K&G’s Bad Company 2 Server

Update #2: We’ve been asked to post a donation button so that others may donate to our server costs.  Below is the button you can use. Donations via Paypal can be made to [email protected]

Update:  Our server has been migrated to a new machine.  As a result our IP has changed.  The banner now reflects the new information.  Your favorites list should be unaffected.  Remember to visit our forums for discussion about the game, our server, and our community.   Thanks for playing on our server!

Battlefield Bad Company 2 released on Tuesday and, as expected after playing the beta, it’s fantastic.  The performance has improved a great deal after a patch and an ini tweak or two.  The maps and guns which I didn’t get to try in beta are all very well done, especially the scenery and atmosphere of the jungle maps.

Now, the main reason for this entry is to inform you about the K&G Community BFBC2 server.  We’re now running a brand new 32 slot ranked server!

We had a great amount of fun yesterday playing on the server which was very stable even amidst all of the EA server problems (EA server lag and disconnects and such).

The server is set up right now to play Rush maps in Hardcore mode [Note: We’re playing normal mode with FF on and Killcam Off.  As we determine which mode we like best we’ll settle on a more permanent mode.] HC mode is a more realistic mode where bullet damage is increase and several things on the HUD are removed.  The problem with Hardcore is that we’re seeing a lot of sniper abuse.  Sniper rifles become so easy to use that everyone plays recon and it becomes a “who can shoot the other first” instead of a tactical experience.  It’s essentially opposite of what you would expect hardcore mode to be.  We’ve found FF on and Killcam off is a decent step in the right direction.   We’re going to be taking votes on our Battlefield Forum to decide what type of modes we want to run.

Hop on the server and play!  Members of our community can be identified by the [KGC].  Many of us will be online after class and work today but feel free to hop on and get things started.

The game is a lot of fun and definitely worth the $49.99.

We’re also looking for sponsors.  If you would like to sponsor our server please contact us and we can discuss the details further.

  • What are these ini tweaks you speak of? The beta ran like junk on my computer, like 20-30 fps on a 8800 GTX 6gb ram, dual core.

  • On Vista you can locate a settings.ini file under My Documents > BC2 > settings.ini (Where it’s at in XP I’m not sure, but you can search for it)

    Set bloom=false

    Also make sure that you have hbao turned off (15fps gain on the 8800 for me) and have your settings on medium with texture quality high.

    I get steady great performance in the 8800gt.

  • I also have a 8800GTX card and the biggest performance boost I got was forcing the game to run on DirectX 9 mode. On the .ini, locate the “Dxversion=auto” and change that to “Dxversion=9”.

    I didn’t notice any quality drop, except that you can’t use Anti Aliasing while playing in DX9, but now I’m able to run everything on High setting and I have a FPS of 50-80.

  • I was there a bit last night when only a few were online and the EA lag disconnect thing hit me. I played on a few other servers and tried to come back but it was full 🙁

    Thanks for getting this server going! I had fun and will be back 🙂 My soldier “Stimulus Package” makes a good target 😉

    Oh true story…I was playing on another server and there was a player named Obama. I killed him and someone else noticed and in chat I saw “lol Stimulus Package killed Obama”. Funny stuff thar :p

  • This is so pathetic, damn EA. I cannot redeem codes, I cannot connect to servers, I am getting kicked 10 seconds into a new game when I actually do connect, server browser takes forever to update. Another slow, laggy, unfinished POS mess brought to you by EA.

  • This is so great, thanks EA. I can redeem codes, I can connect to servers, I am not getting kicked 10 seconds into a new game when I actually do connect, server browser takes a few seconds to update. Another polished, smooth and finished game brought to you by the Battlefield people.

    Although, I will say that they need to iron out their master server difficulties.

  • LOL…..evil. You’re insane if you think this game is anything close to smooth and polished. The core game is fun, as was the demo/beta, but getting to that point is a nightmare for most people.

    Someone even posted an email received from EA support indicating that the game does not support now, nor are the any plans to, 64-bit OS’s. They’re telling people to edit *.ini files, they’re telling people to update PB, they’re telling people to disable speaker count from 0-2, wtf?

    DICE, DICE I love, I love the BF series. But this is a typical case of EA pushing a game out too soon.

  • I just think that a lot of these problems, disconnects and PB problems are all linked the EA’s master servers getting hammered and not running smoothly.

