A Ray of Hope for Allods Fans

The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.  I was not banned nor have I quit.  In fact, I’m writing this while alt tabbed waiting on a quest respawn.  Silly rumors floating around on twitter and other websites are untrue.

Today’s communication from gPotato shed some light on a few things we’ve been having to deal with over the past week.  First off they debunked the rumor that the original dev team was no longer working on the game.  Second, they addressed the cash shop prices stating, “we are actively working on new pricing options to accommodate the masses.”  Coming from someone that actually plays the game, and not just a news site commenting on this release, I’m slightly optimistic.  Up until now we have had nothing but bad news or ridiculous statements like “The prices were intentional” or “we’ll evaluate it” yada yada.  It seems like, from reading into it only slightly, that accomodating the masses means lowers the prices significantly since the masses have wanted nothing but 1000% cheaper prices.

And I also have another reason to be optimistic…

Rumor: The vast network of K&G Community resources has produced some rather good news.  I won’t go into details as to reveal too much of about the source or get anyone’s hopes up in case it turns out to be false, but if the rumor is true then we can expect some very good news to be delivered about the cash shop prices soon.   I guess some of the conspiracy theories were not so far off.  Let your imaginations run wild.

What gPotato needs to realize coming out of all of this is that the people who enjoy the game are willing to spend money.  Yeah, it’s a cash shop microtransaction model game.  We know that we’re going to be forced into the cash shop because that is an intrinsic property.  That doesn’t bother us anymore.  We just need to be capable of affording it.  I’ve taken a tally just from my guild alone and we have 30 people willing to drop $50 on the cash shop the moment it is priced like the Russian model whereas they’re willing to spend -nothing- right now.  Volume of sales here guys.  It doesn’t even take a background in economics to realize this either.  It’s just common sense.

Here’s hoping we have some good news in the next few days.

  • I really hope your right, I have so much hope for this game and Gpotato was and still is scaring me on how this game is developing. I can easily say I am willing to drop money to this game if it is reasonable, and on a constant basis.

    Please be true!

  • Thank you Keen for clearing this up. At the time of my post yesterday, I had already read about this. Anyways glad to see you didn’t turn on the game completely.

    I hope each race gets its own mounts. The horses are cool, but I wanna see more mounts. Maybe even make Allods the first game to have mounted combat. LOL wouldn’t that be great F2P? game beating Blizzard to mounted combat?

  • Can you really trust them any more? I originally said this was a bait-and-switch situation and their latest news just reaffirms it. Perhaps they made a serious overestimate of what their players would expect initially and scared away more then they thought. Now they have realized their mistake and are playing damage control but I believe with a potentially painful future.

    Their latest post seems to me to be rather wishy-washy and leads me to conclude that they are trying to regain favor, allow people time to get hooked, and then at a later day raise prices again to unacceptable levels.

    Call me a conspiracy nut but I have no faith in a company that seems to regard their users so poorly. I would mention Darkfall as the most recent example of another company that ruined their reputation and trust with me and will never regain it.

  • I really hope they turn it around, it’s such a great game with so much potential. If they can I’d start playing again for sure.

  • They’ve hooked most of us already. Great game, crappy cash shop, crappy future patches that make the crappy cash shop mandatory. So if the crappy cash shop becomes not so crappy or even decent then we have a win/win situation.

  • The cash shop prices alarmed me but what is really worrisome still to me is the changes they sound like they plan on making to FoD

  • Write your constructive criticism here, they started the thread and requested our feedback about the CS. This is what I wrote:

    Some of this is self evident. I am sure that you do not need an involved explanation of why we think that a $20 bag with 6 extra slots is too much, especially when it sells for $2 on other servers…

    The price is not surprisingly ~10 times too high for most items. You guys really need to be more savvy about price fixing. Did you not expect people to feel insulted/gouged if there is the exact same item on a different server for dramatically less; you did not show respect for your NA players and consequently they lost respect for your project.

    Asian markets may differ and I have read interviews that the traditional F2P model involves massively overcharging ~10% of the “hardcore” people while expecting the other 90% to actually play for free. I believe the interview cited a game called Puzzle Pirates as an example of this model, to which I respectfully respond, …never heard of it; hopefully the creators of Allods aspire to something greater than this. I think that there are inherent problems in trying to apply this model to a NA server.

