Lead and Gold

Have you heard about Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West?  I hadn’t heard anything about it until Graev tells me he’s downloaded the beta and that it comes out soon.  It’s a third person shooter developed for PS3, 360, and PC.  Delivered via download only, it’s a game that I believe is available for the Network, Arcade, and Steam.  Usually games like this go unnoticed or have little competition and in this case I really can’t think of any other game that competes with it on the same level except for BF:1943 (which didn’t do so hot…).  It’s all about spreading the word with titles like this one.  I think Lead and Gold is an interesting game worth a look.

If you’ve read about it anywhere else you probably see it being related to TF2.  That’s actually a decent comparison and the first thing that came to my mind.  Although the game only looks like it slightly with the bright and stylized graphics, it plays quite similar.  There is a level of zaniness at work.  There are four unique classes that each play a bit differently.  Each has unique abilities and offers auras that combine for synergistic bonuses with others on the team.  The more people work together and stick together, the better the team performs as a whole.

Controls and how the game handles is quite smooth.  The aiming system suits the Western feel with a huge circle which just screams spray and pray — but it’s the wild west and shooting bullets all over the place is what people do!  Holding shift (or using the aim button) gives you a lot more accuracy but it’s then becomes about holding still and being more precise.  Hiding yourself in a saloon and shooting out the window suddenly becomes viable.  However, running and gunning as the Gunslinger and fanning your pistol is just crazy fun!

The setting, being a Western, is actually quite unique.  I can’t think of a single Western shooter that I’ve played … ever… that has been any good.  The setting lends itself nicely (combined with the whimsical fun) to game modes like “Robbery” where you have to blow up a bank vault and steal bags of gold from the other team, Powder Keg where you blow up objectives, and Greed where you deliver as many gold sacks as you can to your teams zone.  The maps themselves (6) are detailed and what you would expect from a smaller game (did I mention it’s limited to something like 10 people per map — 5 per team?) and the detail goes a long way towards providing an atmosphere that mimics the old west shootout battles.

I can’t really say that the game blows me away and does anything drastically new, but it’s fun and worth mentioning since it costs a whopping $15.  It’s a fun setting with interesting features.  Give it a look.

  • BF1943 didnt do so hot ??? They had major issues handling all the strain on their servers due to how popular it was. Ahh well, LnG looks allright, guess I’ll google it since you didn’t offer us lazy gits a link to the game 😛

  • @Proximo

    I decided to go ahead and buy it (haven’t bought a game in a bit) and I am glad I did. It’s a smooth running game (except when you get extremely laggy people, then its impossible). It really feels like a Western shooter, but you will notice some emptiness to the game such as the lack of meta-game or a lack of incentive.

    Second opinion: After playing a couple hours more, I’ve noticed the only mode I enjoy is shootout. Robbery and Powder keg are great, but unless you have a decent team, no one picks up the keg to run over to the objective. If they added the ability to use a slower pistol while using it, I could see an improvement. My only other complaint is the sheer ease of dying against Gunslinger, but other than that 4/5 stars.

  • From what I can tell this is peer hosted right? Any word on dedicated servers? MW2 showed me how much peer hosting sucks.

  • A sucky team leads to a sucky experience. There is also some lag when you get a bad host. It’s definitely far from perfection, and not what I would consider as a model game, but it’s fun and cheap and I like what they did with the characters and the setting.

    @Voph: No single player that I saw.

    @Fyzzle: Looks like peer hosted only. Small 10-man games.

  • Ah, I really fancy a good Western game right about now (looking forward to Red Dead Redemption). Anyone remember an old FPS from LucasArts called Outlaws from 1997? Classic stuff 🙂

  • Its excellent good fun.. Just the Lag is really appalling at the moment, why did they not just have an option for the host to monitor and auto kick bad pings trying to join..

    Im sure once they sort out dedis (as long as people provide them) it whould be fine

  • The best Western game that will never be matched: Oregon Trail! It was almost a shooter, the way most of us played it.

  • I remember playing Oregon Trail! That was the ultimate reward for finishing work early on Middle School. The first five to finish and get it all correct got to play Oregon Trail on the computers. Guess who was always done first? 😉

  • Honestly, this game really isn’t that good, but I find myself playing it a good amount anyway! The only problem is the lack of players (usually only around 4-5 games with 8+ players on it), but I usually do not have too much of trouble getting a good game going. Shootout is still the only game mode I like seeing as the other modes require some form of teamwork and the game plays the card just like reality back in the day where teamwork didn’t exist.

    Anywho…need friends that play :P!