Recovering a decade old password is tougher than I thought

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I first began my journey into EverQuest back in 1999.   To my surprise, I got an email saying that my account had been activated to play for free during this EverQuest promotion period until Feb 21.  I had no idea that I was using this particular email address for a decade, let alone the fact that they would email such an oldschool account holder.  I did an account name recovery and was really given a nostalgia rush to see that it was an account name that my brother and I both used, since when EQ came out we were much younger and at that time shared a computer.  Having no clue what the password is for this account, I sent in a password recovery.  This is the funny email I got:

Not shocked since it’s been so long.  It’s going to be an interesting phone call.

Any of you planning to play on Fippy Darkpaw progression server?  I’ve been giving it some real thought (especially if it’s free for a week).

  • I downloaded the game and got set up for tonight. Although Fippy is locked right now, I am looking at some old character I had and realize I have completely forgotten how to play the game.

    May just have to start up a new Wood Elf and raid Crushbone for fun!

  • Haha I got burned the same way. Although I was surprised to get the “your account has been reactivated” email since I never actually played EverQuest beyond a free trial maybe seven years ago.

    I’m not sure if I can be bothered going the international phonecall at an inconvenient time of day, though, it all seems a bit too hard to reactivate from Australia if you can’t remember your password or secret question answer.

  • Yeah, I had only used the trial as well and I got a reactivation. Unfortunately…. I am in the same boat at Keen, because I tried to reset my password and it gave me a temp password that doesn’t work. This account also has my EQ2 and every SoE game i have played… Hopefully I can get it back! Also Keen, if you do plan on playing on the progression server, look me up! I’ll be Velzak!

  • I’m with Poxus. I tried EQ a couple years ago during a previous “free return” offer and had no freaking idea how to play. I’d gotten to used to more modern MMO control schemes it was painful. I would probably pay for and play an EQ that had a fully modern UI with fully modern conveniences (they don’t have to make the actual game easier).

  • I started EQ within a week or a month of go live in like 1997 (or whatever year EQ launched). Played for like 9 months with a horribly weak Ranger character. Fippy kilt me many many times. Then I rolled a necro and did pretty great soloing with that for another 6 months or so until I got bored.

    Came back like 3 years later and raided my ass off with a warrior. He was pretty pimp at the time.

    But the email address I used back then was different than now. So I didn’t get the email. Sadface.

    But my

  • Well I think I’m definitely going to try it. Will be fun to see how many people it will actually pull in as this is the kind of server a large number of people have been asking for, for quite some time.

    I got it all downloaded last night and looked at some of my old characters. Still have my Iksar 60 Necro there with my Circlet of Shadow.

  • I got trapped in an endless loop with Sony when I tried to reactivate (or free trial) my Planetside account: no matter where I went in their system or who I spoke to they wanted my old password or wanted to send stuff to my old email.
    I gave up and tried a year later and finally they had sorted out their site and I was able to reset.

    Similarly I just got my Funcom account activated again last night after 2.5 years of THAT going nowhere. This involved a Live Chat with a Customer Service Rep who seemed to have a built in 20-minute delay for each if his responses.

    Eventually I got to do a trial of Conan and alas I saw little improvement in the opening stages; the “Starting Experience” really has not aged well!

  • I’ve had a continuous account for EQ since 1999 (well, one foolish 6 month break but we don’t talk about that…). I still play regularly, usually in bursts of a few weeks with a few months break inbetween.

    I played on the last Progression server, which was fun. Not as much fun, however, as playing on a normal Live server. I’ll be making a character or several on Fippy, just because I’ve made characters on every new EQ server since I started playing, but I don’t expect to stay long.

    I prefer the current version of EQ to any of the past versions, although I loved all of them in their day, so when I’m in an EQ mood I’ll stick to my old characters. Be nice to have the option though and I’ll probably drop in and out as Fippy moves through the eras.

  • So for someone who has never played EQ is there any reason to play it? Are you all just playing for nostalgia or because at it’s core it’s a good MMO?

  • It was a great MMO. It’s nothing like the MMO’s of today, though. It’s brutally difficult, unforgiving, time consuming to do anything, but one of the best journeys you could ever have experienced in gaming. Bottom line, it’s old. Few will see the hidden beauty of decade old graphics or be capable of understanding decade old mechanics that spawned today’s.

  • @ Keen

    It won’t be quite as brutal as classic EQ was. There are lots of things that will be in-game that weren’t in classic that make it less “brutal.”

    The classic death mechanic will NOT be in at launch. You will lose XP, but your items will not remain on your corpse. You can go back and get your corpse to get some of your XP back. Similar to DAoC’s death mechanic it seems. However, they have indicated they will take an early poll and see if the players REALLY want that old death mechanic back in or not. I’m on the fence about it at this point.

    They are scaling back XP “significantly” from what it is currently on live, although I haven’t found anything more specific than that. In addition, the new XP curves will remain in effect. In other words, no “hell levels.”

    Translocators are in, so folks won’t have to take boats unless they want to. Apparently, they are a bit buggy and decided since they’ve had trouble fixing them, to just leave the translocators in place. Rather than have people experiencing having to swim through Ocean of Tears from time to time. Also, soulbinders are in, so non-casters won’t need to be spamming the zone for a bind.

    It might still seem pretty hardcore to those who grew up on WoW, or even some of us who have gotten used to WoW. But, I am looking forward to getting back to something a bit more sandbox-ish, with an err toward group play and hopefully a decent community instead of the cesspool that is the WoW community.

    I also agree about it being old. Some aspects will put off most who are used to WoW. The UI is pretty basic. Combat takes longer, with fewer buttons to mash, etc. Although, it does allow for more strategic planning certainly. No add-on telling you when you are about to pull aggro, the “con’ing” of MOBs variability, etc.

    I’m looking forward to it. Even talked some old buddies into coming back and giving it a try.

  • I got my old account activated without receiving an email. Just logged right in to my account that was active 99-03. Forgot how much of a noob I was. My characters were much more progressed on peq. Anyway, I’ll be in for Fippy. Got to remember how to play first.