    IMO it actually underestimates the amount of money you could make if people wouldn’t immediately balk at the high price points of the items. I have traveled in SE Asia and seen many of the F2P players in mass internet cafes paying virtually nothing for computer time. Well over here a kid’s monthly allowance id often greater than a head of a household in Laos or Cambodia. A slow, but steady siphoning of the vast reservoir of NA disposable income is best accomplished insidiously, $1 or $2 at a time. Also for the charge to be insidious the player’s attention shouldn’t be forced to focus on it repeatedly, say punitively every time he dies?

    This of course brings us to the biggest acknowledged problem with the Allods business model, in general the obvious and purposeful breaking of the game to support the cash shop; in specific the FoD mechanic and class nerfs not involving class balance fixes. I am sorry if this comes off as Western arrogance, but players over here are too savvy to not see right through this and immediately recognize your statement “you can play the game for free if you choose to.” as disingenuous, again undermining their respect for your product. The fault lines created this artificial breaking of the game are readily evident and work against a seamless feel of world immersion.

    I would not assume that 90% of people will actually play for free if you are clever (try hiring an industrial psychologist) in designing a variety of fun yet addictive promotional offers; $1 pumpkin hats at Halloween, $2 to learn the robot dance, collectible sets of non-combat pets some of which are rare, try running a weekly lottery for a powerful item that lasts 30 days, charging $1/ticket or $5 for 7 (if the server isn’t flooded by these items then the overall game balance isn’t thrown off and these items become even more desirable given their rarity). Come on show some of the same creativity in marketing that you demonstrate in game design. Exploit the hell out of exp potions and let the impatient pay for power leveling to the cap, just don’t buff them in the process.

    We don’t want to be exploited with an iron hand, exploit us with a gentle caress. Which would be better received by the NA player, spending $15 to be able to rejoin your raid group free of a debilitating Astral Nival handicap, or spending the same amount for this month’s collection of promotional kittens of the Orient collectible pets?

    Bottom line I will walk away from Allods and not look back if FoD is enacted. Bad releases can cripple a game’s potential profitability. It is much easier to win over players from the start and keep them than to create an oppressive environment and later offer a 10 day free trial to lure them back. Drop the prices by 10 fold and I will make an effort to support your product through purchases; make us feel like we have a hand in making a game that we come to love a successful alternative to WoW, instead of feeding another slapped together Asian money making beast.

    …and remember made in Japan used to carry a negative stigma until they decided to get serious and dominate by shifting to even higher workmanship standards than the West.

  • sorry to tell you keen, but the CS is no longer Allod’s most worrying issue.

    I wonder if you heard about next russian patch, or about the growing speed hack issue.

    1) western F2P publisher = no development, and no saying over what comes next. Developers give you updates, and you decide whether to implement them or not in your version, but you cant change a comma in them.
    and in most (all) cases, asking devs to change things specifically for you is answered with a polite variation of “go eff yourself”

    2) F2P = put the least resources possible to maximize earnings.
    that includes GM manpower, customer support and anti-hacking tools

    All things considered, they could set all the cash shop items at 1 cent and still i wouldnt play Allods, because I know the game is hopelessly ruined forever.

    This is the first and last time I play F2P crap…

  • oh, and excuse me for doubleposting, but saying “No, its false” is not debunking a rumor, it proves absolutly nothing,specially considering that gPotato is known for being nothing but smoke and mirrors, and their credibility is in the negatives.

    Whats even worse is that some people already pointed that was a spin, no one claimed that the developer company changed, which is what gPotato refers to.

    They claimed that all the talent and direction Allods originally had left the building.

    If you want an example of how important this is: Mythic.

    It might be called “Mythic” still, but all the talent and direction behind DAOC left years ago, they just kept the low end programmers,and the suits that took all the glory for DAoC but never made jack shit themselves (Mark Jacobs).

    the outcome? WAR

  • @Saga: You say a lot, but that’s really all your doing: saying a lot. In both your posts you continually point out two dilemmas that negatively put developers in a stereotype of not caring about their users. This brings me to the feeling that you never went on the forum to voice your opinion or gave a damn when someone else was. You pretty much put your tail between your legs and ran off at the sight of bad news.

