Paladin Healing is oldschool (and an update on our ICC smackdown)

When I returned to WoW back in April I started by rolling up a hunter from scratch on Emerald Dream.  I played through all of the content that I wanted to see and eventually got him to 80.  I maxed mining and skinning on him and earned about 6,000 gold.

When my hunter’s gear reached 5300 gearscore (a terrible addon that assigns a numerical value to your character’s ‘worth’) I semi-retired him because my guild needed a Druid.  I also had the urge to play a character that could fill multiple roles.  I quickly fell in love with the druid and reached 80 with him.

It was on my Druid that our guild reached the Lich King.   I’m up to just about 5400gs on my Druid and capable of completing all of ICC 10 on him as either heals or tanking (both specs are 5400+).  Reaching this point is almost a plateau of sorts, so it was time to create another character.

Here’s where my most recent 80 comes in.  I decided that a Paladin was a solid choice because I’ve wanted a solid melee dps, utility char, and one that could off-spec heal.  Turns out I actually love the healing as a main spec though.

Several years ago, back when Molten Core and Black Wing Lair were the top raids, my main character was a Paladin healer.  Paladin healers back at this time wore cloth armor mostly because plate armor was not itemized for healing at all.  I loved it then and it turns out I still love it.

My Paladin reached 4700gs and was able to go on our guild’s ICC 10 run last night.  Our plan was to down the first 6 since we were bringing a few new raiders as well as a few of our alts.  We shattered that plan.  We blew through the first wing in 30 minutes and went on to finish both the first and second in half hour.  We were shocked that we only had one wipe in the first two wings (on putricide).

We then went on to complete the ICC weekly which for us was the Blood Wing.  This quest wants you to finish the blood wing in 30 minutes total.  We were skeptical, but then we shattered that goal.  We went on to then beat Valithria.  10 Bosses down in about 2.5 hours.  In one night we did what usually takes two, and we did it with a new makeup.  I also walked away with several upgrades.

Healing on my Paladin was fantastic.  It actually feels very much like the healing I did in DAoC.  It’s all about timing your big heals and little heals to remain most efficient while keeping your tanks alive.  I really like this stype of healing over the group healing (WAR) and the HoT Healing style.  It’s oldschool like EQ and it’s really fun.

Our guild now plans to spend all the raid time allotted for tonight on Sindragosa and the Lich King.  We’re hoping to make big progress on Arthas and maybe even down him!

It’s a great feeling to succeed and continue succeeding and improving.  We’re very excited for Cataclysm and keeping this momentum.  We’re starting a second ICC 10 group as well as regular raids for ToC 10/25, ToGC, and hopefully Ulduar Heroic.

  • I think pally healers are pretty cool. One time my group wiped on a boss in the Underbog but the healer didn’t die & finished off the boss solo. Soon after that I realized the the healer was a pally. 🙂

  • When you get better gear the worry of using efficient heals goes away. You put a beacon on one tank, and heal the other. And do nothing but cast Holy Light over and over. Your “slow” heal is only a couple of tenths of seconds slower than your fast heal, and it hits a ton harder.

    Thus, there is nothing to do but spam Holy Light. Most. Boring. Healer. Ever.

  • @Rynok: Probably not as a guild. We did pug it for a while and plan to start pugging it again. Since Cataclysm is coming up, we’re happy doing 10-man then 10-man heroic if time permits.

    @UFTimmy: They’re changing it in Cataclysm which is in part what I was referring to. Holy light becomes a Low mana slow heal that heals for a little, and Flash now has a high mana cost and heals for a lot.

  • Yup. For Cataclysm it’ll be a whole different, and surely better beast.

    For now, though, it sucks.

  • Keen,

    I’ve been enjoying your WoW articles, since I’m playing again myself. I’m interested to know if these experiences have changed your thoughts on the raiding treadmill? I’ve cared less about it since each raid has been fun to go through on its own, but I know you had some issues with it in the past. Where do you sit with WoW’s endgame now? Long-term game for you or just a temporary reprieve?


  • @Chris: Nah, I still hate the treadmill. Fun content masks it. I only care about seeing the content. I don’t care about gear which is why I don’t mind only doing the 10-man’s and stopping at around 5500gs.

    @JT: Yeah, it’s brutal. 😉

  • “Several years ago, back when Molten Core and Black Wing Lair were the top raids, my main character was a Paladin healer. ”

    So you’re saying you were a buffbot sitting out of combat to rez the raid if they wiped?