They’re trying to get me back into Darkfall

I’m an easy sell the first time around when it comes to new mmorpgs.  I have to enjoy my first taste and want more, like the direction that the developers say they’re taking the game, and have a position outlook on how it will all unfold.  When it comes to second chances, I’m one of the harder sells out there.  Unless I really liked the game and quit reluctantly or on good terms, it’s next to impossible to get me to try it again.  The people I play with know I’m a tough resell — perhaps a little on the stubborn side even.

I’m reminded of the three stages.  I believe these get credited to Arnold van Gennep:  separation, transition, and incorporation.  That middle stage – transition – is the most dangerous.  That’s when we’re vulnerable and all sorts of bad stuff happens (or we believe it happens).  It holds true for gaming.  When we’re between games we are very susceptable to all sorts of influences we might normally be guarded against.  Some of us get so bored that we will turn to anything for relief.  Some can easily be swayed into trying something they were on the fence about.  Some might even find themselves campaigning for the very game they fought so hard against.

A lot of my close gaming friends, with whom I play games and hang out on vent every day, cornered me last night and told me that they’re going to resubscribe to Darkfall.  My first reply was “You all are bat ____ crazy”.   Okay, so I didn’t come out and say it but that’s what I was thinking.  “Our old buddies we played with have a real successful guild!  They own an island will all sorts of villas, harvesting spots, mobs to fight, two cities, and are part of a big alliance!”.   They went on to tell me about the skill system being what was promised on paper where you get better at one skill and that makes you weaker in another area — IE, better at melee worse at magic.  Skilling up isn’t about shooting spells into the air but using them in PvE now.  Ship battles, new weapon mechanics, revamped this and that.

Sounds fun.  It always ‘sounds’ fun.  I won’t be resold on the idea so quickly though.  What about those people who macro’d to the moon and back?  What about all the vast ways of exploiting hit boxes and other unpolished aspects of the game?  Do I still have to mine *plink plink* rocks all day?  Coming back to the game at this point would mean starting over.  That means being eons behind everyone in their 100 rigor and bloated stats and rank 60 weapons.  When I ask people whether or not it’s possible to come back and compete I get the run-around usual “oh well you’d have help”.  I don’t blame them; I give the same responses to those tough questions.  The reality though is that you can’t compete.  Someone giving you a straight answer will say that you’ll get 3-shot by a high skilled player.  It takes time and effort to build up those numbers on a character; after all, character development in Darkfall is not very disguised — it really is just getting higher numbers on skills.  Can I catch up?  “Everyone maxes out eventually”.  No, that’s not what I asked.  The truth is in there though.  It’s not easy to catch up.  It would be a huge uphill battle with the odds against you.  What no one can answer for me yet is whether or not it’s worth it — whether or not it’s worth hiding behind everyone else in the battle for a few months, losing countless times before coming close to a win, and playing the odds that one day it will pan out for you — it absolutely was not the first time.  Has the game really changed or are people just being optimistic because what was once so bad is now tolerable?

They’ll be the guinea pigs for me.  I’ve told them that I want them to play it and let me know how it is before I give it a another try.  Starting up today or next month won’t matter.  At this rate I can only benefit from waiting because if they stick with it I’ll have all the more help.

  • Come to Darkfall Keen… it feels good. It feels really good.

    I just started playing it about two weeks ago and I am having a blast. It seems like right now is the perfect time to play since they’ve hammered out so many of the issues.

  • One thing i’d say (and i don’t play unfortunately…no time right now, but this comes from reading boards on the game every day) is that the grind right now is no where near what it used to be…they have really sped it up a lot by all accounts.

    Get in a good clan that can keep you supplied with decent stuff and based on what i’ve read it really doesn’t take long anymore to be competitive. Throw in the fact that they’ve started adding some specializations, balanced magic etc…all that stuff really helps the newbs starting out these days.

  • It always deeply confuses me why people expect to be “competitive” right away in Darkfall.

    Why? It’s an MMORPG.

    You would get instagibbed in Aion/WoW/Warhammer or any other MMO. The level disparity is cosmic in those games.

    In Darkfall you could get 3 hit. But instead of being upset at that maybe you could focus on the fact that you -could- fight that player with someone else that was mid level…

    You are upset that a brand new character would be able to participate and be useful’ish in group combat at all? Yes you would have to stay in the back but…what other game would you even be useful in that situation?

