KG LiveStream: FFXIV (Updated)

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Update: Hopefully you enjoyed watching. The first half was a lot of dialogue and cutscenes as Graev and I went through the second story quest. The latter half was some grinding and regional leves. We’ll be back up and streaming tonight with some crafting. You can watch the entire 2 hour broadcast in our Video on Demand section or in the player below.

  • Maybe it’s just me but the video keeps getting interupted by some ad for Fernet-Branca and some cheese burrito every 2 seconds.

  • Why does everybody have to use Livestream,com and not Justintv, it’s so much better quality and more userfriendly interface. i just don’t get it the quaility is so bad on livestream,com

  • For me it’s about ease of use. Livestream’s procaster is really simple to use.

    I’ve never once seen an ad on any Livestream video. Why? Firefox adblock plus.

    I’ll try upping the quality on the stream next time. Right now it was on normal quality — perhaps I can up it to “high” without losing too much performance or getting too much lag.

  • like every stream on that site has bad quality and it’s worse when you fullscreen.. it’s not like that on JustinTv 🙂

  • livestream offers the best casual streaming out there. unless u intend to go real HD with ur high end PC, ur great bandwith and the know-how for the config on the numerous programs required to get a great quality on justintv.

    anyway, thanks for the stream Keen. it made up my mind about skipping out on FFXIV.

    keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the upload, its good to actually (kind of) see how the game plays and the world looks in realtime.

  • Any patches been released that have fixed the issues many people were complaining about, Keen?

    ie. Poor controls, interface, etc?

    SE will HOPEFULLY pull out a miracle patch by the end of the month (since that’s when they’ve told reviewers to start doing reviews) which would be nice.

  • There was a patch after Beta that added hardware mouse and slightly improved some responsiveness, but since then there have been no patches. I believe people’s gripes about controls/interface — at least mine — are not yet addressed and probably never will be since this is how Final fantasy games seem to play.