I tanked the Lich King!

After a lot of work, Happy Fun Guyz downed Sindragosa!  Nothing has come easy for us the past couple of months.  When a couple of people aren’t busy in RL one night a couple of others are having internet issues.  One thing after another has kept us from pushing through Icecrown Citadel but that problem seems to be behind us.  We finally have a consistent group of people that really want to progress and see it through to the end and we’re doing it as a casual group of friends.

Sindragosa was really quite easy with the enormous buff given to the raid now.  However, even with the buff there is a certain degree of precise execution required.  We got it down.

Read on for more screenshots of my Lich King Adventure… —>

Tonight after we downed Sindragosa we entered the portal and were sent to the Frozen Throne…

Speaking to Tirion began the encounter and the Lich King descended down the steps right towards us!

I was tanking the Lich King!  I’ve waited for this moment for years.  This is the climax of the storyline that I waited all night in line outside of Fry’s Electronics for when I bought The Frozen Throne expansion for WarCraft 3.  This is why I decided to raid once again in World of Warcraft after coming back to the game looking for a polished and fun experience to last me until ‘the next big thing’. I totally did not feel worthy at all to be fighting him.

… and worthy I was not.  We decided to give him a go without really looking into the fight at all.  We’re going back next week and we think we’ll make great headway.  It looks to be a fantastic but busy fight with something like five phases.  I hope to update you all soon with a victory screenshot!  Until then, view the Lich King in all his glory!

  • “Speaking to Bolvar Fordragon” I can see how you could get that mixed up, since he was right in front of us, but we actually talk to Tirion Fordring.

    On topic, downing the Lich King will be amazing. Even just being 10 man and buffed. It’ll be the first last content patch boss I’ll ever down.

    I’ve had a bad habit of just doing the first raids of the game (MC/ZG; Kara/Gruul/Mag), then being halted from further content because of the amount of time needed to invest.

  • Excellent! Most players, myself included, won’t ever see the Lich King as up close and personal as that. Good luck on next week’s full attempt!

  • Lol the Sindy fight wasn’t that bad, I totally DC’d in our last attempt with the ice block on me and got like three people Ice blocked :S… but we held it together

  • As always, I envy you. I can only dream (with my schedule) of being able to get competent, decent people in my raids (and no, I’m not saying it’s just pugs. I joined one of the worst guilds I’ve ever been in last week and left today after raiding with them.)

  • I saw you on last night but my trial account prevented me from sending you a tell! You should /friend Snaffy! 😛

  • Congratulations Keen!! Having recently downed tubby in 10 man, I will just say that your main problems will be in phase 2. If there was one tip that helped more than any other it was to realize that you HAVE to scatter BEFORE the timer for defile is down. If you wait until he begins casting, it will SEEM like you have a couple seconds to move, but the thing is that the defile will drop wherever it is initially cast. So even though there is like a 2.5 second cast time, it drops where it was initially targeted. Get the deilfe/Valk timer “dance” down and the rest isn’t TOO bad.

    Good Luck!!

  • I have to say that the ever increasing bonus raids get over time against the Lich King has to be another of Blizzard’s really smart decisions. People that defeated the LK with no buff or even only a 5% one can feel superior and they are recognized as superior by people around them so they are happy. And at the end of the day, everyone has a solid chance at experiencing the fight and concluding their storyline, although it certainly isn’t gifted to you on a silver platter.

    Literally everyone wins.