Keen and Graev’s WoW Guild Looking for More!

Happy Fun Guyz (HFG), the Keen and Graev Community MMO Guild, in WoW (US. Emerald Dream. Horde.) is looking for more!  If you’ve been following the blog you know that around the end of March we returned to WoW in order to play a game that was fun, polished, and worth investing time in because it’s stable.  Ever since then we have not regretted our choice one bit!  We’ve been having a blast leveling characters, PvPing, completing old and new raid content, and preparing for Cataclysm.

We are always looking for more members from all playstyles, however we’re sending out a special ‘looking for more’ because we want to let those of you out there who may have higher level characters know that we have room for more in our more serious attempts at content progression.  We do weekly ICC 10 and 25 runs.  We’re currently working on finishing the second wing of ICC 10 and the only real things holding us back are consistent attendees or slots that are getting filled by pugs.  Our guild-sponsored 25’s are on the second wing as well.  It’s our plan to down Arthas within a month and we would love to have more guildies with us.

If you’re interested in joining, please know that we don’t have any requirements for gear or levels.  Transfers are welcome but so are new characters.  Just head over to our forums, read our charter to get a feel for the type of environment we try to foster, and then make a post on the forums or message me in-game (Inconsistent/Moofuggra).

Now is a great time to return to WoW with an old character or to start off completely new.  Cataclysm is coming and it will change the game a great deal.  The #1 reason that we returned to the game when we did was so that we could have a guild up and running and ready to (1) Start Goblins/new chars to experience the new world, (2) Have character ready to progress in the Cataclysm high-level content, and (3) Be able to provide that atmosphere for new and returning players.  We’re more than on track to accomplish those goals and want to invite you to join us.

Also, keep in mind that when you join HFG you join a larger gaming community that plays all kinds of games together.  We’re already set to play StarCraft 2 and other upcoming games together!

  • I got a 80 warrior i am thinking about transferring over, but he doesn’t have much gear,would love to do some Random Heroic runs with you guys to get him geared for ICC.

  • We run heroics daily. A couple of us have fresh 80 alts that we’re gearing up in heroics and will hit ToC soon.

  • I’ve been considering starting up WoW again this summer as most of my friends won’t be in town and I imagine I’ll be pretty bored. I’ve got an 80 pally still, but I think I’d come back with a new character, or possibly transfer. Are you guys alliance or horde though?

  • We’re Horde (I’ll add that to the post). We have a lot of people starting over as well as some in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

    Right now our goal is to kill Arthas and complete the Ruby Sanctum (when it releases here soon). We’re farming up ICC and trying to get a few more people who are interested in end-game so that we can solidify one of even two 10-man raids (and a 25).

  • Awesome, I’ll probably renew my account this weekend (was planning to anyway). Probably going to start fresh with a mage or some other DPS. If I get playing and don’t feel like leveling up from scratch again I’ll probably transfer my Pally over.

    Look forward to playing with you guys.

  • Hi folks,

    I have been following this blog a while now. Very inspiring (Allods and now Wow).

    I wonder if some of you play WoW in steroscopic 3d, i.e. Nvidias 3d vision or some comparable product? It is simply mind blowing in my opinion and makes WoW easily the best looking mmorpg at he moment (yes better than AoC, WAR, Lotro, Aion, Allods, EQ2 – thsese are the ones I tried, at least).

    It really generates a new level of immersion, wonder and freshness.

    So, anybody out here who plays in stereoscopic 3d (or tried and was diasappointed)?

  • TBH I left back in 2008 when I purchased a house and a stable isp was not available, but because Ive followed this blog for longer then I can remember. IM IN!

    What class’ do you need

  • I have a lvl 80 druid tank, well geared and possible looking for a new environment, i’ve cleared all of ICC 10 through sindragosa, just started working on Lich King. Done a few heroic versions of some bosses, I’ve cleared 25 man through the blood quarter. Let me know if you are interested, as I said, I’m looking for a new group of people and enviroment

  • @mrdp: We can use Mages, Rogues, Shaman, stuff like that the most but we have room for all classes. You can check our guild Armory for yourself here.

    @rynok86: Admittedly you’re a bit further than we are, but you’re welcome to join us. 🙂

  • I was going to join you guys when Allods didnt pan out, but I got into the same kind of guild doing the exact thing with co-workers….I bet you guys are more fun just because your Horde…I hate Alliance

  • @Youngneil

    Upgraded myself to Stereoscopic 3D not to long ago and you are more than right with WoW being at the top. When raiding, it almost felt like my face was getting smacked in my Ragnaros and the feeling of running through the beautiful enviroments is breathtaking.

  • My wife and I might be interested in transferring (mage and shaman). We’re central time. When does your guild raid?

  • Hmm, I recently put down WoW again because I was tired of pugging. I’ve got an 80 Warr tank that I’d been gearing up and a fresh 80 lock. Might swap over to join you guys. It’d be nice to be in a friendly, active guild for a change.

  • I’d almost consider coming back to WoW but just dislike the grind aspect of the game (i.e. doing dailies to maintain your gear / supplies for raiding). I believe I still have some coinage accumulated though (3000g+), so it could probably last me a while. I’ve got a 80th lvl Undead Prot Warrior that used to do a lot of heavy raiding, plus also a 70th lvl Blood Elf Pally that I was leveling up on the side.

    BTW saw some of your posts in the forums. Looks like you’re experiencing pretty normal guild situations for WoW that I myself experienced with a previous guild. For example, I used to be only able to play two nights a week, yet when I said I’d be there, I was there. Yet many of the people who played two or three times more than me, never ever seemed to be that reliable. Weird. Guess those with little time value it all the more and thus try to coordinate to make the most of it.

  • @Nollind

    You get about 30g from doing a daily random heroic (which is instant queue for a tank). Subsequent random heroics yield 10g I believe? Even after raid repairs I have leftover money from just doing random heroics a few times a week. 🙂

  • Razzmir, I guess what I’m trying to say is that all I’d have time for is doing the coordinated raids twice a week. That’s it. So no dailies, no farming, etc. Thus my only in-game income would come via raids. I’m not sure what it’s like now but in the past you’d barely make anything off a raid run (maybe 20 to 25 gp if you’re lucky which could easily be spent on repairs, especially if you had a bad run).

  • @ Nollind, I have a raiding toon that does nothing but raid a couple of times a week and maybe the cooking daily on the odd day. Her bank balance hasn’t suffered too badly. The gold that drops from the easy stuff tends to cover repairs on the harder stuff. Of course, when it was all hard the balance dropped. But it’s back in the black now. From what I remember, I needed somewhere around 1500g to cover the learning phase. It would most likely be much less now with the 20% buff in ICC.

  • I may be coming back in a month or two once I get a new laptop. Used to a hardcore raider but senior year in college didn’t mix well with Icecrown’s release so I had to give it up shortly after completing Shadow’s Edge. If I don’t rejoin whatever old friends are still left on my server I’ll definitely look you guys up.