Clone Wars Adventures “Open Beta” still has a NDA

… sorta.  I’ve been playing the “open beta” as has Graev now for about a day and a half.  I asked around (friends, twitter, forums, etc) and didn’t get an answer about whether or not the NDA was still up for “open beta”.  I went ahead and shot a PM to the CM from SoE but didn’t hear back from him for several hours (which is normal, they’re busy) so I went ahead and posted my and Graev’s impressions.

Turns out the CM “Pex” responds  via PM with:

“There is an NDA in effect. Just don’t post reviews or screenshots to the internet yet, but it’s ok to talk to your friends.”

So down go the impressions until the “open beta” is open because I’m nice.  I think they should do a better job letting people know about the NDA.  Yes, I know it’s there when you sign up.  I just assumed like every other open beta that they left it up.  It’s not on their forums anywhere (or wasn’t for the past 30+ hours) or on any fan site where people are commenting non-stop.  (Massively,, TenTonHammer, just to name a few) or website.

Someone figure out what “open beta” means, please.

  • That’s ok Keen.. tell us about FFIV online.. i’m more interested in hearing about that one anyways! 🙂

  • Right now what I have to say is fairly standard stuff you’ve likely heard already from anyone who isn’t completely blinded by their love of the franchise.

    I will definitely write about the game, but not until I have more time to get further in the game and see the things that I need to see. FFXIV is a tough nut to crack into.

  • I really want more info on the FFXIV as well, looks entertaining and for the life of me it doesn’t seem I will be getting into the beta.

    PS: Is it a beta or pretty much a front for advertising means?

  • “‘Open Beta’ is a beta that’s open for you to play, but not open for you to discuss openly, with anyone. Essentially it’s a beta that’s as ‘open’, but only as ‘open’ as we want it to be.” AKA – don’t tell people our game is mediocre yet~! We haven’t been cleared funds to bribe the magazines for 7/10-8/10 reviews!!!11!one!

    Er, sorry… that was cynical of me. You’d think that an “Open Beta” wouldn’t have an NDA. Typically closed betas have those and once it reaches “Open” phases anyone can join and thus there really is no point in an NDA anymore. But it could be that they haven’t done a press presentation yet and thus don’t want blogs and such to report on it until the big press outlets have a chance to behold, fiddle with, write upon, and print. Some companies do put gags on reporters and the press like that until a certain date so all the media outlets interested have a chance to get their words written and ready to print. Fairness and all that. /shrug

  • I too am looking forward to Keen’s FF XIV thoughts. I’m in beta and go back and fourth with this game so many times I feel like I’m playing ping pong with it.