    I think the core game play is fairly smooth. I just poking fun earlier.

  • The game itself if awesome, I agree. But getting there is really testing my patience. The few times I was able to get into a match, which only lasted 30 secs till I was kicked, was very smooth and playable.

    I was on the K&G site not along talking about how awesome the game was/is. I am a fan. What I am not a fan of is some gazillion dollar company not putting forth the effort, desire or willingness to make sure that the infrastructure for a game that they’re hoping takes steam out of MW2 is filled with issues.

  • I purchased Bad Company 2 on Tuesday along with everyone else. The difference is I’m slightly dissapointed with it overall. I read about all it’s glamour here as I’m an avid reader of your blog. Honestly I expected it to have the physics of MW2. I don’t want a MW2 clone but the controls are sluggish. Getting up a flight of stairs is a chore. Try jumping through a window? Nope, can’t do that either. Yes you can just blow a hole in the wall…but running from a tank or helicopter, something like waiting on a grenade to go off equals death. It’s not terrible but for me, all it will be is a filler for a MW2 burnout or bad scoring days.

  • The thing is Chris, it isn’t a deathmatch game. If you try to play it like one and find yourself doing bad, well, there is your problem. If you just want a death match game, yeah, you won’t like this.

  • I agree with Chris, he isn’t asking for deathmatch but you should be able to flee, right? And its a lot of work to navigate through some terrain with debris or rocks, you get caught on a lot of different things in the game.

  • The game has a lot of upside however the upside needs to outweigh the downside for it to be enjoyable on a regular basis. Unfortunately for me, that’s not the case. Even small things can weigh a lot. For instance a building full of windows and a war torn, war ready soldier. Said soldier should be capable of climbing through said window right? Hell, he can jump 6 feet off the ground yet can’t manage getting through a window? Said soldier is equipped with technologies latest weaponry and communication devices, but, is limited to only speaking to 4 of his comrades during full out war? Said soldier is swimming across a channel of water but has to swim down to the end where there’s a little dirt bank for him to up onto. This IS a soldier right? Then pull yourself out of the water!!! No one has time to swim to specific ends of a sea wall to exit the water when bullets are pelting the water all around you.

    These are just a few examples of things that can really turn a solid game into something people WONT prefer over MW2. The vehicles and explosions are excellent as is the sound effects but overall gameplay is lacking in some major areas.

    As for what you wrote Mahlah. I bought this game to get away from the deathmatch idea. Just because I’m asking for more logic from a game doesn’t mean I want it to be a deathmatch clone.

  • Where’s the edit post button?! Anyhow I’ll correct myself here. I forgot to add “climb” up onto in refrence to the dirt bank part in my above post.

  • Nice I’ll have to hop on. I can’t believe how much they improved the gameplay from the beta. I was actually kinda upset when I first played the beta, felt laggy and that the engine wasn’t on par with say MW2. After logging in and playin it yesterday for the first time since launch however I was pleasantly surprised at how much it had improved. I’d rate it right up there with MW2 on graphics and engine. I ran into some disconnects though last night that I’m hoping is gonna get fixed soon. Ended up in a server that dwindled down to 2v2 on I think it was a Rush map, it was pretty fun though and farmed some exp for a few hours.

    I think one of the best moments of playing so far was tracing a guy into a building with my sniper rifle, then boom building wall blows up by something probably a tank or rpg, and then I sniped the guy inside I was waiting for lol. Also some guy ran me over with the little UAV helicopter, that was kinda embarrassing lol.

  • We’ve been packed all evening and night! Fantastic fun with 32/32 people. I’m definitely finding some maps that I like more than others. We’ll have votes on our forum for map rotations as well as modes and such.

  • To some point I agree with Chris, there are a good number of things this game falls short on. There are also a number of things this game does very very well and you have to take the bad with the good.

    When I first started playing back in beta I honestly didn’t like it as much as I liked CoDMW2. Once the game launched though and I started playing more and more of it, I realized that there are some really great things about this game and it surpasses CoDMW2 in many ways.

    Oh and I’m a huge fan of Deathmatch and at first was bummed because all I was playing was Conquest and Rush but then I went to do a search and found there is a Squad Team Deathmatch. Max is 16 people, squads of 4. First team to 50 kills wins. It’s my favorite game type.