    …Allods is where I think we will revolutionize the F2P market. We have the power to finally show the big corporate doo-dads that we want a great game and that we will pay for it, albeit not an arm and a leg. We are voicing our opinion, and it’s not just a couple fanatics, its a sizable force that would scare any publisher, as well as any developer. I beleive Gpotato realizes that this is where they will make their money and that we are not too be hood-winked so easily. They put 12 million dollars into this project and they want it back, and I am sure as hell they won’t be seeing that profit from America. At least not as fast as they could if they played their cards right in NA.

    Summarized for people that don’t read monster texts: Gpotato doesn’t deserve our trust right now, and I truly don’t think we should give it to them. But with the backing of 12 million dollars on their side, I have a feeling that they will soon try to get it back so that they can save their behinds.

  • I have to agree with Curious George, there is still a lack of trust on my part, and this rumor would have to be a significant change in their price model for me to be a fan. I refuse to pay-per-hour to play an MMO, and without changes to death penalty, buffs, and mount-that-eats-money policies I can’t support their game.

    Come to think of it, watching them speak in PR half-truths isn’t helping either.

  • I too fell in love with the game. But, it’s not only their bad management with the CS prices. There are numerous posts in NA and EU forums about speedhacks and fatigue exploits (there are already people at lvl40 in one week) and not an official statement how they will deal with these things (I doubt if they even will).

  • While I truly support the followings that developers need to get onto fixes, this game has only been in Open Beta for a week now and people are already expecting it to be flawless. There is a reason some of the mechanics are shot and that is the reason it is still in B E T A. If they made an official statement for every little problem, very few people would ever read to the end.

  • You just sound like an apologist now Sweetix… its not an open beta if they are charging real money for things in the shop. Especially since there won’t be a character wipe, nor will there be a cost to “purchase” the game after the ‘beta’ is over (last I heard).

    Speaking of official statements, why haven’t they even addressed the things they *have* made official statements about? How hard is it to change the prices in the cash shop, or delist controversial items?

  • Yeah the “open beta” designation is just a cop out in case of the highly unlikely event a major blunder were to occur (is there such a thing as a sarcam emoticon?), and then they could say, “but we are still in beta!.

    They are live and taking money from anyone silly enough to be paying these prices…

  • Not sure if I’m understanding Keen’s implied meaning about conspiracy theories not being that far off but to me this looks like they intentionally released prices high to see if they could cash in on the rich peeps. Then later they would apologies to the community and lower the pricing to a more reasonable range. This just leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

    As Curious George and Sweetix have said, they have lost our trust. What’s sad though is that I think for a lot of people they did have our trust in the early stages of the Closed Beta. Then they just pissed it away with each progressive game change and with the cash shop release.

    Simply put, it can sometime take years to develop the loyalty and trust of your customers, yet it can be easily destroyed in a few simple seconds. Regaining that trust and loyalty will be infinitely harder the second time around. This is something that I constantly pushed to our clients of Sierra, Activision, and Konami when I was a Senior Web Developer building community and product sites for them.

    Again as Keen has indicated at the bottom of this post, a lot of this isn’t rocket science. It’s just plain common sense. It’s the simply dynamics of relationships. Doesn’t matter if you’re talking about two people or two large groups of people (i.e. company and their customers).

  • To me the funniest thing is they don’t really have a minimum production cost for the items they are going to sell. They are virtual items so it doesn’t cost them anything to make more. They just need to make enough off the CS to cover production and upkeep. I think this is a situation where they should strive for volume of sales.

  • Well about Page 13 in the OFFICIAL Feedback thread inarakatt stated that the ideas thus far were Above and beyond normal responses and that they’d be taking them to “The powers that be…” to convince them.
    So I guess it’s taking a while to Negotiate better things for Allods Online’s future with AN.
    Despite this glimmer of hope though I’m REALLY concerned that AN will be A-Typical Corporate power (which is neither Russian, English, Korean, German, OR Japanese. The Corporate Super Power is a global force and they’re usually not ones to cooperate.)
    So I guess now it’s a waiting game…
    We wait
    We hope
    We pray
    and by some sheer miracle of diplomacy the CS comes down and that GOSH Awful Patch 1.7 gets Revamped from the Allods Online MURDERER that it is.

  • “Volume of sales here guys. It doesn’t even take a background in economics to realize this either. It’s just common sense.”

    Especially for a digital commodity, selling a million potions versus 1 potion, they only had to design that item for the game once.

    I’m just getting into the game since Sunday. I am someone who can’t spend a lot, but I could see myself putting in up to $5-10 a month potentially, if there was a feature I really wanted. A player like me would be out of the picture if anything I wanted in the game were higher.