  • I am very interested in DF and I’ll probably start once my current list ceases to hold my interest.

    Some of the stories and videos over at Syncaine’s blog are absolutely mouth-watering and discussions of WoW’s latest hamster wheel are making me hanker for something meaningful.

    I’m very pleased to see that Aventurine have come from nowhere to make what is increasingly a success in a sphere dominated by big money corporates.

  • no one will make you come back, decide for yourself. Let your friends play then make up your mind.

    You wont have the versatility of people who have played for a long time. You will do less damage and have less health, yes you will lose 1v1 for quite awhile. The trick, don’t fight 1v1.

    Some of the new Specialisation choices for example completely block all elementary magic schools. If you focus on Archery and Melee you could pick those buffs and never bother learning the magic schools. A player who ground them all up to 100 would still lose them to get the IMBA buffs specialisation offers, so you wouldn’t be at a disadvantage in choice of abilities

    Yes you will still be far behind in stats, you will even have like 60 less health than someone maxed out. If you want to be a solo hero from the moment you join the game, then deffo pass. but if you enjoy group dynamics, working as part of a team and feeling that what you do really does affect the game world, then DF is worth a look.

  • @Adam

    “It always deeply confuses me why people expect to be “competitive” right away in Darkfall”

    Where did keen say he expect to be Compettitive right away?

    I see him asking is it WORTH it to take the time to get competitive. Has the game really changed?

  • @Adam: Not competitive right away, but reasonably competitive within a reasonable amount of time given a reasonable amount of effort (which would have to be a greater effort exerted to catch up, obviously).

    Starting later, the effort I would have to exert to catch up to the character’s who started earlier is exponentially more than I would have to exert in many other games do to Darkfall’s near-vertical progression. It’s possible to catch up, but doing so would be extremely difficult in Darkfall’s style of game without feeling like one can’t actually experience what the game might have to offer. What I’m wanting to know is whether or not it’s worth it now, when once it was definitely not.

    @Stabs: Has Aventurine really made a difference? I want to see the opinion of someone who disliked the game for the same reasons I did return and give me their opinion. Hence why I’m letting my friends be the guinea pigs. The opinion of someone who slobbered all over the game from the start doesn’t do me any good.


    “If you want to be a solo hero from the moment you join the game, then deffo pass. but if you enjoy group dynamics, working as part of a team and feeling that what you do really does affect the game world, then DF is worth a look.”

    That’s one of those responses I don’t like, even though I’m guilty of throwing them out there myself. Speak plainly. Obviously being a solo hero doesn’t work for a newcomer. Even in groups though I would question the ability of a newcomer. Group dynamics and working as a team at peak efficiency can’t make up for 100 point stats and max rank gear. What does it seriously take to catch up and be competitive?

  • @Keen

    First of all what do you mean by catch up? Are you wanting to be able to compete with people who have played 150 hours a week since launch? Would you see being equal to them as competitive?

    Would you consider catching up to the guy who plays 5 hours a week as competitive?

    VERY few people have maxed everything out. Even people who play a lot still have a long way to go to max everything out. the trick is to focus on a couple of areas and become very good at them. You can get your archery up to a decent level in about 1 week of playtime. You can get your Melee with 1 weapon in about another week of 3-4 hours a day in game. Adjust to whatever time you send in game a week.

    You will still have a stats disadvantage to a long time player. This means you have less health, stamina and mana (plus other stuff) BUT you may be a better player than him, if you can land 4 out of 5 hits and he only manages 2 out of 4, you can beat him. Lets see a level 5 in wow beat a level 50.

    Getting one area to max in DF really isn’t that hard. The two areas you will be behind in are stats and versatility. A long time player will have many melee weapons maxed and can choose what he wants to use, you can’t. He can choose to spec for magic, melee or archery, you can’t. he can use spells from all the different schools, you can’t. But if you are a much better player than him you can compete.

    I can’t force you to understand what most people see in DF. We know that everyone is handy in a fight. This isn’t wow with a max of 25 people allowed in an instance. You can take as many as you want and every extra body helps. In 90% of wow boss fights having an extra player, even one in really crappy gear and half his abilities missing from his tool bar is a help. He might not help as much as a player in uber epics, but he does help. When it comes to a fight to the death, I would prefer to have a noobie watching my back than to be standing on my own. Viva la noobies.

