Clone Wars Adventures

SoE announced a new MMO which came as a surprise to me: Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures, a free-to-play, action packed virtual world for fans of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series on Cartoon Network”.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  First, SoE… *shudder*  I can’t rag on these guys too bad, but it’s SoE and they bring it on themselves.  Then there’s the Free-to-play nonsense which screams low quality and shovelware or at the very least a poorly developed virtual cash cow.

Settings aside those negatives for a second, let’s reflect upon an enormous missed opportunity.  SoE needs a really good MMO right now and they’ve been given one of the greatest IP’s… again… to work with: Star Wars.  Lord only knows how they’ve been given the opportunity to once again take the reins, but to go this round is quite a disappointment.  Clearly they’re taking it the kiddy route because of Free Realms.  What -I- would have done with this particular IP is made a AAA title.  They’ve been handed one of the greatest licenses and within that license they have the best time period.  On top of that, the stylized quality of the graphics and popularity of the TV series would have been an enormous boon.   I can think of some other things that I would have done with the property though, like a shooter stype game that blends Star Wars Battlefront with Team Fortress… that would have been amazing.

Back to this new MMO though, I think it has a few things going for it -if- done correctly.  (1) The mini-game are a huge opportunity to create a WoW-esque battlegrounds feature where players can participate in big battles of republic vs. empire and have great stylized PvP.  The racing could be done so that it’s highly polished and could reflect what we saw back in the N64 days with the pod racing games (which were really good).  (2) There’s a very defined combat style within the game that could lend itself to fantastic gameplay as well as a selection of huge worlds that they could run with that extends way beyond SoE’s current implementation of instanced content.  In english?  Don’t make it little instanced battles like Free Realms. (3) The Star Wars spirit lends itself to social elements.  Housing is going to be in the game, but if taken further there could be Cantinas and the SWG style of entertainer could be brought back.  I know their goal will be to avoid the brothel-like atmosphere that many of the Cantinas in SWG adopted, but given the zany style it wouldn’t go that route anyway. (4) There needs to be the foundation for players who want to take it seriously to find a place in this game.  I would be all over it if I could play with my friends and have a series experience that extends beyond playing wack-a-mole minigames and buying trading cards.  Let me become a Jedi and actually adventure and progress in some form and I’ll be all over it.

Clone Wars Adventures has enormous potential (getting tired of saying that about games….) that could create a mega hit.  It could also flounder and quickly become one of those MMO’s advertised on Cartoon Network that you liken more to spyware than you do a game.  Please SoE… I’m begging you… don’t screw up another one.  I will follow the game closely and even give it a try (Something I am ONLY doing because there is a subscription option) and let you all know my thoughts.

May the Force be with you SoE — you’re going to need it.

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Rybnik - June 1, 2010

“I will follow the game closely and even give it a try”
Do or do not… There is no try.

Seriously though it could be good, hopefully they manage it better than their previous forray into the SW universe.

Russell Gusto - June 1, 2010

DCUO may be good, at least I’m banking on it. I also can see the potential in this but I’m thinking those are not their plans. I bet it’s VERY geared to the kiddies but ya never know.

Keen - June 1, 2010

Yeah, it’s going to be a Free Realms in space. Honestly though, whoever is in charge of those kinds of decisions needs to be replaced. The lost opportunities are astronomical with SoE.

DCUO… that’s going to be interesting to watch release. I’ve been expecting a Champions Online type release and I’m rarely wrong about these things. I have this incredible knack for being dead on when I pick a flop, even down to why I think it will flop, yet I’m like 20% right picking good games. Go figure that I know what will not work. 😛

Renko - June 1, 2010

Sounds interesting but I expect it to be free-to-play in the exact same way that FreeRealms isn’t.

Darth Inebriant - June 1, 2010

“within that license they have the best time period”

Uh, what?

Keen, don’t tell me you’re a prequel guy

Howdy Doody - June 1, 2010

Loved the last line. Classic!

Keen - June 1, 2010

I actually love all 6 Star Wars movies. The movies aside though, I think the clone wars era is by far one of the more interesting time periods within the Star Wars universe.

coppertopper - June 1, 2010

If it’s Free Realms in space I’m in!

Lost Rambo - June 2, 2010

I think the kid way is the right way to do it for SOE. If they made a serius game, they would have to compete with SWTOR, and i’m afraid thats a fight they will lose, since Bioware is putting alot of effort into that game

Dismantled - June 2, 2010

“If it’s Free Realms in space I’m in!”

I agree. I think they obviously will use their FR model for this and will be successful. Pod racing anyone?

Looking forward to trying it.

Mala - June 2, 2010

Free Realms, now with 100% more Star Wars.

Elleseven - June 2, 2010

I loved pod racing in StarWars racer revenge on PS2. I would play in a heart beat if they included this.

Curious George - June 2, 2010

Ugh that game looks like crap. The moment I saw Jar Jar in a game play video and it wasn’t him being cut up into sushi I saw fail written all over it. No mega hit there just another weak title with a very niche market and no broad appeal.

Holgranth - June 2, 2010

Wow that was…….. unexpected.

Lorvax - June 4, 2010

Can we stop with the “great potential” line? EVERY game has potential. Potential is nothing special. Everyone has it, and every game has it. It’s what you do with that potential. Do you actually live up to it, or do you fail to do so?

Keen - June 4, 2010

No, not every game has potential. There are plenty of games are doomed to fail even from the start. The idea that this is Star Wars gives it potential. The idea that it is Microtransactions and SoE makes it dangerously close to having no potential at all.

Anne - June 9, 2010

I never understood how a character that becomes one of the greatest villians in film could be marketed to children as a fun hero.

Hey kids!
You’ll have lots of fun at first like this guy, but then you’ll become emotionally retarded and turn evil!

Eric - June 9, 2010

I’m shocked, shocked to find the brothel-like atmosphere going on in here!
[Graev hands me a pile of money]
Graev: Your winnings, sir.
Oh, thank you very much.

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