Allods Cash Shop Blunder

This is not how I wanted to wake up.  First the whole Tiger Woods news conference taking precedent over my morning news and now logging on to hear that a patch came overnight opening the cash shop revealing horrendous prices.  None of us are surprised to find that the cash shop was hiding a secret.  Not even those of us who enjoy the game were that blind.  However, I am perturbed to see the type of surprise.

Everything in the cash shop has had a zero added to the end.  Mistake?  I do not know.  It seems like an awfully big mistake to make, especially when you’re open for business.  A medium bag that was $2 is now $20 (that’s $20 for 6 extra slots folks), and a level 10 rune that was $689 is now $6,890.  See what I mean by the possible error with adding a zero?  It doesn’t make any sense that gPotato would be this stupid, but I honestly can’t sit here and believe this wasn’t a mistake. (Update: Russians say our shops prices are 20x higher than theirs.)

No one, out of the 90 members in my guild, will spend a dime on this cash shop in its current state.  Many of us have $50 gamecards that we’re prepared to shred or attempt to return to the vendor before we redeem them.  I have a feeling that the majority feel the same.   The Official Forums are ablaze with ragequits and all the topics trying to speak out on this horrific price gouging are being deleted.  This is unacceptable.

Most of us are planning to continue playing since we enjoy the game for free to make a statement.  At their current prices, no one will be able to continue using the cash shop for long.  The prices are so high that even the potions are ridiculous.  Spend your $13.50 and boost your HP and I will still kill you three times over.  Will you be quick to spend $13.50 again after having your ass handed to you?  I think not.  It made more sense when the cash shop was cheap enough that people would not hesitate.  It was so cheap that I actually saw myself spending $10/month on one item alone.

I advocate the boycott until we find out what’s up.  It doesn’t matter how good the game is (and it is amazing) if the prices are this high.  Everyone will all stop playing and move on to something else.  The NA market doesn’t tolerate this kind of stuff.  This also just validates every concern that myself and others have about microtransaction games.

I’m prepared to strikeout every word in this blog entry and speak favorably about the game again if this is indeed in error.  If this is not a mistake… I hope that I don’t have to write that post.

Note: Due to the importance of this issue I will not be allowing anyone to derail it with trolling posts or comments that have clearly been made without reading the post.   If your comment is deleted then you know why.

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