  • Stats disadvantage, gear disadvantage, all the disadvantages are inevitable. That much I can understand. “Catching up” to the point of being able to play with the people and contribute more than being that guy who tags along and doesn’t do much will take time and effort. Doable, I’m sure.

    What it boils down to for me though is whether or not the game is worth that effort. If its the same game underneath all the new “changes” people have been preaching then I’m not interested. If they’ve fixed the mechanics — the ones that were utterly broken — and gave the game direction and added more ‘stuff’ and ‘polish’ then it’s something to consider. Adding boat fights is cool, but what about how those boat fights work? I want to know the details. Having a house is nice, but I want to know the details. Can it be destroyed, can I expand it, etc. Details are important.

  • @Keen

    What kazamx said.

    The skill gain is 6x for offensive abilities now. It’s much faster… to the point that anymore would mess the game up imo since what would longer term players have to work at?

    From my perspective I’ve been playing Darkfall since a month before NA-1 and love the game. Totally unique MMO that has multiple features unavailable in any other.

    FPS targeting and a -persistent- world environment are critical to me not -hating- MMO PVP and PVE. After playing Darkfall and having these things, they are mandatory for me.

  • I recently bought the game, and for some reason I really enjoy it. What’s strange… is that I cant put my finger on why. I don’t particularly like the “grindy” feel to leveling up the combat or mining/gathering skills… but I cant help myself from enjoying the open-ended nature of the game, as well as the combat. I’m still a big newb, and I think I just need a good clan/alliance to push me over the edge of really really getting hooked. Anyone recruiting? haha..

    Anyway, I can’t speak to whether or not starting over is “worth” it yet, since I haven’t been playing that long, but all I know is that I’m enjoying myself being a newb in an MMO again.

  • My question wouldn’t so much be “is it worth putting in the time to become competetive?”, more “what do I have to give up?”

    A skill-based, sandbox game like Darkfall is a real commitment. Not only do you have to put in the time to raise the skills, you have to build and maintain the social network, put in the hours, be consistent. And if you drop out for a while for whatever reason, you have to catch up all over again.

    Do you want that level of commitment? What would a game have to give you back to deserve that much?

  • @Bhagpuss,

    Sorry man I can’t agree. I have played on EU1 from about 2 weeks after release. I play for a maximum of 10 hours a week, most of the time less than that.

    I get slaughtered 1v1 still by the power gamers, but can take more medium ability players without too much trouble. I am always asked to come on PvP runs as the guys always want an extra man. I have only Witchcraft to 75 for Witches Brew and have Fire to about 83 or something. I use polearms at about 80 mastery and Archery to about 90 sharpshooter.

    I don’t have the massive choice of spells my buddies do, but I can lay down plenty of shots using firebolt and fire er…. whatever it was called. I have my AOE and my AOE heal. I can follow orders and can guarantee that I have made the difference between winnng and losing in a lot of fights. I am not a great Pvper but targeting the right guy at the right time and getting a few shots in can make all the difference.


    It will take too long to describe everything with details. Try this.

    SHIP – I know you played POTBS. Did you ever think to yourself while playing that game how cool it would be to have all the people on your ship as real players and not NPCs? To be the captain and have your crew be your buddies on vent? Thats the feeling I have everytime I go to battle in DF on a ship. The sea Towers finally give all the guilds a reason to bring out their ships and its awesome.

    Homes – Limited number of homes per server (800) deeds drop from Chaos Chests. Rent is about 750g every 3 days. Homes can’t be destroyed but the dorr can be knocked down. no one can take anything from your homes. Upgrades are from Chaos Chests. Upgrades include, Furniture, Wall Hangings, A Vendor to sell stuff for you, a working slot machine, a local bank and other stuff. All can be bought from the trade channel.

    What did you mean by

    “If they’ve fixed the mechanics — the ones that were utterly broken”

    If you can tell me what you thought was broken I can tell you if its fixed

  • I’ve been considering buying it and trying it out for months now. Give me your account and I’ll try it for you. 😉

    I hate the fact that there’s no trial. That’s what’s keeping me from trying it. I do not want to drop $50 + subscription money only to find out it’s just not for me.

  • I really enjoyed Darkfall, we had some amazing times in Haven.

