Stargate Resistance: Should You Resist?

Stargate Resistance, a shooter being made by the now (probably) canned Stargate MMO developers, is releasing on the 10th of this month.  This weekend was their big “preview weekend” allowing players to gain access to the game and give it a try.  Obviously as a SG fan there was no way that I would pass this one up.  I downloaded the client, got it all installed, and jumped in hoping that the “first Stargate PC shooter ever to come to market” would be a great one.

Unfortunately I wish I had resisted.  I take no pleasure in speaking poorly about this title out of respect for its namesake.  The game feels like a mediocre mod for Half-life.  The only word that can describe how it feels is ‘wonky’.  The graphics are just alright and the maps, while not terrible, were pretty uninspired for what I would expect in a Stargate game.  The sounds were pretty bad and, again, like you’d expect from a mod.   The front-end, such as the menu system and UI, and presentation of the gameare really under par and do not reflect a polished product coming to market.  There are balance issues with classes like the Ashrak and its nearly unstoppable stealth sprinting and knifing.  As a Goa’uld I walked up to a SG-1 infantry soldier and used my hand device on him.  He pops two shots on me with his pistol and I’m dead.  Not. Canon. At. All.

I do like the Stargate feel.  Deja vu.  Seeing the Jaffa and their staff weapons, the SG uniforms, the P90’s, the Goa’uld, and many other SG related things was all a real pleasure.  However, like Star Trek Online, my love for an IP is not enough to keep me playing when the game itself just isn’t up to snuff.  The sad part is that I can tell this would have made a good MMO.  Perhaps the wonky feel comes from translating a MMO to a FPS.  The scale of Stargate is not being represented in this game, or at least not in the preview.  I want big maps, vehicles, and big battles like something in BF2142 or even BF2.  The IP is capable of supporting that type of gameplay tenfold.   My advice for them is to take it further and do more with the game.

Maybe this game will earn them the money they need to continue with Stargate World.  If so, I regret that I’ll be benefiting at the expense of others but I can’t deny that part of me hopes it all works out for them and they continue with the game that should have been made instead of plan B.

  • I took a look at their website and this game and promptly wrote off any hope for a SG mmo. I figure this game will be the death knell for the company which is sad but I saw nothing in this game that interested me at all. It’s not a bad idea, but it was a rush job to try and get something from all their hard work. Couple that with the fact that they are taking assets from an mmo and trying to turn it into some half baked shooter at the 11th hour and I saw no reason to even try to get excited.

    I am a huge SG fan as well but I don’t think we will ever see the game we want as fans.

  • This game was released as an FPS for no reason other than because they ran out of money. It’s a last desperate attempt to either A) convince someone that the MMORPG can be finished quickly and cheaply or B) recoup some of their losses. Who knows, maybe it’ll work, but I’m certainly not spending time or money on it.

  • im a big stargate fan but these games that are comming out just in my opnion… Just maybe shouldent happen, but then sense the main sg1 and Atlantis is done there going to do anything to make a buck. DOWN WITH STARGATE universe!!! >_>

    by the way i hate universe way to much drama, Maybe Jerry Spinger should use one of the stones and become the ships councilar -_-

  • sorry for the two messages but basicly my opnion is that the games will just Dollerise a good (two shows) and make then less worthy

  • The way this was slapped together I guess it’s no surprise that it’s underwhelming.

    Thanks for checking this one out for us, taking one for the team so-to-speak. This pretty much cements my preference to stay away and just not diminish the IP for me.

  • Saw the trailer…knew it was rubbish. I used to watch a little Stargate, but never got into it the way you did. Regardless, this is not what fans want or need.

  • This is unfortunate. Oh well.

    Keen, when do we get Graev’s write-up on MAG for the PS3? Kinda interested in hearing how the 256 player online battles are panning out.

  • I told him to go Raven because they looked the coolest but he went with the Russians. 🙁 SavagePenguin is his PS3 name.

  • I agree with everyone, this game was slapped together really fast and it shows. I think the best thing in the game is the maps. The characters are soooo lowres I can’t even play, haha. But, that being said, since this is a stargate game I will continue to support whoever tries to keep it alive. BTW i read SGR was sold to another developer. I do hope they can take a step back and revisit this game and fix where Firesky went wrong. Keep up the hope guys!