  • Keen, I will tell you now that they arent telling you the whole truth about the original team still working on this game.

    Fact is Nival is the original team (for Allods) who struck a deal with Astrum entertainemtn to become Astrum Nival. Now Mail.RU steps into the picture and swallows up Astrum Nival owning 100% of the company.

    Nival is still a separate entity and still develops games such as the new MMORTS “Prime World” in the works as I write this. If you check their main site for Nival in the About Nival section they had just a few days ago a piece that stated, and I quote “Nival has MINORITY INTEREST in Astrum Nival and Mail.RU!”
    This was soon taken down and then replaced by Mail.RU is 1005 owner of Astrum Nival! These guys are distancing themselves away from this mess and the project as a whole!

    Mail.RU had gotten a team together to take the game in a different direction, a direction thats been evident since patches 1.5-1.7!

    So GP PR isnt exactly telling you all the truth here or if any at all! as far as Nival is concerned atm they have no affiliation with Mail.RU who owns Allods!

    GP as a whole does not listen to their playerbase but buys time or waits out storms to return to their old habits of overpriced CS items. Do you think for one second that those prices couldnt be changed within a day? As they state they are going to “consider” changing prices but need several weeks to do it? They say they know we are unhappy with the prices but they still leave the overpriced CS open in game?
    Come on man, remember this is a business theyre going to say ANYTHING to keep bad press at bay. You need to check out Scott Jennings post about all this on MMORPG.com
    LINK: http://www.mmorpg.com/showFeature.cfm/feature/4043/Scott-Jennings-Macrotransactions.html

  • Considering that those who *do* have backgrounds in economics *coughBernankecouch* have screwed things up BIG time, I think an appeal to common sense is wholly recommended.

    And yes, common sense suggests that you don’t wallop subscriptionless MMO players with big ticket items or harsh changes/mechanics. You help them love your game, and then make it easy for them to give you money. That’s the Three Rings (Puzzle Pirates) philosophy, and it’s served them very well:


  • I will wait for the allods Shop in the European version to decide if i’ll continue playing.
    The PR crap that they told in the American site isn’t enough to convince me. they could very well have changed the pricees already if they really wanted to.

    Right now they just passed to the step where they will start to regulate the prices to where they’ll be able to get most profit and making PR statements to do some damage control.

    I don’t believe that this game will turn around essentially because of this and the patch that is now on the Russian version. I prefer to play sub games honestly.
    I will still wait but i don’t have much hope left.

  • GP wrote that they want us to give them feedback on the CS prices.

    I had wrote why ask for feedback now when its been posted a dozen times before, and you all have stated you were reading these posts. What happened that you couldnt take that feedback and use it BEFORE and AFTER the CS prices were out of control?

    GP replies with because we want this thread to be positive and having flames takes the thread out of control for feedback.

    Someone else responded to this by saying “so you did read those posts yet you refused to do a simple copy and paste from the constructive posts that were in these threads? You really werent taking the feedback seriously enough to make a list to show those who had the power to change things, is this what your saying?”

    His post was soon deleted.

    But he made a good point. We as a whole had been making threads after threads of organized changes and thoughts on how the CS/gameplay/mechanics should be fair before they released their statement, yet they obviously werent to concerned or they wouldve at least copy and pasted the best parts of those threads for the powers to be to see where the community stood.

    This tells me they DONT read any of our input and this latest attempt is just a way to buy time so they can leave their overpriced CS open for “several weeks” and see just how much they can make before the game finally tanks!

    With the new patches heading our way it wont matter if the prices are reasonable as we will now have to buy double, possibly triple the amount of CS items just to make it to endgame alone.

    This isnt counting what its going to cost per raid, per death, and so on once we do explore the Astral. The new patch contains a hell of a lot of ninja nerfs that are now making their way into the public, and there not good by any means.

    In the end its not GP we have to worry bout so much now, but Mail.RUs control over this game and how fast they are sinking it! I think in a nutshell GP sees this game going under and they are desperately trying to get as much back on their investment as fast as possible before it does tank!

    If we want REAL change, we have to be able to not only force GP to be fair, but we also have to address Mail.RU, who is in complete control of this project, and let them know we are not going to support the ninja nerfs that are heading our way!