    That being said i share many of keens concerns about the game. Here are a few of the reasons in hesitant to return. (TBH i haven’t played the game in 4-5 months, and Haven’t researched it since then either)

    Can i play the game the way i want? I would like to be a mage and focus primarily on casting spells. When i played darkfall i dedicated myself fully to this goal. Although i knew it was costly, hard, and not optimal i still strove to achieve that goal. It never payed off, and i left the game with a sour taste.

    How is the exploiting? Do i need to worry about people with maxed rigor and macro’ed stats coming and completely crapping on me?

  • Forgot to mention

    Keen, get your ass into gear and get transferred. Its free for now but wont be soon. You DON’T need to buy a sub to transfer. I assume you don’t want to play on the EU server IF you decide to come back.

    We don’t want a whine post about transfer fees if you decide to come back in 6 months and need to pay. Transfer now for free.

    Oh and that goes for the rest of you yanks who quit ages ago. Transfer now to keep your options open later.

  • @kazamx: The skill system was completely broken. Everything from skilling up by shooting spells into the sky to being able to skillup in everything and be a master of everything to having Brownies dot you to raise your vigor.

    Combat was glitchy. Hit boxes were exploited.

    Exploiting in Darkfall was like playing normally. Everything was done by exploiting this or that. Trap mobs against walls to kill stuff you normally couldn’t. Hide behind a wall and have a mob just shoot the wall while you pop up and fire an arrow.

    You couldn’t just play normally.

    My character is transfered btw.

  • @Teleth

    Man you missed out. For the last few months its been Magefall rather than Darkfall. Up until the last patch magic was by far OP compared to melee or archery. The last expansion balanced things out a lot though.

    Each spell now has one of 4 upgrades, Speed, Range, Damage or Jumpshot. You can pick one for each spell at a cost of 1000g per spell. You can change these at a vendor whenever you want for another 1000g. Pure Mage is a very viable spec but don’t let anyone get near you. Oh make sure you watch out for Melee or Archers who have Magekiller. That Specialisation is a killer if you have a staff in your hands.

    Exploiting exists, but AV are on a banning crusade. I would say its down to a level comparable to most MMOs. IE those smart enough to make sure no one knows can but one slip up and they are gone. They fixed pretty much all the NPCs so they don’t bug out and you can’t bug into walls etc. any more. oh and a guy got a ban for standing in a tree shooting down so it looks like they are getting to grips with that too.

    The fact your worried about Rigor tells me how long ago you left, its a crap stat now. As for stats yes that will put you at a disadvantage. But not one that can’t be overcome with skill.

  • Keen,

    You skill up 6x faster in PvE now. that takes away a lot of the grind.

    Spell have 4 upgrades each to choose from. Melee has 2 groups of Specialisations and you can choose 1 from each. Archery currently has one group and you can pick one specialisation but we hear they are changing it to two groups and you can pick one from each group.

    They did a massive rebalancing of mobs in the first expansion and then tweeked it again in this expansion. its totally viable to PvE without exploits now. not only that but its a hell of a lot harder to exploit mobs etc. Most people seem to PvE normally now. As the skilling up is so much faster in PvE it also killed the bloodwall and got people out into the open.

    Not sure about hitboxes. IO know there was a problem where if you were running forward and someone shot you with an AOE is could count as a hit on your back, but that was fixed in a patch. I could just be unaware of the problem though.

    Some people do use Brownies to skill up still, but they nerfed the hell out of Rigor and Ignore Pain so its not worth it most of the time. Saying that, its still good to level blocking skill. I almost always find someone to kill if I go by the brownies.

  • There is a lot of talk about stats and maxed “skills” etc.

    Darkfall is primarily a game about -player- skill not character skill. The difference is much more obvious in this game.

    Can you hit your target. Can you not hit your teammate. Is the right weapon out? Did you bring a proper selection of gear for the fight? Can you use your transfer spells replenishing hp/mana/stamina? Did you buff first? Are you aggressive?

    This is not a class based game where there is a matrix of spell combinations vs other classes spell combinations that fits in a spreadsheet.

    If you want to be competitive there are handeye coordination skills, knowledge skills and notfreakingout skills.

    Don’t kid yourself that it was a “maxed” player that takes you out. A big chunk will just be you just being bad at Darkfall compared to the people that have been playing for almost a -year-.

    If it’s too painful to play a game that you might never be as good as that other guy no matter what your stats, maybe you shouldn’t be playing Darkfall.

  • Right bed time, sorry for spamming your post Keen.

