Allods Online Castle Blight Boss Fights Video

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I recorded this video showcasing briefly the boss fights in Castle Blight.  This is a level 25-28’ish Dungeon on the League side in Allods Online.  There is no sound, but it gives you a look at the fights.

Edit:  Oh yes, and this is when I was level 27 and still melee spec.

My PvP footage is all recorded and since I have nothing else to do tonight I’ll compile it and hopefully get it uploaded.

Any questions?  Just ask.

  • I thought it looked a little short. I missed the guy near the staircase. I probably have the video file on my desktop right now too.

  • It says no sound in the post ><

    Allods looks more inticing in that video, but ech… I run out of willpower to level in the starter area.

  • I saw some stats hilighted in green when you were mousing over the loot that dropped. Is that showing which of your stats will change if you equip that new gear? Im burning thru my free 10 days of Wrath and noticed WoW is showing which stats gain and lose when you mouse over gear, which is awesome!

  • Well, that third boss fight was epic but you made the second one (Valirsky) look so easy! He wiped my group three times before we gave up. The most we ever did was get him to about 65% health.

    The tank said he was getting a huge stacking stamina debuff and no-one had any way of removing it.

    Any tips on doing him, or is it just levels? The highest in our group when we tried were two level 26s. Most of us were 21/22.

  • What are differences between the variations in archetype, like the difference between a Reaver Paladin and a Crusader Paladin? Is it just those racial-like World Mysteries?

  • Yeah the only difference between races in the same class is the Racial Skill, stats may be mildly different, and by mild i mean +/- 5 (at lvl 30 main stats are @200)

    I think the group was all overlevel for the instance.

  • “The tank said he was getting a huge stacking stamina debuff and no-one had any way of removing it.”

    Bhagpuss: Keen might be able to confirm this but the Healer in their group may have been able to remove the debuff you were talking about. I’m at 27th lvl now for my Healer and I just got an ability that removes debuffs. It’ll probably come in real handy during PvP fights as well.

  • @Bhagpuss: Only the last boss gave us trouble. The others were destroyed with little effort. I think we were slightly above the required level though. 😉 21/22 is way too low for the instance. You’re probably just not killing the boss fast enough. 2 healer are necessary as well, imo. I’m not sure if the debuff could be removed.

    @Coppertopper: The highlighted stats are the ones important to your class.

    @Werit: Yeah, that’s the bread and butter melee attack called Tiger Strike (or Tiger blow?). They claw at the enemy. 😛

  • Keen: BTW noticed that at 27/28th level, I’m assuming you already have better gear than what dropped in the dungeon. So the run was more just to experience the place, rather than anything else. Correct?

    If people formed a full raid of 24 people, at what level do you think they could do it? 23rd?

  • So if you were still melee specced at that level, does it mean that towards the end you specced to Call Lightning or Get’Em?
    In Case you specced Call Lightning, what ‘s the difference between playing melee or caster warden?