    The only way to do that is not support the CS at all and to make it clear to Mail.RU that we will not support a game that makes the use of CS required every second we play, period! Thats not how the F2P Model works in real life folks! Dont buy into their rendition of how a F2P model is supposed to be!

  • “Someone else responded to this by saying “so you did read those posts yet you refused to do a simple copy and paste from the constructive posts that were in these threads? You really werent taking the feedback seriously enough to make a list to show those who had the power to change things, is this what your saying?”

    His post was soon deleted. ”

    You DO realize that they SPECIFICALLY said it was not supposed to be a discussion thread, and that ANY posts that derailed the purpose of the thread would be deleted, right? The thread is ONLY for concrete suggestions about the cash shop.

  • You misinterpreted my post entirely. He asked why didnt they cut the best parts of PREVIOUS posts about the CS BEFORE they threw another thread asking for feedback! The simple fact is they are not listening, and they are not relaying nfo back ot those who have the power to change things.

    If you told everyone before this debacle that you were listening to everyone about their feedback, then turn around and hike prices up, did you actually listen to anyone? No!

  • “The only way to do that is not support the CS at all and to make it clear to Mail.RU that we will not support a game that makes the use of CS required every second we play, period!”

    Asgenar’s post within the forum thread pretty much sums up the same thing. It’s an excellent read if you haven’t done so already.

    This to me is the crux of the problem. While cash shop prices are definitely a contributing factor, it is not the core problem which is FoD and the forced usage of Perfume. Every other item in the cash shop is utilized to give a bonus effect. Perfume on the other hand is utilized to remove a negative effect, FoD. Thus perfume is the only item in the game that is absolutely necessary for enjoyment of the game. Without the use of it, you may as not even play, especially if patch 1.07 is implemented.

    Again I’m still hesitant to purchase anything, even if the cash shop prices drop, because I don’t want to invest in something that could potentially be ruined with patch 1.07. In effect, we need not only clear communication on the cash shop prices but also clear communication with regards to the upcoming direction of the game because both go hand in hand.

  • OK … i’ve finally decided that I’m going to give AO a solid chance and started the download … but I don’t know a single other soul who is playing but you guys. Is there any room for a newbie MMO vet to tag along? If so, what is the deal with server/faction/race/guild info?

    Will be rolling healer and have spent the last few hours reading up on everything; it’s gotten me excited about MMOs again (something I didn’t think possible after investing so much hope in AOC then WAR then Aion).

    Any tips or heads-up on what to expect? Talking bare basics here; how much time can i expect to spend leveling, questing, pvping, grinding, etc. … and how much group PvE is there while leveling (for talent purposes)?

  • He asked a simple question why they didnt listen to feedback before the debacle and simply take the best of those posts to those who could change things.

    She dismissed him and deleted a simple and honest question cause the fact is she or anyone else wasnt actually paying attention to previous suggestions about the cash shop or anything else about the game! Now they want feedback when they say they have been reading feedback all along? Its a cop out.

    If they know we dont like the prices, why would it take “several weeks” to “consider” changing them to start with, and why would they still leave the CS up in game knowing all this?

    We have time and time again have had suggestion threads that didnt turn into flame wars with real solutions for prices, for mechanics, for systems, and for gameplay in general, before the CS debacle, yet they never bothered once to copy and paste the best portions of those threads to show to anyone TILL everyone boycotted the CS? Come on man, thats a cop out and even you know that!

  • And your missing the point they are pointing our to you ambush, that the thread isn’t for questions or discussions, its for people to post AGAIN their feedback on the cash shop. Whether or not your friend wants to understand this, or you think they are not listening, thats the rules and theres nothing wrong with following them.

    Make another thread.

  • Well get ready for the moment of truth as you all listen “carefully” to the new interview on Massively about the CS and whats about to happen to Allods as a whole!

    Link to the Massively Interview. http://www.massively.com/2010/02/24/massively-speaking-episode-90-allods-onlines-cash-shop-intervi/1#c25745222

    All I can say is good luck to all who stay and spend the cash you need to enjoy the game. If the CS prices wont kill the game the new patches combined with the CS will.

    Good Luck community, my time to try and make change is over. Stick a fork in it, this MMO is cooked!

  • Listened to the entire interview on Massively, and its actually pretty good news for allods fans.

    The gpotato guy admits that they made a mistake by pricing items like a traditional f2p game (where 5% of customers spend 95% of the money), and they want to revise that downwards to make items accessible to more people.

