds buying Cryptic is just a complete mess

Perfect Worlds buying the entirety of Cryptic is like a double edged sword for me.  I think Cryptic deserves every bit of it but I hate everything about Perfect Worlds.  Perfect Worlds is notorious for cash shops and websites that make me want to scrub my eyes and my computer clean.  The Cryptic fanboys and I are already at odds and somehow the Free to Play fans fit into this whole picture so this should be a perfect opportunity to settle both scores or fuel the flames some more.   Not that Cryptic’s games have far to fall since they’re just a step above free to play quality to begin with, but when Perfect Worlds is done with them we can have a great case study for what Free to Play does to games.

What really baffles me is how anyone can possibly spin this as a good thing for Cryptic.  Read some of the comments on Massively and people are actually praising the outcome of this sale.  What the heck are these people on?!  Don’t try and spin me the “look at how much money PW makes” line because I know better that more money does not in any way guarantee better games.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing because I can’t believe it’s a personal preference thing that people actually, truly, think Perfect Worlds makes quality games.   This is more of an aside to the whole discussion, but it really doesn’t make any sense that people are praising the sale of Cryptic to a chop shop.

As for Neverwinter, I need clarification.  Does this Dungeons and Dragons property go with them?  If so, adios to that game.  Write it off immediately, burn the memory and bury the ashes after soaking them in acid.  Why would Atari let it go?   Cryptic is the small fish in the very big ocean of corporations and well-known entities that have a hand in this property.  Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, and Atari all have their logos on the page.  Why would it go with Cryptic?  Makes no sense to me.  Can someone please link me to a REAL release that says Neverwinter goes with Cryptic to Perfect World?

Now I’m feeling sorry for Cryptic.  What a complete mess.


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