    DF does still have a lot of problems. Its not a perfect game. While it has improved a LOT from launch it does still lack polish when compared to some AAA games. Saying that the speed of development compared to the size of Dev team does look good.

    If I could offer you one piece of advice Keen, its would be this:

    ‘Don’t make the same mistake you made last time. You let your guild become part of a massive alliance that controlled a huge area of the map. While this made it fairly safe to wander around you lacked the freedom to PvP whoever you wanted. Don’t get stuck not being able to do the things you want because the alliance you are in says no. Find a guild/alliance that is small enough to give you freedom but big enough to let you get involved in the good stuff’

  • I think the “catch up” [wasn’t this a topic just this week with LOTRO?] in this context it is like my pre-WOTLK/Pre-BlackTemple Nerf WoW “catchup” example :

    I got convinced to join a guild of buddies who were lvl 70, raiding Sunwell, whilst i was just “vanilla lvl 70 who quit a 6 months earlier” . You know how much time it takes to get ready for Sunwell? Getting to lvl 70 was one thing, getting geared for Sunwell starting off from heroics -> Karazhan -> all those 25-man instances , now that is another thing entirely. These buddies can’t take you to Sunwell with your heroic gear, you’d be a complete waste of a raid spot…

    …but of course “i would have help” 🙂 That in fact meant, them dragging me through Kara/Gruul [for starters] at blinding speed and half the prescribed team size. You’d literally just sit back and let them kill Prince with their Sunwell epics….and me spending endless times on my own grinding rep/battlegrounds without any “unknown/adventure” to wonder about. My path was pretty much a scientific worked out progression as “suggested” aka “getting help” by my buddies who’s been doing this for the past 6-9 months.

    I totally miss out on the learning curve there. Almost like ebay’ing a character. Nevermind the part that it’s mind numbing BORING.

    So, “catching up” can be quite evil, you end up playing a highly streamlined version of the game…in fact it’s like playing a game with a walk-through and in god-mode.

  • @Keen.
    i’ve been back for 4 days now, and i can tell you it’s changed for the better.

    However, the game is a lot harder. You can no longer roam around on your mount looking for prey by yourself or in a small group (as we used to several times a day) PVP is normally much more planned (from what I can tell) Unless you have a full group loaded for bear there is a good chance you will run into someone tougher than you.

    I was in a group of 6 or so, late at night. We hopped over a castle wall and began taking out some of the AFK guys and crafters by surprise. No big deal.

    But then a slightly larger group came home and caught us. (8 or 9 maybe?) Our squad of 6 was destroyed almost instantly.

    Now when we used to play, battles would take minutes, and be intense throughout. There were times when we, as a much smaller group, could take on a huge number of unorganized Orks with no problem.

    But when that slightly larger group attacked, two of our newer guys were killed instantly. (literally, 4 or 5 swings they were dead) I was in banded armor with a rank 40 pole arm, I remember getting two or three blows on a Alfar decked out in something or other. I did about 20 damage on him, hardly moved his heath bar while he was killing one of my party members. He casually turned around and hit me twice, I was already below 50%.

    there is a lot of catching up to do. but they have made skill increases MUCH faster. My friend who has been playing for a week, is already at my skill level where I left off, two months of work.

    And I spent about an hour (if that) today mining, got it up 2.31 points and got over 100 ore. In an hour or less. So they have greatly fixed some things.

    The world is also slightly less populated, and far more spread out. So there is always some breathing room, and room for small clans to get on their feet and stay there.

    I am with a clan right now on Yssam, but am looking at my options to go and join Owyns clan.

  • Hey Keen, I am personally experiencing the situation you will be in if you return. I played for about a month during the summer but had to stop playing until a couple weeks ago due to time restraints. I’m in catch up mode right now and am not finding it too bad.

    Raising weapon skills is incredibly easier than when I last played and I should have them at rather competitive ranks in a couple more weeks. The bigger issue is stats since the elite players generally have their stats in the forties and fifties range (the super hardcore you hear about with stats in the 80s and 300 health are an extreme rarity).

    There are now quests in the capital cities that give a two point boost to stats (I think you end up with +6 for each stat at the end of the chain) and take a lot of grinding but are decent for people skilling up. Other than that the only way to get your stats up there is through potentially painful and boring harvesting. I say potentially because I’ve learned the best time to harvest is when you aren’t actually playing. I now do all my harvesting while i’m doing my homework or watching my rangers lose. It’s is a sad way to play a game but at least it enables you to actually play when you have playing time and to slowly work on those stats until you get yourself to a decent stat range of 30s and 40s.