  • I was able to play most of last night, and it was a lot of fun, granted I didn’t know any of the maps and I’m sure in most cases I was facing/aiming in the wrong direction, lol. But the game was fun. I bought a new mouse; Logitech G500 – made a huge difference in sniping over my MX518. Maybe I was imagining things but I was missing less and hitting more.

    I play a sniper role 99% of the time, and for me MW2 sucked for sniping. I much prefer the BF series for sniping because they usually provide a lot of places to hide, from afar, and pick out targets without getting knifed every 2 mins.

  • I’m probably getting this game. As long as i can demo pack my jeep and suicide run into tanks.

  • I’m surprised no one has said this… maybe it’s an easter egg? No clue, BUT.. I jump through windows all the time. There are two tricks: make sure it’s open (if not you can knife it or shoot it as you jump. If it is open, you jump up and crouch while in midair (not to say this game is hyper realistic, but just like in real life you can’t enter through the window if you are standing at your full height)

    I hope you snipers don other kits when necessary… it sucks to be on a map, on the offense, with 16 snipers sitting pretty.

  • and Keen, it’d be nice to have some non-hardcore time. I love hardcore mode, but in the beginning phases of the game I generally want some points to get unlocks, and those come a lot less frequently in the hardcore modes. Thanks for hosting the server!

  • Updated the post to reflect that we’re currently playing Normal in order to evaluate which is better. FFon/Killcam off

  • “We’re playing normal mode with FF on and Killcam Off.”

    I’m all for ‘Killcam off,’ but I haven’t played enough to notice any difference between hardcore and normal modes. I know in MW1&2 there was a significant difference in weapon damage between normal & hardcore modes, but I’m not sure how weapon damage differs between these modes in BC2. Does anyone have any insight on this?

    I’m severely split on spotting in general and I’d like to know what everyone else thinks. I REALLY like how spotting helps infantry and all forms of teamwork/tactics, but I’ve seen games reduced to tanks camped out on hills sniping little orange triangles.

    Aside from this, I like the teamwork that is possible through spotting in normal mode. Not everyone has a mic (which would hurt the team during hardcore mode), but everyone can spot.

  • FF just needs to stay off when its in normal. BFBC2 forces players into tight spaces and with the gaggle of people that swarm up in normal mode, its just a punishment for legit players…. and it makes it impossible to defend mcoms as the attackers have all the benefits of swarming and defenders can’t defend because you end up just killing your own and no one is left to disarm.

  • Tomorrow we’ll be playing Conquest mode. I’ll see what everyone thinks about disabling friendly fire.

    Right now we’re still torn on hardcore mode for various reasons.

  • Hardcore takes some getting used to but its by far the best game mode. It makes the overall feel of the game seem more balanced.

    Try Port Valdez as attackers on hardcore. Infantry can actually move out of spawn and assault mcom stations, its glorious.

  • I find that when playing on hardcore mode I just give up on strategy, pick up a recon kit, and camp. When I’m playing on normal I can switch between classes as needed and head towards marked objectives. Being able to place orange triangles on the snipers makes me able to get out of bed in the morning =P

    Friendly Fire invites accidents and grief =(

  • Played some earlier and have fun. If you see [RR-Zhenya on, that is me. I’ve got the server favorited, and it’ll definitely be my hardcore server of choice for when I feel like playing that mode. (I play on my clan’s server when I want to play normal mode).

  • Wow. So much random TK. A friendly UAV actually dropped a rocket on me and someone else, just to kill one guy, that we could have killed ourselves.

    Normal+FF has to be the worst possible way to play this game.

  • We’re filled up all day. I’ve been having trouble getting onto the server. 😉

    Normal / Rush / Kill Cam Off

  • Bah just got the game wanting to try hardcore on the server and you switched! 😛

  • Hardcore is not balanced currently. It ruins several mechanics in the game. It’s also not as popular as normal mode which has kept our server filled all day and night. 🙁

  • It’s cool, wasn’t aware of balance issues (?) I play hardcore on other servers. <3 Your Server though, favorited.

  • “Also make sure that you have hbao turned off (15fps gain on the 8800 for me) and have your settings on medium with texture quality high.”

    What is “hbao” ?

  • @Jaspr

    Its a setting in your options. If you turn your graphics options to “Advanced” and get the additional options. Its first from the bottom.

  • I think you should set up maybe something like a google or paypal donate button to help with server costs (saw the sponsoring thing). I would be willing to throw a couple of bucks here and there to help you out.