Games of May Wrap-up

We started a few feature at the beginning of this month highlighting the games of the month we were looking forward to playing and told you that we would end each month with a look back at the games and where we stand now with them.  This is hopefully valuable to those who may have waited on buying some of these titles because we’re going to look back very quickly at each games with a hindsight perspective.

Brink (PC)
It’s not a bad game, but it’s not a great game either. We wanted this to really be a hit but there’s just something about it that makes it easy to forget about the game and do other things. The maps are unbalanced at times, although nice looking, and some of the gameplay elements with the guns are off. Early bugs made it tough to ease in at launch but most of those are fixed or on their way to being fixed. The first Brink DLC will be free, which is great, but the game truly needs a modding community to make better maps and get some life breathed into the game. The gun play is fun and the smart system is unique, but ultimately those things wear off faster than we had hoped.
Verdict: Continue to wait or pass on it.

Brink Update: The DLC details reveal some very promising updates to the game: Two new maps, more weapons, and more abilities. While this may not be enough to reverse ours so-so feelings of the game, we’ll let you know when it comes out what impact, if any, it made.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (Xbox 360)
We enjoyed this game and within a week and a half had completed it to 100% including all secret items. As we said in our review, the game lacks something that some of the higher quality previous Lego games have done. The hub was disappointing, the levels were a stretch for the story at times, and overall it just didn’t do enough to live up to its name.
Verdict: Get Lego Star Wars 3: Clone Wars instead. If you can, get both.

Witcher 2 (PC)
Turns out Witcher 2 is very good. Even on normal mode it’s hard and you get thrown into things without much explanation. Witcher 2 launched with DRM but the developers quickly released a patch that completely removed all DRM. Great RPG.
Verdict: Worth buying. It’s better than Dragon Age 2.

L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)
It’s interesting playing a cop in a Rockstar game; you can’t just go around waving a gun and you’re restricted to being good. The Noire style play works but we wish there was more ‘stuff’ to do other than the cases. There are very minor side things that all fall into three categories: gun fight, car chase, or foot chase. Usually in GTA-like games there are more things to do in a sandbox way. In the big city they spent four years making it feels like there should be more to do on top of the ‘story’. It’s still a very good game since the story is entertaining and the gameplay is good.
Verdict: Good game and worth the buy.

Hunted: Demon’s Forge (Xbox 360)
We’re moving this to April’s June’s wrap-up since the game comes out today and we won’t have enough time to play it.

  • I haven’t played any of the games listed in here except for The Witcher 2, and I have to agree with you guys. The game is worth buying.

  • Cool, I am interested to hear about Hunted. There’s been an extreme lack of co-op RPGs of any kind that are playable on one console, which is what it seems like they did with Hunted. I definitely want to hear about how this co-op works in detail.

  • It feels like i have to go back in time to get to all the games I want to play lol