Deathwing breaks stuff tomorrow: Calling all HFG!

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Happy Monday! (ugh)  Hope you all had a nice weekend.

It’s official that tomorrow the shattering will begin and Deathwing will break stuff in World of Warcraft.  Personally, I wish it weren’t for another week since I’ll be departing for the home town Thanksgiving experience, but for those of you in Happy Fun Guyz (the Keen and Graev Community WoW Guild on Emerald Dream US) it’s going to be an important event.  The majority of our group took a three month sabbatical from WoW after finishing WotLK.  Tomorrow marks our relaunch of sorts and I would like to extend the invitation to everyone interested in playing with us again or for the first time to log in!

Tomorrow’s patch means that the old world is essentially new.  Tonight is your last chance to do all those things you’ve put off — take your last look around!  I’ll be on to take it all in with one final ride through the Barrens and a look around the world.  Tomorrow will be a whole new experience as the leveling is all changed.  Many will be starting new characters, like an Undead Hunter or a Troll Druid.  I might make an alt to mess around, but I’m wanting to save 99% of it for my Goblin Mage.

So once again, come on back!  We’re relaunching  the guild into full activity.

Our plans for Cataclysm include:

– Completing all of the dungeon and raid content like we did in WotLK.
– Leveling lots of alts and experiencing the old world anew.
– Maintaining regular Rated Battlegrounds groups.

Hope to see many familiar faces and many more new ones.

  • This is just when the shattering/cataclysm happens.

    The game is still launching the 7th of December.

  • @Snafzg: I answered you on Twitter, but I’ll put it here to for anyone else.

    The Shattering (Nov 23) = all the world changes, the new combinations of race/class (Undead Hunter, Troll Druid, Gnome Priest, etc). Launch (Dec 7) = 80-85, new races, rated BG’s, etc.

  • Any new comers or new alts I will be on a Tux character Tuxan/Tuxas/Tuxar late hours the next 4 nights so if you need an invite just message me.

  • @Snafzg Check if you want the list of what is and is not in this week’s patch.

  • It is kinda exciting isn’t it. I was quite surprised actually because I wasn’t expecting it to all happen until Cataclysm launch day but I suppose it makes sense to stagger it and avoid a huge rush on launch day.

    Also, isn’t it cool how everyone is getting all of the new content even if they don’t buy the expansion?

  • so does that mean if you dont buy the cataclysm you still enjoy the whole new world/quests up to lvl 60?

  • After a 10 month absence I wanted to see the Shattering itself and think about if I wanted to buy Cataclysm.
    Blizzard of course makes these things too easy and right there on my Account Page was a free 7-days. Slick as ever this activated instantly and I was playing seconds later (I’d patched it a week before on a whim).

    Looks good though after such a break the sheer amount of stuff to do and manage is overwhelming – especially with stat changes my 5 bags jammed with gear just swamped me.
    What was not overwhelming was updating everything – I remember the old days when Addons would be a nightmare to get functioning again but the Curse Client made that seamless too.

  • It’s funny Intruder I can sort of relate. Logging onto my 80 priest is completely overwhelming. I haven’t played him… now a her… in over a year. I don’t have a clue what most of the new abilities do or what items are good for me anymore.

    On the other hand I started leveling a new character a few weeks ago and everything makes perfect sense on that char.

    The shattering really is cool. Everything got updated, I mean if you really pay attention you will see all the little details that are changed. It’s not like Blizzard just redid a few zones, everything from Vanilla WoW got changed.

  • After hammering my 77-79 draenei warrior through the low level (zones to save up some extra rested while still playing and getting minor xp), I can really recommemd doing the quests in Redridge on any char. Absolutely brilliant. If you have done redridge before, you’ll see a few old quests in a new suit. Flowing into 1 massive epic chain.

  • I know it might sound unlikely but do the HFG also some sort of branch playing on eu servers?

    Your guild sounds like what i’m looking for but unfortunately (at least in regards to this ) i’m a EU resident.