Conglomoblog: ‘Well Butter My Biscuits’ Edition

StarCraft 2: Fitting title for today’s blog entry as StarCraft 2 public beta launches.  I was watching the videos on 1up of the live stream they did and one of the SCV’s yelled “well butter my biscuits!”.  I tried to rewind and find it again but I couldn’t… so maybe I’m just hearing things.  Sadly, I’m not in the beta.  Perhaps that is a good thing, as the people on ventrilo tell me, because I would not be playing anything but SC2 if I were in.  Yes, that makes me a fanboy.

Will they be inviting more people soon?  I hope so.  My Bnet account is tied to my WoW account, Diablo games, and StarCraft purchases as well as having been signed up for beta since the first minute it was available.  Getting into beta would be very bad for my GPA and very bad for the games piling up on my desk…. but dang I want in.

Blog Stuff: I’m looking for material!  Well, more of ideas I guess.  I created a topic on our forums asking for ideas on topics that you would like to see me write about.  No, I’m not that desperate.  I’m simply wanting to ensure that I do not pigeonhole my writing again this year.  I have a small list of topics that I want to cover this next month and I’ve increased that list with several suggestions.  Now I’ll propose the same to you all and ask for you to leave a comment, or email me if you wish, with any topics you want me to talk about.  Sometimes I will have a ton to say on a topic but just never thought of writing about it.  Sometimes I think I wrote about something but instead the ideas have just floated around my head.

Allods Online: Day 2 of “launch” is going well.  There are still a lot of people but it is slightly more manageable.  My Warden is now level 10 and our guild has started doing runs through Oreshek (level 10-12 dungeon).  We had to upgrade our ventrilo server tonight because of how many people we have pouring onto the server and I must say it’s really fun meeting all of you – most being readers of the blog.

Gala-Net got back to me with interview questions that I’ve had in with them for a while.   Some of the questions are a bit dated now but a few of the questions do give a little more insight into topics that have been quiet or not addressed.  That interview will be posted up tomorrow.

  • Oh how I yearn for Starcraft 2 Beta…

    Although I’m afraid if I even got a glimpse of the beta email in my inbox my heart would implode upon itself.

  • Starcraft 2 is one of the games I don’t want to play until it’s finished. Same goes for TOR.

    As for blog topics, anything about Allods would be a fun read.

  • FYI Keen (and the community ofc =) here’s some info that you might not have heard/read yet;
    They are already planning on increasing the levelcap in Allods. Source you ask ? Well here’s an interview with some of the Allods guys over at a german game show:

    Skip to 7 (ish) mins for the interview in english, the rest is in german.

    (And YES, I found the link to this on the official EU Allods website, I just reckon most of you yankees ain’t checking that regularly. =)

  • I assume the whole butter my biscuits thing. 😛

    @Proximo: Thanks for pointing that out. Raising the level cap would work well in allods. It feels like the game still has a lot of room for vertical expansion.

  • @Proximo/Keen

    Well we were told that they were in the planning stages for an “expansion” so that would make much sense (even if the source was a little questionable).

  • Overall the launch has been very good, I have noticed this morning on day 3 of OB that I’m having really really bad lag in major cities/towns (Novograd being the worst). I’ve heard a couple people mention that it could be caused by the patching agent used by gpotatoe, but I haven’t looked into it yet. Other then that though I have not a single complatin about OB launch. Most of the things I do notice people complaining about though are very typical launch day problems camped mobs, crowding etc etc.

  • Ugh, biscuits here are like your cookies and the idea of buttering them makes me feel sick 😛

    Still, good to see movement with SC2 at last and I hope to see some development with D3 soon too, even if both games are actually a long way from release.

  • @Ryb

    That and the usual newcomers saying repeatedly how they hate not having a mini-map, hate not having the auto-attack.. To the point you want to reach through the computer and smack them around a bit.

  • I’m trying a scout in allods. But I find the forums rather confusing. I do not know if the forumites are scarce, but is not one decent take on the class. Can you help me?

  • @Warden
    I agree it does get rather old hearing the no mini-map gripe. I myself missed it at first, but once you get used to it you really don’t miss it much and the mini-map (in some games) takes up a sizable amount of the screnn. As for auto-attack I’ve played other games where it was absent as well so it’s not that big of a deal to me either.

    You might check out Keen’s forums, I think a few people have posted their thoughts on scouts there. Here is a link to a thread I think you might find useful.

  • In terms of blog ideas, have you considered doing guest posts for other blogs or letting other bloggers do guest posts on yours? Sometimes it can help generate new ideas.