Weekend of Gaming: Renovations

Last week’s Weekend of Gaming was neglected as Saturday was spent from dawn until dusk cleaning out the garage preparing for it to be finished off with drywall and paint. With that project out of the way, will there be any time to game this weekend? We hope so because we definitely have plans.

I’ll be playing the ‘prepare the house to be painted’ game. We just had crown molding and new baseboards installed throughout the house this past week. Next step is to move more things towards the center of each room. It should look really nice but it’s been a real challenge to do all of this house work while taking care of a new puppy, watching our older (and blind) dog. Add in that I’m leaving for school in less than two weeks and this has been the busiest summer in years. But that’s enough of RL.

My gaming will be sporadic, but I have some important plans. I want to finish up KotOR which has been dragging along for me. For the first time… maybe in 5 or 6 years… I have a backlog. I have Kotor, Bioshock, Overlord 1 and 2, and three or four console games to finish. I may dabble in Overlord, if anything. I’ll also get in a few SC2 matches here and there. I’m ranked 4th in my 2v2 random team Gold League division. I went on a 6 game winning streak but the strategy only works if I have a teammate who can hold his own. And, of course, WoW (which is hard to log into for only short bursts of time so I usually check auctions and say hey to guildies before having to log.)

Perhaps the most interesting game will be FFXIV Beta. Let me just say that playing in short bursts is not any way to have fun in this game. More to come on FFXIV after the weekend.

I’m checking out stuff on my iPad mostly. Chaos Rings is a Square-Enix RPG (available on iPhone and iPad that I know of) that I’m an hour and a half into and enjoying. Plants vs. Zombies might get played. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (XBLA) is also on the list and worth checking out for those interested in yet another good XBLA game. I might get some Mass Effect 2 in if time. I’ve been playing a lot of Monday Night Combat and will definitely play more this weekend too.

  • Graev, your weekend sounds like mine – really enjoying various apps on the iPad – playing a lot of Highborn and Spider HD right now – both very good.

  • I felt like I was playing a console Final Fantasy. They really need to work on that UI.

  • the fuck? u said u will skip ff14 because of the bad performace? now give me your key! ^^

  • wat the freak how did some of ya get into the FFXIV beta?[also is there a console beta for it].

  • @panzerfaust: I alluded to it in the comments of that post you’re referring to that a friend pointed out that the game runs much better than the benchmark indicates — and it does.

    Trying it out when I have time. I’ll get around to posting my thoughts.

    @xmd1997: The kindness of others. 😉 As for a console beta, probably not for many months.

  • Keen roll a toon on Exdeath for ffxiv

    Also it appears they sped up leveling a ton for beta, got almost level 20 in a few hours.

  • Good luck with the house, Keen. I’ve got to say that I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on FFXIV. I’m excited for it, but it will be nice to hear some objective thoughts not hosted on a fansite. Plus, I’m teetering right on the edge of a pre-order and I’m not sure if I should take the dive. Looking forward to it!