    He also states that he thinks FoD is too strict, but adds the disclaimer that any change would have to be done by AN. I didn’t make one, but if anyone finds a transcript I’d like to read one. kids screaming etc.

    Good enough for me that I’m not uninstalling it. Might be all smoke but the words and tone of the gpotato exec tell me they are at least going to try to keep people like me as customers.

  • It’s getting harder and harder not to uninstall Allods.

    Talk is cheap now. I don’t want to hear this crap about “oh we made a mistake we’re working on it”in a Massively interview. It’s not as easy as removing a 0 from the prices but it was as easy as adding one….


  • I am with you keen, but seeing as I hope to live for a long time, I don’t mind waiting on the sidelines for a new F2P that will revolutionize the market to be honest. There will be one, maybe even an Allods like game and we’ll all rejoice and dance around the bonfire and laugh at Astrum Nival and Gpotato’s when it happens.

  • @howclever

    1) They say they STILL will follow the cash shop model, where a minority pays the bill.
    Dont expect getting something similar to a P2P experience for 15-20 bucks a month, they will aim for the sweet spot where cash shop price are still abnormally high, but inside more people’s budget.

    “so $100 weekly to play Allods made my playerbase angry?
    lets try 25!”

    and sorry to tell you, but for $25 a week, MANY idiots that dwell the F2P genre, with more money than common sense will buy their way to the top, and gPotato wont think twice about it, it will “prove they were right”

    moan all you want, thats not going to change

    2) Saying that AN is in charge of that is the same as saying FOD will forever be a gamebreaking issue and theres no way around it. FOD and its GAMEBREAKING effects are set in stone.

    And just wait for the next patch with 2h FOD, they cannot dodge it…

  • see,i start to feel bad for GPOTATO, because the uproar with this game is not their fault,its the playerbase’s fault.
    Mos specifically, its the P2P-background crowd that thinks everybody paying 15 bucks a month is fine, and fueling this backlash.

    GPOTATO only made a small screwup with the cash shop. The screwup was that their cash shop items are expensive even for those 10% hardcore playerbase that pays the bills in all their games.
    They are fixing it and the cash shop will have prices that those 10% can easily afford, and which still be too much for the freeloaders and the people used to subscription games

    If GPOTATOcould address us with 100% honesty, Im sure they would say something like:

    “P2P players in Allods. get out.

    no, seriously, get the f*** out. we dont want you, we dont need you.leave. now.

    We have always relied on 10% people paying outrageous amounts of money and 90% people leeching us. It works for us, we dont care a f*** about what P2P publishers do, we dont care a f*** about what you think is better.

    So please, because we never had your market in mind, and this game was never supposed to cater to gamers like you, quit already and stop making noise”

  • The longer people play and hope the situation will improve the longer they will leave the prices in place and the more inconveniences they will patch in to drive you to the CS.
    That’s why this is taking so long: they are planning not just new prices but new ways to virtually herd you through the gift shop.

    Vote with your virtual feet! Only when the player base shrinks and revenue vanishes will they turn off the servers, remove the 0 from the price tags and restart the servers.
    If they respect their players, once that’s done THEN is the time to start rebuilding the model.

    What actually surprises and scares me the most are the numbers of apologists, because it’s more than a tiny handful of trolls – how can any gamer look at a system that includes items costing thousands and even start to defend it.

    Sure if the scale ran from $1 to $100 but when it’s so very extreme you have to question people’s sanity. Did gpotato think that there would be enough people who were rich, stupid or insane enough to get away with their prices?

  • I’ve put this on the EU forums, but it could apply to all three zones. This is my idea to fight fire with fire if they really don’t show some signs of listening soon. I’ve listened to yesterday’s podcast on Massively.com and I’m afraid I feel no better hearing the executive squirm and try to spin the situation. So, here goes:

    If they implement FoD for PvP, especially if there’s any hint of following up with perfume prices ANYwhere near the US prices then don’t rage quit. Instead:

    1. Refuse to engage in PvP.

    2. Start *helping* the other side to kill mobs in PvE.

    3. Stop doing dungeons that lock if you leave.

    4. Most of all – DO NOT BUY PERFUMES. if you don’t buy, they make no money, and must reconsider their prices/development plan.

    5. If you have the in game money (i.e. Gold) to buy stacks of Myrrh, buy it, and GIVE IT AWAY. Its not real money, after all.