    In the end you will always be able to contribute no matter how low your stats are. If you personally can hit someone with an arrow than you will be welcomed in many a pvp group. While 1v1’s will be rough for a while you can still experience darkfall’s greatest aspect, it’s group pvp, and have lots of fun.

    Look out for the Kraken

  • Hey Keen, I would definitely suggest you give DF another chance. The increased skill gain has added great depth to the game. It allows for players to experience anything they want at a MUCH faster rate. The expansion has also balanced out magic and melee/archery.

    I have the archery addon Mage Hunter(adds 10HP and resistances to every type of magic)and the melee addon Indestructible(same as Mage Hunter).

    These abilities activate when you pull out your bow/melee etc. The only disadvantage is that you don’t get use elemental magic, but who needs it :). I love when people try to kill me with magic b/c I just wreck them.

    I believe somebody already stated but Adventurine has fixed a lot of glitched spawns and started to ban people for killing glitched mobs.

    Ship battles are e-mazing!!! The mats to create ships have also been decreased.

    Housing is mainly used to port people from place to place. Slot machines were also introduced with the expansion (crazy addicting). There are many other addons (I.E. Pictures, Animal Heads, Tapestries, Carpets, Banks, Herb Gardens, Vendors)

    As far as playing the catch up game. If you are not a big fan of magic you can just stick with a bow/melee and be valuable in PVP real fast. Gathering is still one of the best ways to level strength/vitality/wisdom, but the best thing about gathering is you can do other stuff like watch movies and junk XD.

    Overall I’ve never had this much fun in a game.

    I would say that it would be worth it to give DF another chance!

  • Skills would not be a problem to catch up. Most People I know had a competitive build within a month and a shitload of skills within 3. Stats are harder but not impossible.

  • They certainly are trying, lol.

    TBH, Darkfall does appear to be a good fit for your gaming style. I know you like your sandbox and PvP. And the ships they have added are not unlike the astral ships in Allods that you posted about.

    Like Bhagpuss said, I question whether or not you will be able to commit to it. I know STO will be a first time sell that you are looking forward to. Allods-proper will be releasing soon too.

    I’m a bit of a Fallen Earth fan boy these days, so I will just add that FE has sandbox and PvP, as you know. Lee Hammond says they are working on improving the PvP next, which he admits needs some work.

  • The more I look at Darkfall the more cool it looks/sounds. I’m such a carebear though. If they made a more consensual PvP server, they might get people like myself to subscribe.

  • @zentr

    The beauty of Darkfall is that PvP isn’t consensual. This is what makes PvE and harvesting interesting for me. There’s always an element of danger, excitement, adventure, etc.


    Good luck with your decision. Hopefully my comments on the forum have been useful. See you IG? 🙂

  • Reality is that it’s never like what people say. I chose EVE expecting a lot of things people enjoy in darkfall-I didn’t expect to find nearly empty lowsec areas, solo and pve play making more sense than PvP and group in terms of sustainability or even fun, or just the general disconnectedness of it all.

    People heavily invested in games often miss flaws and quirks that may hamper others enjoyment. It’s the reason why despite how much I blab about FFXI in comparison, I don’t try to sell the game, because I realize that reality differs a lot between people invested in the game and people coming in to it new.

  • Here’s some numbers for you Keen: I got 1-50 Greater Magic in 3 hours yesterday, and 1-25 fire magic in 1 hour today. I personally believe they went a bit too far with the easy skill-ups, but it sure doesn’t hurt being able to catch up. In a few days I’ll be on par with most, magic-wise (although I’ll still get 2 shot by melee-gurus).

  • @keen ive been playing darkfall for about 2 weeks now.. actually i think i hoped on vent and told you when i resubbed.

    Been having a blast actually! playing a mahirim.. i do get stomped against the high skilled players though but I’m in an alliance on yssam living in Apautan.. really having a blast and its quite fun.

    Hmm ill hop in vent later to see if your on.

    all you guys are playing NA right?

  • Awesome, Keen! Quoting early 20th century French anthropologist Arnold van Gennep and his seminal work The Rites of Passage in a game post 🙂