    Essentially, just help as many people as you possibly can avoid getting FoD in the first place. Those that get it become able to buy their way out of it with in game stuff.

    Act like a *community* and look out for each other. Don’t stop playing. Empty world=dead game. What I’m proposing is completely circumventing the ‘force you to spend money’ mechanic until they change it. If we all do this for a while immediately following FOD/Cash shop implementation, we’ll know whether they’re paying attention at the very next update because they’ll do one of two things:

    1. Change the mechanic or prices to something more rational and sensible

    2. Bring in other changes that stop the above suggestions working.

    If they go for 1, you can all go back to ganking each other, kill stealing and generally acting like two factions at war.

    If they go for 2… ragequit.

    Thanks for listening. Pass this idea around your guilds, fansites, blogs, etc if you agree. I have only just started playing this game, I want to keep playing it, and I don’t want to be blackmailed in the process. If we have to blackmail them right back in order for them to get the message, then so be it.

  • @Saga and Marcus Dean

    The thing is: you HAVE free to play games that cater to subscription players. And have affordable options comparable to a 15$ monthly sub.

    Look at Wizard 101, look at DDO, look at Free Realms. And you have plenty of more examples of free to play games that don’t alienate a huge chunk of potential paying costumers.

    If you owned a business would you tell someone to GTFO when they are willing to spend money on your product?
    Honestly, Allods is a game built in a way that has a vast appeal to a large scope of players. The item shop should accomodate the biggest amount of players possible spending money in the game.

  • I want to discuss something that came up in that interview.

    Why is it that these guys have to go with this “The game will be a shittier experience if you don’t pay” instead of “The game will be a better experience should you decide to pay.”

    Despite my previous curses against FoD and the CS model, I decided to give it a whirl. It is a great game, especially for the F2P model. However, the way they’ve structured the F2P(hence forth known by me as FORCED 2 PAY) model here is really disappointing.

    Take that with this cash shop nonsense, I feel that I can’t really in good conscience give this game another shot. That Massively interview plainly shows they knew what they were doing, the prices were placed what the felt the market would bear, and that they intend to lower prices, but still ask for insane investments @ the end game.

    Even with the barren MMO landscape right now, there’s no way I’m contributing to this bullshit.

  • I listened to the interview and honestly I didn’t think it was that bad. I’ll admit once the cash shop blunder happened I was ready to throw in the towel but now that I’ve had some time to think about things it was a bit encouraging. If they can get the prices of perfume to the point where I can balance buying from the CS and doing some dailies here and there I’d be fine with that.

    Here’s to hoping for some good change. 🙂

  • Don’t know how much info about patch 07 u have, but it seems that not much. While u shouting bout Cash Shop, the mechanic of Allods is getting worse.
    Meditation and all skills for regeneration of mana will be deleted, it will takes minutes to reg ur HP or MP with usual food or drinks.
    BUT If u “pay” 1 minute of parfume’s duration u will be able to use skill which reg ur mana for 20 second in battle & 10 second out. “Pay” 5 min. for full restoration, or 10 “min” for resurrection without fear of death even in the middle of battle in dungeon or astral.
    So u will havet to buy parfumes many times more than u think. Even with prices reduced it will cost large sums for a month of playing.
    Also the system of runes will be changed pretty much. Without them u hardly be ably to go through the “heroic version” of any dungeon even if u have full epic (orange) party. In astral u may get 3kk of damage from trash mobs.
    1 rune of the 5th level gives +16% damage/heal or 11% of absorption.
    6 Ñ… 5 level = +48% damage, +33% absorption.
    6 х 10 level = +99% урон, + 48% absorption.
    What would u say when see quests like – kill 500 bears / slimes / tigers / elementals?? Those new quests waits to be grinded in new patch. U will need much more expirience to lvl up from lvl 20 to 40 (around x3 times).
    Alchemy reagent for astral potion (gives +35 to all stats for 30 seconds) will cost 580g from npc.

    And about original dev. team – only designers take part in development of Allods from the beginning. Programmers and others quited long ago. Some players, who played from the first alpha tests, have their own insiders. They gave full info about previous patches days and weeks before it was published, so if they say that there is no more the major part of original dev. team I belive them more than people who led the game to this tragic point.
    P.S. Free mmorpgг “Allods Online” waits for you, %username%!

  • Look at any MMO and classes get nerfed then buffed, mechanics come and go. I have seen the changes on the horizon and while they are doing some things that are questionable, mechanics can always be changed around in future patches.

    Look at WoW, I can’t tell you how many times a class was nerfed and 1 year later it was flavor of the month because of buffs it got. Mechanics are the same, things change over time, that’s the beauty and sometimes the curse of an MMO. I guess all I’m saying is wait and see, things might be weird now but it’s still beta. I still haven’t paid anything so it’s not hurting me to follow it.

  • Well I think we now know the following:

    1. The cash shop “blunder” was intentional, as ridiculous as that sounds. The responses are generally nothing more than lip service to buy time to determine damage control measures.

    2. It is clear that their revenue projections are based on a premium pricing MT model where a significantly small percentage of the player base provides a large percentage of the game’s revenue. This does not support logically the theory that the prices are going to come down considerably (e.g removing a zero). I won’t even venture a guess.

    3. I don’t see any backtracking at all on FoD as a mechanic. It’s not going anywhere, at least in the short term.

    We’ll see what plays out, but I have to think that unless the picture becomes more clear about what the pricing model of this game is going to be (good or bad), Allods is in danger mode of massive uninstalls, or loss of potential buying customers.

    And, they may be ok with that. If there is enough of a small minority who is willing to pay those cash shop prices to make the game profitable, so be it. I think the game is good, even excellent in some areas, but it is not revolutionary or hugely genre-moving to an extent where I can justify paying anything remotely close to the current prices.

  • I’m going to keep questing, leveling and plodding around casually for the time being and see what unfolds. As soon as FoD stops me from PvPing or interferes with my overall experience (or stops me playing with some degree of balance compared to others) I’ll quit and move on. It’s not like there aren’t other great MMO games coming or out there now that have better structures/plans in place.

    I think the game will be very empty once they isolate the F2P players who are boycotting the CS but then find they can’t even take part in content because of perfumes. The 5 or 10 percent of the hardcore, paying players can have their ghost towns… well, floating ghost rocks…

    Janedoe {Mentalist}

  • I think they’d be fools to keep going with the high prices given the huge negative backslash that’s resulted. Remember, it’s still technically open beta so they can claim that in their defense and still make sweeping changes before the game goes live.

  • The Massive interview sounded to me like a guy who doesn’t understand the market. Maybe I’m hearing wrong (entirely possible, I was distracted while listening), but it sounded to me like they were angling to cater *only* to those 11/1 percent of players who spend a lot of money. In other words, from the outset, they were ignoring the 88.

    That’s not how you do this model. You accept that there are the 88 percent, but you try to entice them over to the 11/1. You do that with cheap prices and impulse purchases, *reducing* the barrier to opening the wallet. It *will not* work to cater exclusively to the 11/1 and ignore the 88.

  • It sounded like that what they thought they should be targeting but after player feedback and the uproar I think they realized that there’s more people will to support the game. I think they realize they need to drop the prices and I’m hoping they realize they can really revolutionize free to play with this game.

    That being the case I’m sort of happy they are taking their time. If this game could break the mold then they need to plan it properly.

  • I finally removed Allods about 24 hours after the Massively interview. Talk is cheap, the cash shop is a huge problem and simply removing the offending items or the shop completely until they decide on what to adjust the prices too would of gone a long way with me but instead they’d rather evaluate 4 weeks worth of time to see who would break down and use it.

    Sad shameful $$$ in my opinion. Its especially disconcerning to listen to the interview and realize they either dont know what they have even now, don’t care whats coming down the pipeline, and are utterly clueless. The only work they did on prices was “what can we get” utter PR spin.

    The lie about the quests for the perfume though were really rich. I’m sorry there’s basically 1 daily repeatable and it gets you 1 perfume period. The quest that nets you 20 is lvl 15 and there’s even people saying it randomly doesn’t give you the perfumes.

    Gpotatos Management and PR spinners are fail…we’re not stupid..I’ll be taking my money back to Atlantica or..*shudder* maybe Champions atleast to play Vibora Bay until something else comes along.

  • gPot’s blunder was a blessing in disguise for me. It made me look elsewhere and I found LOTRO. Having a blast with it.

  • It’s been 5 days or so, any more news from Allodds. Still no updates or patches of any sort.. If the devs are there, other than a NDA you would think something would leak saying – sit tight, patch coming this week etc..